by Tunngle.net GmbH

The VPN service is designed to work only with gamers.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Tunngle.net GmbH

Release: Tunngle 5.8.9

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Tunngle is a VPN service for connecting gamers especially those that are shooters such as Call Of Duty. This service allows you to connect with other like-minded gamers far easier then you could with another platform or program with things like chat. Setup isn't necessary, and you can get started right away.


  • Tunggle has a share feature with allows you to share files and photos with friends or other gamers
  • Chat with allows you to connect EASILY to other like-minded gamers and private chat for those closer friends
  • VPN gives you access to computers around the world via the same technology.
  • Tunngle connections are safe and secure they come highly encrypted which allows for all the services in Tunngle to be safe.

You can surf the Internet without needing a VPN from Tunngle with gamers who enjoy first person shooter or block building. No matter what the source of data you choose to store and distribute, we can make your information and files safe and secure. Connecting with your gamer friends while keeping your identity anonymous is easy with Tunngle. Despite the somewhat disconcerting prospect of registering, user-centricity and ease of installation remains key. The following are things I do not like. its Free!!! THERE IS ONE DOWNSIDE TO ENTRY RAIN. There are a lot of networks to connect with..

gives you access to computers around the world via the same technology.
Tunngle (3.87 MB)
Tunngle 5.2 (4.58 MB)
Tunngle 5.3 (4.59 MB)
Tunngle 5.4 (4.63 MB)
Tunngle 5.5 (4.63 MB)
Tunngle 5.7 (4.58 MB)
Tunngle 5.8.6 (4.7 MB)
Tunngle 5.8.7 (4.61 MB)
Tunngle 5.8.8 (4.62 MB)
Tunngle 5.8.9 (4.65 MB)
Justin Carl
It's wonderful that players can connect with a little more intimacy thanks to this service. The safe and anonymous nature of this forum makes me think it is worth its weight in gold. Communications between gaming sessions can significantly improve a player's level of connectivity.
sam dow
YourLAN can be extended to remote locations (peer to peer) anywhere in the world using this program.
Because Tunngle can't be played without an Xbox/Playstation console, it's fascinating. Until Tunngle, you didn't have the option to play with friends. Especially high-quality LAN (Local Area Network) games you should pick up on this. Tunngle for Windows does not work without a VPN installed on your computer. You are in business right away when the VPN is installed on your PC. During the course of playing online games with friends, PC players can relax with Tunngle.
Ruaridh Levesque
Facebook for gamers has Tunngle in its form. There are a lot of chat rooms and discussion boards that I like. Whenever I have a question about a game, or am trying to decide whether something is worth having, I use this resource. My favorite thing about Changing Skin is that you can easily adjust the color of the skin, since when I first started, I found that it became a little hard for me to see through the colors.
Would you like to play LAN with your friends, but don't know where your friends are?? Tungle can be a very exciting and fun experience to have. The Tunngle Program lets you connect to your friends using an up-to-date VPN to play games while on the go. The P2P program offers multiple skins, a rich search mechanism that even lets you search for a game or game themes while providing strong connections to keep you connected while you are away.
Tunngle for Windows allows you to troubleshoot games. A game has been played through it as a way to interact with each other. The service carries a wide degree of IP.It employs an independent messenger and has a local game server.
Since I've been quarantined so much, Tuungle has made life much easier for me. Playing online games with my friends was much easier for me before, because we didn't get to play them all often due to distance. You can now play Tuungle online easily with the others after all of us acquired the software. The in-Using apps during games is a breeze since they make everything easy since it's at your fingertips. Definitely recommend that you download it.
Those who value their privacy would benefit from Tunngle. By using Tunngle, you can hide your IP address from companies, websites, and your ISP by acting like you are in a different country. The alternative versions of Netflix are great, such as versions of Netflix that don't have some of your shows. If, for example, I lived in Canada, I wanted to watch Rick and Morty on Netflix but it wasn't available there. Currently, if I wish to watch Rick and Morty on Netflix in the UK, all I need to do is switch to Netflix's UK version, and now I can do both!. When you prefer Canadian Netflix to UK, then it's easier to be Canadian. For watching Netflix with the VPN, you can be sure that everything is secure.
Do you enjoy playing online games? You may want to try Tunngle for Windows. The PC software lets you run any video games running on the local network even when you aren't in the city, and comes with LAN emulation software, which means virtually and fully enjoying IP-based LAN gaming and other online fun. a list of networks as well as various game options, you can also access any of them using chat, and that is one of the reasons that you are able to reach people. In order to use the services provided by this software, only a particular level of encryption is required.
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