Traktor PRO 3

by Native Instruments

Software built specifically for helping out DJs

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Native Instruments

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Professional DJ can experience powerful multimedia functions with Traktor PRO. has been completely rewritten and rebuilt from an older version of Native Instruments' mixing program: Tractor DJ Studio. Essentially, the functionality of this product is still significantly expanded. One of the significant features is the expansion of two to four game consoles and the emulation of the very popular Allen & Heath Xone:92 4-channel club mixer.

Remote controls:

- The console line is capable of receiving two additional functions.

- Using the latest tips for your users and 6 navigation buttons in tracks; ;

- The use of binoculars and auxiliary devices in the editing process; dshout magnifiers and auxiliary functions;

- In the control panel, there is an extended cycle and bit wheel.


- The best four-channel mixer with excellent emulation of Allen & Heath Xone:92 on 4 filtering and equalizers;

- These effects can be used on many external mixers;

- A recording of an audio input made from any source; b recording from any audio input;

- Including 4 alternate equalizer characteristics as they apply to typical equalizer characteristics;

- Every channel may have live sound thanks to the sound card input.

- The control of equalizers, preliminary control of the equalizers;

- Identifying and previewing the effects on each of the channels.

- Three-in-one system lets you control multiple monitor inputs, recording devices, microphones.way limiter.


- Tempo synchronization is created by famous DJs, which provides professional effects.

- This program includes all the features listed; including setting time delays, stopping, starting, pushing the button, and pulse.

- reverberation includes: Afferent signals from the radio or TV system, afferent signals, modulation, afferent signals, modulation, pulse);

- Using flanks to separate themselves into motions, centers, impulses, and depths...

- the Xone:92 emulation effect;

- A lot of other things can happen to you as well.

Integration in Beatport:

- With the built-in browser, users can access as well as their email client.

- Pre-Before downloading, audition from using the built-in player.

- Multiple-threaded work can be done using the download manager.

- With the Beatport web browser built in, all functions in Beatport are available for you to utilize.


- new search function: Using the "search by category" option you can narrow your search to any category. When you've entered a phrase, choose your search criteria (songs, artists, labels, etc.).

- Select "Show everything" from the dropdown menu. A list of all of an individual's works, including covers, records, labels, etc;

- You are able to play a previously listened-to track, e.g.span class id: 'back' button;

- This graph shows the track counts or folder in the tree; shows the number of tracks in the folder or window tree; shows the number of tracks in the folder or window tree;

- To sort by category from the context menu, copy & paste or hide them from the list;.

- The speakers by icon can be sorted to replace the playlists; s the speakers by icon allows for replacement of playlist;

- Whenever the taskbar has 10 targets, tracks can be sorted in the playlists or, if it has more targets, it will be automatically accessible from the browser, so the tabs will always carry shortcuts.

- In theory, the longer you keep a saved copy of the collection, the better your storage can be protected.

User interface:

- In addition to changing its graphics settings, it also implements changes to the bookmarks and desktop settings.

- 10 user-Using the keypad, we can change some screens that are unadjusted.

- By controlling mixers individually, your other items will have access to more space, erie so that more space is available for other objects;

- When you are able to reduce the size of your remotes, it will mean you can use your browser more comfortably; ;

- With this lock function, it is possible to freely store all 4 pages information in the "Section Details";.

- Your progress can be seen by the progress bar in the lower right corner;.

- As one workgroup grows, the processes within it become grouped.


- background file analyzer. A higher priority is given to tracks that have been connected via remote controls in these cases.

- Shows the progress of the task on the background;

- Although a dialog window may open for a period of time, the program works just fine.

- It displays the information about the processes in progress, as well as tools to customize its use;

- Additional windows include tools and tips from the current task under the Tools menu.

Mouse control:

- Using your mouse, you can see hints for every element;;

- There are additional parameters provided by the knob and file holder with an automatic adjustable pitch. The scroll wheel is accessible as well;

- Double-Increases or decreases the size of an object by clicking; ;

- Right-If you need to Reset all your settings such as pens and erasers, Click the Mouse to perform the function;

- On the mouse wheel, it is possible to change the signal strength.

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