by Wide Angle Software

Allows users to transfer data from iPhones, iPods, and iPads to a computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Wide Angle Software

Release: TouchCopy 16.41

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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During my ownership of an iPod, transferring my music to a computer was a complicated process. Software like TouchCopy didn't exist back then, and I spent many hours attempting to extract songs. By using this tool, you can transfer info from an old iPod, or if you had an old, old computer, it could be converted to a modern one.

You can extract songs from your iPhone message, photos from your iPhone, and videos from this software easily. Listed below are some features of TouchCopy:


This software is safe to use, and easy to setup
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac
  • Works with all iOS versions
  • All models of iPhone, iPad, iPod are supported
  • Backup important data on Apple devices
  • Access file storage on Apple devices to organize and edit

TouchCopy connects to your device with a cable the first time, but after that, it can be used over WiFi. The device is capable of being connected with a single click, and then backed up to a PC, copied to another app, or copied automatically. It's okay as long as it works properly.

To transfer all song files from your iPod, please fill out this form. You can also access music from a program via TouchCopy and make playlist selections, play counts, ratings, and album artwork.

In addition to transferring bookmarks, calendars, text messages, and contacts, TouchCopy provides other services. This can be a great way to transfer important information that needs to be backed up onto a desktop or hard drive.

TouchCopy is the perfect program to sync your Apple devices with your computer. Downloading it for one month for free will cost you $29 plus a fee of $25.95 after that. You will find this program to be highly effective for backing up data or making transfer songs between various devices. I am positive you will be satisfied with this product. The free trial period is valid, so you might want to use it before making a final decision.

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TouchCopy 16.41 (37.57 MB)
Jerry Adams
TouchCopy is a very unique software that helps you move songs easily from an iPod to a computer. The old days of searching through songs and clicking each one are over. TouchCopy allows you to connect via bluetooth or by USB cable.
This software sounds interesting. I'm a big fan of Apple products and I've been looking for some type of software that is 'easier on the brain" when it comes to transferring files. This seems to be the answer. With it, I can easily copy music from my devices to my Windows computer, and I can also transfer and back up playlist and song data and also photos and videos.
This gives a great title on how to transfer music if you do not have the time to open the laptop. This is an awesome use for workers out there who are going to work by train or Uber. As they go through their music, they want those songs on their laptop, so they save it and not just listening to it on the phone, but also the laptop. This is specifically for all Apple products. I had no clue on whether you really need to print out the message, but it is still an all right touch. Songs may be transferred, but also podcasts and audiobooks are transferred as well.
Riley Snell
This software will offer many benefits. You can use it in order to save music to your itunes and backup photos. This product will save from losing your photos when you get a new phone, which we all do every few years. And no one likes losing those photos we have been saving and losing those memories. It can save your contacts, calendar events and even back up your call log history. Get a new phone, but keep all the best things from your old phone!
If you have content on your iPhone or another Apple device, like your iPod or your iPad, you might want to transfer it over to iTunes or your computer. Now you can easily do that thanks to TouchCopy for Windows. All you need to do is click a single button, and you can instantly transfer over hunderds of pictures or other files. It will even play music files for you to listen to while you transfer them.
This application acts as a piece of software that is able to copy your Iphone contacts to your PC or Macbook. They are then saved on your computer as a VCard (otherwise known as a VCF file). You can download it and give it a try then after some time or limited use it does require the user to purchase an activation code. You can even backup messages and contacts that are on Ipod and WhatsApp.
Before TouchCopy, I thought that things on my iPhone and my iPad just had to stay on there. Now that I have it, I can't imagine going back. Anything that I need from my iPhone or my iPad is copied to my computer - my messages (any messages - even WhatsApp), pictures, music, my contacts, and more. The installation is quick and I can transfer things so easily (after downloading them the first time).
Touchcopy for Windows has a fantastic sharing option. This can be very good for real estate agents that are trying to share photographs quickly. Touchcopy can also make it easier for people to see the soil that they are working on as a rural citizen that may be working on a farm. Touchcopy can make things easier for a farmer that is trying to develop more complex agricultural operations.
Touchcopy is an easier version of Itunes, it will save all your iPhone, Ipod or Ipad data easily in your windows pc. if you want your all your data on your PC then Touchcopy is the best one in the market. you can back up everything in one go and it's user-friendly. it has way more options than any other backup software.
TouchCopy for Windows is such an amazing software program for my computer. I couldn't be happier with this. All the features that exist in this software program really make this software worthwhile for almost every computer user. It is so much easier to use than other programs I have used in the past. I love how easy it is to just transfer files from my tablet to my computer with just one click! I have never realized that this program was easy to use just like that. Total two thumbs up!
Touch copy is great for transferring files from converting them from one file to other. You can copy everything on your entire phone this is a Awesome feature.
Software is available for IPAD AND IPHONE, easy and affordable to use. It downloads what is on your phone to your computer with Windows or Mac. Really easy to use download and it can take all your things on your phone and make it ready to just plug into your pc. You can save everything on your phone, from phone numbers, text, pictures. Great for a good way to have a back up, if your phone should have issues. This is very handy and great to use the software. Worth every penny and lets me feel relieved that I won't lose anything. My phone is where all my information is. It has become of the most important things to own, so why not protect it.
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