Turbo Mailer

by Xellsoft

Bulk emailing program that sends out newsletters, emails, and other emails.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Xellsoft

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Turbo Mailer is a software process that distributes a large batch of email, newsletters, and personalized advertisements at a click of a button. The software includes a huge amount of features that make it useful to businesses.


  • Personalized mail
  • Edits plain text
  • Email list management
  • Automated modem/dial-up to (connection services free of charge)
  • Unlimited lists aside from memory
  • Transfer list from text files, spreadsheets, and Windows clipboard
  • BCC reduces bandwidth

Turbo Mailer is an email processing program with its main feature to send out mass emails and newsletters within a few minutes. With over a dozen key features, this program is less complicated and more accessible for any user. You will be able to view the features of Turbo Mailer as well as take a free look at the program for just a 14-day trial period. Upon registering for The Turbo Mailer software, the user will be given all of its features, and will be provided with free email support if needs be. In addition, you can download free software updates.

A great tool for professional use.

If you would like to subscribe to get the latest updates on Turbo Mailer and other useful information, you'll need to pay for a newsletter. For Linux and Windows users, Turbo is a bit different. The operating system of the computer can be used for any Windows XP version. Windows comes with a cost of $9 per user per month for a single user.90 and 14.90 on Linux.

Beth Smith
I want something like this, so I am looking forward to this product. Having over 10,000 employees is what I do for my company. The frequency of receiving mass emails is quite common in our household. In some cases, we do do it daily!! We need this type of thing very much. It's been a while since I came across this, so I can introduce it to the owners of the firm where I work. Thank you!
The software enables users to make bulk emails quickly by distributing them in a few seconds. Because the program offers bulk emails in which bulk emails were sent as spam, it could lead to nuisance emails to somebody's email address. The only thing I believe that someone downloading and doing so is because this software is really not good for them and that they need to come to some conclusion as to why they downloaded it. With regard to emergency emails, this is a good app for work, but cannot apply to emails for personal reasons.
With Turbo Mailer for Windows I could email bulk messages out of my laptop to my subscribers from my laptop. If I don't want to have files or images attached, I can file a HTML and JPEG email. It has an address list processor and a simple user interface. Try it for free by downloading. It's necessary for me to keep track of the successful and unsuccessful attempts through a log file. Keepers should keep this job.
This will be an application to send bulk emails to a large population. Depending on your preferences, you may be able to send emails as either newsletters or direct mail.
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