Popular video and audio editing software that allows you to professionally edit all your video and audio recordings

Operating system: Windows

Release: trakAxPC 5.10.3

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Multimedia editing software by TrakAxPC is extremely helpful. It allows you to edit your videos & audio the way you want with the effects you want.


  • Multiple formats such as Microsoft Word can be supported.Multimedia formats that you can download, like AVCHD, MP4, or MTS.
  • Crop videos and photos
  • File manager - Look at thumbnails of all your files.
  • The ability to match beat in sound files with audio editing capabilities.
  • Using a direct upload to youtube.
  • Set up your own credits and let your friends know about them.
  • Lightweight and fast.
  • HD Video Supported.
  • Professional support team.

A video editing and mixing application called trakAxPc is available. Regardless of how you record or how you use these recordings, you can import, edit, and add effects to them. The user interface is easy to understand and learn, making it easily usable by both novice and experts alike. TrakAxPc has the benefit of being much cheaper than many of the other multimedia editing software suites, and supports all the same major file formats.

Professional video editing capabilities at a fraction of the cost.

You can import your existing video footage and audio recordings to create your own visual masterpiece. Images such as text overlay, credits, colors, backgrounds, and effects can all be added. Using motion and panning, you can zoom within your media to identify the interesting areas, and crop out or rotate video.

If you like, you can upload your masterpiece directly into Youtube or send it into HD quality.

Using the software as intended is possible over a 15-day trial period. a one time purchase fee of $250 for that program will have to be made.It will cost five dollars ($25) if you are going to use it until then.

In addition to all recent versions of Windows, the program is fully compatible. All versions of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 are included here. It can run comfortably on many computers thanks to its lightweight design.

trakAxPC 2.0.108 (14.21 MB)
trakAxPC 5.01.5 (22.07 MB)
trakAxPC 5.10.3 (44.21 MB)
Y2K panic usually hits people over the complex idea of video editing. We have a falling sky when you combine that with Audio editing. This product provides user protection by providing a bright sun while it shines.The software uses a friendly interface so making videos is fun. It's great to have access to professional grade videos with a flare for all, whether your grandparents would like or Steven Spielberg wants you to. Despite what anyone would think, keeping costs down and developing video formats is key so we are able to extend something that has been considered impossible.
Christopher Traylor
Effects, titles, and templates for HD video editing over 6 GB on Mac OS X.tracks NEW Timeline efficiencies Multi-camera screen recorder Split Screen videos Selective Color Stop Motion Animation Training & learning videos
With TrakAxPc, I found a highly enjoyable computer software for anyone hoping to experiment with sound mixing for commercial or recreational uses. An advantage of this program is that it is very easy for beginners to understand its user interface. Additionally, they offer plenty of web resources such as online training materials for users to access for free. This software offers support for many different file formats, such as MP3, WAV, etc. Overall, it's a top-notch tool.
Using it you will be able to make music in mp3, record a microphone in mp3, and save it into a WMA or AVI format. so useful !
In last but not least, because of trakAxPC for Windows, I was able to get my audio and video projects done in my studio, which has been my dream for so long. Sonic foundry was my original choice. It had quite a few editing tools, but I was unable to edit both audio and video using a window plugin, but trakAxPC was much better, in which I was able to edit both audio and video at the same time.
Mix audio can be edited manually.A single video and photos can be combined, titles can also be added and full HD can be added as well as cropping can be done, but with very few configuration options. interfaces are minimal.
Mixing and managing audio is possible with TrakAxPC, an application that comes with Windows. Digital freedom and convenience can both be further enhanced by customized user interfaces. Support for a broad range of audio features like drag-and-drop support, along with online classes that instruct novices, trakAxPC is an enjoyable app for audio mixing.
ClipsAxPC is a Windows application that lets you edit videos and mix sound effects. All-in-The software offered by one company lets you edit multimedia and edit it quickly and easily from any computer from anywhere, no matter how much distance you travel.demand without issue. As needed, you can also add effects. Despite the accessibility limitations, the software can be easily navigate through.
It works great for gaming consoles and PCs. There is not much to do in order to setup. It's beneficial to take your time with the setup so that you can make your best decisions. This software can really add value to your gaming experience.
TrakAxPC offers easy-to-use/user-Videos can be made easily with this interface. Besides editing and mixing audio files, videos and photographs, it lets you record them as well. What happens if you create? You can't tocreate picture-in-It offers the capacity to play both videos on the same screen at the same time. It is possible to recycle videos.In this case, you would need to adjust settings, add overlays, align the end credits, add the start and end credits, and either edit colors, or modify backgrounds. It is possible to convert different formats in just one click with a single click converter and directly publish them to YouTube. In addition to providing high definition, the product provides crystal clear audio. Using the Green Screen software included in TrakAxPC, customize backgrounds on the fly.
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A non-linear multi-The digital audio editor can be followed.
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Audio correction is similar to an auto-correction system for making mistakes.Tune
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Mobile phone ringtones can be created for iPhone with this handy PC app.
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Using an open-source multichineary and editors.
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Thanks to its innovative design, this product assists in fast and easy transcription.