UkeySoft File Lock

by ukeysoft

A good encryption device provides a way of preventing cyber theft, damage, or leaks of sensitive information.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ukeysoft

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Need a way to protect those documents, photos, videos, sensitive information, or any other type of data you create or store with us? Where can you shop to password protect your Word documents, Excel or Powerpoint documents from any potential security risks?? You can protect your Apps and Computer programs with password protection. For a fast solution, you can try for UkeySoft File Lock.


- Locks Folder/Files
*Password-protects files, folders, drives.

- Hides Folder/Files
*Hides any sensitive files and has it to where you need a password in order to view them.
Ensure password protection of any USB drive, flash drive, hard drive, hard drive, SSD or CD when storing sensitive information.

- ProtectsFiles/Folders/Drives
*Adds extra precautionary protections towards your files under password protection to where you can choose to have it deny modifications or deleting them.

- LAN Shared Folder Locking
Shared networks can also add passwords for shared files in which you can share passwords with other trusted users involved.

- Wipe File on Disk Permanently
Simple to use fast and effective disk-Keep your space neat by wiping it down. One click away.

- Easily to Find your Password
Saves and logs all passwords and account information with a view option using pre defined email address.

In general UkeySoft File Lock is a wonderful encryption tool to hide or password protect your privacy and important data from cyber theft, loss or leaks. Because it runs in the background with very little resources to work with, with this easy-to-use interface, it is alight compact software that runs in the can use an encryption tool to lock important files/folders quickly without any headaches. Guarantee of product reliability when it is insured.

Safes are provided by this security tool, along with other privacy features.
It's time to look into UkeySoft File Lock for Windows if you want to secure, lock, and protect your files and folders. In addition to keeping your data secure, you really can't worry about it falling into a wrong hands with this program. Launch the program and receive an instruction on how to use it. Click a button to lock your selected files and then password protect them.
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