TVersity Media Server

by TVersity Inc.

Media server designed for streaming video

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: TVersity Inc.

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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TVersity Media Server is a media server that can be used in home and corporate networks to share media content across all devices. You can connect all DLNA/UPnP A/V devices supporting standards and network punctures, as well as any device with web browsers, thus creating a universal media network at home or in the office.

Game consoles, smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. can all be used to view and play content on the computer on which the TVersity Media Server is installed. TV screens, tag lists, and other tools allow you to sort through your favorites, watch their movies, and open sites like YouTube, Flickr, and Picasa.

Setting up your computer or laptop is very simple with the TVersity Media Server. The server will automatically detect DLNA or UPnP compatible devices. Connect only to the Internet via the host computer if your computer doesn't support the protocols.

Wireless devices also require cables due to their greater demand, making a setup more than one or multiple times that frustrating. You can use TurboTax to resolve virtually any problem related to wiring with ease. Using TVersity, it is possible for users to mirror their PC screen to their TV, to view content from PC to TV and to stream content from PC to TV without any connection from PC. TVersity has a free trial available to get you started, and a significantly lower pricing plan that can make it a must-have for anyone who cannot work without computer interference.Whether you like to use a traditional setup or you prefer to simplify things by going wireless.
By installing TVersity Media Server, you will be able to stream video, audio and images to your computer, smartphone or tablet. Despite some ads appearing in the free iOS version, you can purchase a Pro version of the app, which would remove them permanently. Using software, you can adjust your PC screen to resemble what is on screen on other devices. By turning off your PC screen and adding an LED to the wall, you can change the picture on a screen displayed on the PC.
With Triversity Media Server, one could easily share music, videos, and photos between connected TVs, mobile phones, and PC's through media sharing. The content seems similar to that from a number of different devices and it is highly reliable. A variety of mobile devices as well as computers running Windows, Mac OS X and Android can be downloaded. According to many media outlets, screen mirroring software is one of the best options.
You can broadcast content to a mobile phone using the TVersity Media Server. Besides phones, it also supports other devices such as game consoles and other video displays. The software comes with a free trial as well as a paid version.
you will be able to access all kinds of media as well as streaming services like Hulu and Facebook using this media server software.login information to a website but providers or credentials are not recognized. You need to reenter that information once again if not receiving the update from your provider.all of the videos, presentations, corporate, and tutorial movies being shot by any of our employees as well as regular streaming media and kept in libraries.
In general, TVersity Media Server has been used to connect different home and commercial devices together to exchange digital content. There is a way to create a single media network that is compatible with DLNA, UPnP, as well as internet browsers across multiple devices at home or at work using any device listed as a networked IP address and supported by both protocols. Video game systems, cellphones, PCs, tablets, and other devices can all be controlled from the TVERSity Media Server.enabled computer. Using this feature, you can search by tags, watch movies on your TV screen, and access sites like YouTube with your computer. Several news programs have praised this server for its ability to display a wide range of screen elements. You can try it for free or purchase a premium edition.
Mediaserver for Windows is a software application that streams media content to mobile phones, TVs, UPnP set top boxes, and digital stills via the Internet. App users can transcode images and stream videos online for a fee, but these capabilities are not available as an added benefit for free. Because of the very affordable cost of the app, the features it offers are often overlooked. The app costs about 25 dollars in the United States.
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