Total Text Container

by Solar Model

An encrypted XML database to store content of all types

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Solar Model

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The Total Text Container is a windows program that acts as a personal information manager. Data types such as rich text, spreadsheets, URLs, passwords, contacts, images, and more can be accessed. viewing, all content and related information is easy to see through an XML database containing the content stored there. The base platform to run the Total Text Container is WinNT, Win2k, or WinXP. ........ In this program, the language gets to an application folder directly, not a executable file, and is able to support partialunicode at runtime within the document's contents, but not within the files within the executable. Using the TotalText Container, simple run the TotalText and then extract to your desired folder and destination. With this application you can easily download and extract files from an existing ZIP package.Locates the.exe file in your extracted text files.

As for the Total Text Container, its beta version remains ongoing. Although some users experience problems with the software, overall a positive appraisal has been received. This storage method belongs to the Productivity category and it should become an essential asset to any team once fully developed. The items within this database, which can be combined with multiple data types, thus making them ideal for mashups, not only can you store and view them separately, but there is ease to access them. Total Text Container should handle all spreadsheet, calendar, and catalog entries, no matter how they appear.

A 32-member panel consists of members at this time.Additionally, there is a bit download that you can open so that you can see how useful the Total Text Container can be. We have an easy solution for storing, archiving, and saving your data.

Allows you to have a personal storage that supports all data types and is easily accessible

  • Database Functions
  • Encryption for security
  • Supports all data types
  • Easily view and manipulate the content



Word Processing, Code Editor, and Spreadsheets in one app on one platform makes Total Text Container for Windows the best all around office solution for me due to its high point, the ability to perform a variety of office tasks at once. Additionally, the application makes it possible for you to organize contacts and calendar directly within it, which has particular appeal to me.
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