Total Uninstall

by Gavrila Martau

A file system that uninstalls other programs without uninstallers, for Windows 7 and up

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Gavrila Martau

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Total Uninstall is a program for removing any application in Windows. operates in two different ways.

As part of the installed programs mode, the existing programs are analyzed and a detailed list is displayed. Even with the built-in uninstaller in Windows or with the application you have provided with it, any selected application can be uninstalled. Simply select the program you want to uninstall from the list, and Total Uninstall will analyze its installation in just a few seconds and show the list of files, folders and registry keys that belong to it in the tree structure. A list of this type can be viewed and filtered, so that items on the list need not be deleted in order to be shown here. Click here to uninstall the software. After that, the remaining items will be removed from the uninstaller program.

If any changes are observed by your system when you install a new program, it will be handled in the "Observation" mode. By enabling this mode, you will be able to roll back all the changes made by the installer. Among the indisputable benefits of using this mode is the absence of being forced to run a regular uninstaller. This causes a great deal of unnecessary work as well as system instability. During Total Uninstall, a system snapshot is taken before any new software is installed. Once the program is installed, the second snapshot is created. During snapshots of both systems, the installer will compare the installed changes with those made in the snapshot of the other system. In order to remove this program, you must uninstall all files, folders, registry keys and any other settings it created.

- Analyze and create a log of current and potential software installations; Ensure the installation runs smoothly; Analyse existing software installation and create a log with a list of changes;

- Changes made to the system during installation t changes made to the system during new installations;

- The entire and thorough removal of the programs needs to be done.

- Ensure that any installed software is backed up so that it can be restored;;

- Creating groups of programs that have been installed;; and determining how to create those groups.

- Selecting a keyword can be used to uninstall programs; • ;

- Identify and monitor each program identified or monitored in detail;

- user-Changes: transparent displays; responsive to feedback.

- In this case, a complete report of uninstalling ed the program;

- By looking for anomalies, or changes, it can detect them more easily.

Total Uninstall for Windows is a powerful tool for completely uninstalling any application, leaving behind no leftover files or services, reclaiming hard drive space, fixing install errors, improving startup & program response time, and improving the overall stability of your computer. With Uninstall for Windows, users are able to remove certain Windows feature from their computers. Accurately uninstall installed programs. The system can then be cleaned and left safe and easy.
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