A transport stream muxer, or multiplexer that allows you to combine media assets into a single output

Operating system: Windows

Release: tsMuxeR 2.6.12

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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tsMuxeR is an efficient software available for Windows, Mac, and Linux that allows you to combine media assets such as video, audio, and subtitles, into a single file type such as MPG, MOV, AVC, MPEG2, AAC, DTS, and more.


  • Degradation by splitting the assets along their raw material is possible again.
  • It can adjust fps automatically or manually by itself.
  • Specific file types can be detected with this software as their audio delay can be detected.
  • Adapting audio track and subtitles to match the listeners' needs.

tsMuxeR is a software that allows for multiplexing and demultiplexing of different types of media assets such as video, audio, and subtitles. Its variety of file types makes it invaluable for muting and demuting media assets efficiently and effectively.

It supports Blu-ray files in addition to a variety of other media file types

tsMuxeR supports subtitles, audio codecs, video codecs, and incoming formats such as demuxing, Blu-The Radeon card, the TS card, and the M2TS card are all available. TsMuxeR is an application to shift audio and subtitle tracks along with join file files in a shared output file, split output files, and modify settings when running with a.264 streams. muxing software can serve some unique purposes alone. There is also the option to adjust muxing frames automatically and manually with the tsMuxer. Additionally, with this software, it is possible to convert other types of media files. A SRT subtitle can, for example, be converted to a PGS title with tsMuxeR.

You will be able to use the software without a charge if you have the licence.

A new update happened in January 2014 for tsMuxeR. A modern alternative to matrix and demux media that is still very efficient is still its traditional way of communicating. There are various guides available on how to use certain features of tsMuxeR, including how to play, store, decrypt, and remux Blu-ray discs. You can also learn how to convert HDV into a Blu-ray disc by adding subtitles.A ray is used to convert MKV into H format.264/AVC to VC-In this process, and conversion for Blu-ray Discs.ray to DVD.

Sam D
In an app called tsMuxeR, you can combine media assets into single output options. Available for Windows and Mac, it lets you organize media assets easily. Your video, audio, and subtitles can be combined for an overall experience. I use the app for all my needs including...
Software like this enables its users to make any type of project a reality. Streaming with a UHD and Blu-ray enabled is one of the reasons for using the system.Ray products. My experience with the software has never been any problem. The fact that this product worked with Mac gives me tremendous satisfaction, since it offers similar features to many other programs and it is available only on Windows computers in my family. I believe I was able to recommend it to others because I am only one of the one million people with a Windows computer
John Arrington
Using the tsMuxeR software on Windows, you can download and extract data from the contents of a DVD or CD drive with a variety of methods. If you do not do much with film or music, you shouldn't make use of it. It is a codec for multimedia usage.you make sure you download the file, keep it separate, and make your best use of it; if you decide to do no use with it, you do not really need so much space on it.
Video files can be split or joined quickly using tutsMuxeR while remaining true to their original quality. They can also burn to a disk as well, so they're convenient for doing business. If you want to quickly edit videos and share them with others, it is a good product. has an quite easy-to-use interface, and the process is definitely sped up.
The software is used for converting video file format from mkv into AC3, which is great for people interested in converting the videos from mkv into ac3. However, the program requires features after 30 days and may have to be purchased again after that period.
The program offers an easy way to convert the video into MP3, MP4, and other formats. muxing, but it can also serve as a muxing processor. It allows for the support of many video codecs as well as audio codecs, which is handy. To join files during the joining process, you may also use tsMuxeR.
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