by Typle

Typle works on speech recognition technology and give best performances even on simple microphones

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Typle

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Would you like to try to control your computer by voice? Typle is a program that is ideal for this purpose. Connecting your computer to your PC will ensure that you do not have to use peripherals in order to manage it perfectly. There are no restrictions on the number of commands in Typle. Here are your tips for using the utility in the following way. The utility will start performing the necessary actions when you select, specify which file you want to modify, and record a voice command. There's nothing wrong with this command. It should open an internet website, display a playlist, listen to music or run an application. No one can limit you in any way. This year's Typle interface features a high degree of voice recognition.

You must, for example, open a link in your browser to use the feature. To add an item, select "Add". In the window, you will see the option to choose a file or program. Additionally clicking is an option you can select the file (a, eg "open chrome") and create a command that will be sent to the file in the future. Then, you should review the performance of your team. You can now say the command simply by clicking "start talking" with the program. The interface of the tool is easy to navigate, customizable, and friendly. can either view or edit its existing functionality if it is out of date.

- A filer and program management device via voice controls; etc;

- Each command is assigned an unlimited number of times, and each time, it has to be done for that exact command.

- Voice recognition at a high level; ;

- An intuitive, easy-to-use interface; ;

- many settings to choose from.

Typle has a unique concept, i think. I would venture to guess that a very different app or invention would stand out from all others for the same reason. The App could possibly be very helpful to a number of people, particularly those who experience difficulty keeping their hands and feet in motion, so that they could operate computers or electronic devices from their comfort zones.
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