Total CAD Converter

by CoolUtils

A CAD file is turned into a JPG file.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: CoolUtils

Release: Total CAD Converter

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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You can easily manage CAD software and manage it using Total Cad converter. My daily activities have really improved thanks to this software, since I am an engineer. For most of my jobs, I use programs like AutoCAD and Civilcad. Additionally, I use Watercad and Sewercad. When I convert some of the files, it can be quite challenging.

converters are able to implement each format into one tool and are thus extremely easy to use since they do all the tasks in one location. Although I used the free trial for 30 days and am planning on purchasing a license once it has run out. The best CAD management tool currently available is the most cost effective tool to work with. Rather than taking out a lot of time, resources and frustration from someone struggling with this, you will not.

This is a very user-friendly program; is an easy-to-use tool. All the CAD files in a folder, depending on your needs, can be selected or unselected by the user. Additionally, your tags can also be very clear, meaning there's an organized space for you to organize.

If you are looking to combine multiple files into one document, it makes the process very convenient. This feature allows me to merge all files into one PDF file, which is great. This feature is something you must try if you want to prepare presentations or print eBooks. Having the capability to merge different files onto one batch file, such as when creating more than one file, is very beneficial for this program. CAD converters convert files into PDF, SVG files often; nevertheless, you sometimes have to merge many different files together for this software to work properly.

The software makes it easy to convert CAD files into images. A rating of 4 would describe this software.5 out of 5 because there is always room for improvement. Try it out. There is no chance of you regretting your decision.


  • Converts CAD files into PDFS, JPEGS, DXF, BMP, CGM, HPGL, SVG, PS, and SWF.
  • There are numerous available sources such as dxf, dwf, dwfx, plt, hgl, r, hg, hgl, hpg, plo, hp, hpl, hpgl, HP1, hp2, hpgl2, gl2, spl,
  • Easy to use
  • Turns CAD drawings into black and white
  • You can increase the line weight scale
  • Offers support with command line
This CAD converter makes it easy and effective for people who work in CAD environments to convert CAD files with Total CAD Converter. Total CAD Converter file type supports numerous file types, such as PDF,JPEG,BMP,WMF,PNG, BMP, SVG, as well as the many HG & HP file types. Total CAD Converter allows you to perform batch and command line commands, edit CADs, and use Autodesk CAD with integrated batch and command-line functions as well.
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