Transaction Generator

by tgmstr

An effective load testing tool for Oracle, MySQL and other multiple databases.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: tgmstr

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

Report misleading

Transaction Generator for Windows is an effective load testing tool for multiple databases that provides multiple verificatons tests concerning the databases systems. Various performance tests are combined to generate verification data, and bottlenecks detection and tuning are employed to enhance the application. In other words, it is possible to verify database performance using these helpful products. By verifying bottlenecks, we hope to solve any bottlenecks detected in the database. By implementing such identification techniques, the system and the database can be evaluated on a regular basis as to how they are used and other important features they offer. As a result of Java programming, the product's development took place. Furthermore, this product will run on any platform without any limitations. Transaction Generator also employs the use of numerous user transcations environments that utilize Java THREAD functions.

Transactions generated by the Transaction Generator will be displayed as reports on the corresponding itemization page. This means that the Transaction Generator intercepts the report page and remove its own transaction from the respective report.


It will include several verification tests involving databases.
  • The Transaction Generator creates random transactions from SQL statements, with the help of database queries.
  • Job (SQL, PL/SQL, Shell scripting) and Nested Objects are all supported within Job (SQL, PL/SQL, Shell scripting).
  • In order to control the Transacton Generator, the user selects the GUI and command lines interfaces.
  • To generate large transcations using multiple server synchronization, the Transaction Generator generates big transcations.
  • With Java, no matter which platform the software runs, it is able to work.

A new version of the product has not been released at the time.92. It is necessary for users to use the JDBC driver for those additional requirements. Verifications and bonuses of captcha, randomized transactions webpages, and confirmations when users sign up for the service is one of the features you can expect to experience using the service with this special product. Nonetheless, the product is useful and reliable for use in general.

Big databases can be loaded efficiently with transaction generators.Database verification tests will be provided in multiple ways.Databases also conducted many transactions using it.
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