by SilkenMermaid Technologies

Collage maker for Mac and PC

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SilkenMermaid Technologies

Release: TurboCollage 7.0.3

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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TurboCollage is an intuitive, easy-to-Computers and Mac OS X are both compatible with collaging applications that communicate with each other. You don't like scrolling through your photos to find the most relevant ones?? Turn them into a collage with the help of TurboCollage so you can view them all at once! Draw around, cut in diamonds, shape hearts, add diamonds to the shapes, use stars, stamp octagons and many more shapes to your image. This collage could stand entirely out of circle shapes. Alternatively, stick to rectangular photos, use a grid, and mosaic or even a zig-zag will work.zag pattern.

You'll be able to design this preloaded layer structure to suit your wants and make your Collage a masterpiece through all the TurboCollage products you can choose from. These products, and more, will go from picture piles to photosmontages, contact sheets to mood boards to polaroid collage.

There is no restriction on the number of photos that can be used in a collage. The program allows you to save all of the pictures captured in the program.A JPG file is printed onto a card that is exported and can be saved there.tiff or .png as well. It is possible to upload photos directly to the Mac Photos app, which also functions as an export tool to save photos.

A wide variety of backgrounds and fonts, in addition to their unique functionality is made available in TurboCollage. You can download TurboCollage in under a minute. The software can be used for private creation of images and web works. All images remain private in the software on the computer, so any computer work you perform or the software can be leaked cannot be seen. templates for creating your own designs have also been included in the Mac version.


  • compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10
  • many different styles of collaging features, including photo mosaic, different shape collages, photo grids, photo walls, and more!
TurboCollage 5 (3.67 MB)
TurboCollage 7.0.3 (4.92 MB)
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