Transmission Remote GUI

by Yury Sidorov / Alexander Petrov...

A feature that rich cross platform users can take advantage of

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Yury Sidorov / Alexander Petrov...

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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One of the most convenient and practical applications designed to monitor and manage Transmission daemon is the Transmission Remote GUI. You can choose to do a cross-over version.Its user interface is graphical. There are daemons that can be monitored and controlled with RPC. The truth of this is that websites aren't for everybody.This is an extremely inconvenient interface to the Transmission daemon, which provides only a small selection of options. Transmission Remote GUI was created in order to extend the web-interface capabilities. There are many users of *Torrent aware of this application's functionality and convenience.

You can control the transmission of data remotely using GUI.lingual free application. different version depending on the operating system being used, including Linux, Windows, and OS X. It is easy to understand the Transmission Remote GUI using Torrent since both Programs are very similar in their interfaces. As well as tracking and filter features, torrents can be selected according to their status. There can be no association between any group.You can torrent files using this program from here. In the menu bar, you can see the flag of the feast nation. Upon finishing the download, the user is presented with the opportunity to perform additional actions after the download has been completed. You can choose to download only part of the files, select priorities and many more aspects in the transmission remote GUI by selecting a folder.

- cross-platform;

- /Torrent is not all that different in its interface.

- I am impressed with my web interface...

- many languages;

- Filtering torrent sites, tracking them, etc.

Sunsmission daemon will be managed via the transmission remote GUI. Having the capability of being both effective and proven also makes this product highly versatile. It consists of a graphical interface that uses interference for simple navigation and usage. It only has one flaw, a lack of separation by some origrams.
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