by IDM Computer

A commercial text editor for Microsoft Windows, Linux and OS X

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: IDM Computer

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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UltraEdit is a very convenient text and HTML editor with syntax highlighting of PHP, Perl, Java, JavaScript and other languages, as well as the ability to edit hexadecimal data, in addition, the editor supports XML format and has a tree-like XML-parser.

programmers as well as those who don't need the standard Notepad in Windows to do their work. Among the main features of UltraEdit is the ability to quickly open large files (2 GB and more), a convenient preview option, which allows you to easily navigate in large documents (such an option is implemented in graphical editors). By using functions and blocks arranged in different colors in addition to lighting them up, the code can be perceived through a more visual perspective, with fewer code blocks. You can divide the editing window into two or four horizontal or horizontal portions and work the work with each file separately. You can ensure spelling is correct and replace frequently used words based on a list of regular expressions and record/play macros.

There is an interface that is easy to use and your requirements can be adapted accordingly. You'll find a couple of other UltraEdit editor utilities in this repository that include FTP support, as well as support for SSH and Telnet access. In regards to resources, the editor is not overly demanding.

- Code can be minimized; thus reduced productivity; reduced g codes;

- UNICODE support;

- Disk-Text editing based on machine learning nsive text editing - Files can be over 4 GB in size, and only use RAM is minimal.

- Multiple languages can be checked to make sure writing isn't being worked at the same time;

- Syntax highlighting - configurable, pre-This program is set up for C/C++, VB, HTML, Java, Perl, and is equipped with special Fortran and LaTex features, including;

- There are built-in FTP clients for connecting to FTP servers. Files are automatically logged in and saved. Logging of SFTP via the SSH2;

- Support with workspace; projects and es; workspace support; project and workspace support;

- configurable shortcuts;

- Column/Blocks editing modes;

- Bytes (HEX) in a language editor. There is also the ability to edit binary files in the ASCII format;

- named patterns;

- HTML toolbar pre-A popular function is configured in a configuration tailored for this category;

- Interface with IME support for multibyte strings;

- Everything can be turned around with this gesture; also turning back to something ng to turn around and turn everything around;

- A support for languages up to 20 in support for up to 20 languages;

- ASP support;

- Color the background in red; color the background to the right; color to to the left.

- syntaxHighlighting by default in beginning filename content;

- The file name and extension are supported for syntax highlighting; ;

- Some color can be attributed to colored sections;.

- In this case, we will use a number converter (such as converts a value from binary to c, octal, decimal or hexadecimal);

- the correction of keywords automatically;

- Dictionary of search and replacement phrases Regular expressions for search and replacement;

- Eliminating the need to manually select brackets and pegs and finding pegs on their starting positions;

- reformatting existing code.

You can find UltraEdit on Microsoft Windows.A simple text editor for programmers, web developers, system administrators, and technical writers used in conjunction with Notepad.
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