by Anton Novojilov

Ads and banners can be blocked with this free tool.ware

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Anton Novojilov

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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uBlock is an extension for popular browsers that blocks ads on the web pages you open. As a result, it does not affect the browser's speed in the same way as the same Adblock. Among the advantages over the latter is the fact that uBlock by default blocks absolutely all advertising, not just the "obsessive" one. also blocks video ads when viewing video on a site with online video, including videos embedded in video players. In order to prevent their advertisements from being blocked, large advertisers do not offer the developers financial rewards.

Firefox, Safari, as well as Google Chrome, Android, and other popular browsers require the extension.As a list, here are five types of browsers based on: Yandex. I use Comodo Dragon and Sleipnir, as well as Vivaldi and Rambler.This application is for those looking to take over a webpage or to add another layer to their current one. uBlock can be added to the panel with extensions that will display a number of ads blocked, and its icon indicates that number. The current web page has a locker available, which can be canceled by clicking either the extension icon or the big blue button. The app keeps track of specific objects and gives you detailed information about how to perform work on those objects by displaying 'black' and 'white' lists of resources, hidden and empty spaces when ads are blocked, allows you to select elements on one page that need blocking, and otherwise. In an installation file, you'll also find instructions for installing the extension directly from the stores. This extension is completely free.

- The majority of advertising on web pages is banned; is very strict.

- Chrome works as an add-on for Firefox, Safari, and browsers;

- allows you to create collections of information that are either black or white;

- Some elements of web pages which are not ads are blocked; can prevent content from appearing in foreign languages; ;

- Although the browser speed is not affected, this does not cause an overall delay.

Customers of advertisers find the internet to be the best way to sell their products. They are particularly annoying when viewed through the internet. This annoying process can only be stopped by blocking U.K.
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