by MetalFan

Tracking software that monitors the status of postal and courier services

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MetalFan

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TrackChecker is an interesting application that allows you to track the entire path of parcels ordered by the user through the Internet services of various postal and courier companies. In the present day, there are over 300 tracking services provided by the program. When done, you can track every item delivered by mail from beginning to end.

Its main functions are presented through an application interface, which allows you to navigate very easily. The program offers multiple configurations, which allows users to configure their system to suit their personal needs. TrackChecker also has tools that can be used to group parcel data, add and configure mail services, save settings as a separate file, work through a proxy server, perform quick search, sorting and much more. Also, different versions of the software are available for mobile devices running Android or iOS.

- Online postal services with plenty of control over parcel tracking;

- Flexibility to offer new services iness to add new services;

- Searches and sorting are done quickly; it is convenient.

- Saves the configuration as a separate file for each system setup.

- Using a proxy server to work);

- The ability to run iOS version with an iPhone and Android device. devices.

A user's TrackChecker service allows them to conveniently track incoming mail via several mail carriers online. The parcel data can also be bundled together, configured, sent automatically, sorted, quick-typed, and other tasks with some additional tools. There is a functional Android and iOS app.
With TrackChecker, a user can see the track of parcels ordered using Internet service providers (over 300 services) and postal services. Programs are available to use various tools for organizing parcel data, configuring mail services and saving their settings separately.
Based on the product description, I believe this service will only be successful in attracting businesses that order items regularly or order regular inventory. My hunch is that this kind of market will not have enough demand and the average Joe won't be drawn to it. The service is extremely effective, iit looks like it's something beneficial for those that do not get products or services on line. I have saved it in my favorite lists. While I have not yet reached a point where I'm ready to start selling goods online, I would definitely like to maximize the value this system will offer me whenever I do.
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Following all my shipments from my company using Trackchecker has given me peace of mind as I can determine if my shipments will arrive when they are delivered, I am glad I did that in my case. With this application, I have found it very easy to add tacks, keep track of them, and maintain a knowledge of all the terms with my packages. This application is an excellent choice, and I would recommend you totally.
Track packages and parcel items with this package tracking software. In this particular tracker, users are able to adjust their appearance within the app. This method provides a higher quality of life than other options.Tracking data is displayed. You can also adjust the frequency of tracking updates based on these statistics. The capability of customizing the tracker to match your specifications is one of the most important features for customers to see what they want. Having it set to 'is easy'-There's a backup plan on this one.Updates can be saved in a convenient manner.
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