Torrent TV

by Torrent TV

With this app you can watch TV online and other applications

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Torrent TV

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Torrent TV is a simple program that allows you to watch TV channels on your computer. Over four hundred channels are available for the developer to offer to the user. In fact, the actual workers are less than 50% of the total list. Almost all programs of this kind "suffer" from this problem, and Torrent TV is not an exception.

The Ace Stream client must be installed before you run the program. While most channels in the list will need to be played through Ace Stream, it actually adds additional advertising (in addition to what is being shown) to a program. Irrespective of this, Torrent TV is completely free.

Unlike computer monitors, the program interface does not have redundancy. Although the window is occupied exclusively by the player, there's a list of channels available on the right side and it doesn't differentiate between countries or subject areas. There is no way for you to filter channels on your own. The bottom of the player can be configured with volume, mute, full screen, and picture quality slider depending on where the TV is installed. In full-screen mode (especially in Windows older versions) Torrent TV often experiences stability issues.

- allows you to watch a free TV program.

- includes 400 channels (but some of them do not work); However the software does not provide several useful features.

- Ace Stream technology is used;

- Provides full screen functionality ;

- It is not mandatory that you install Portable Software.

PC users looking to stream new television channels or catch new shows can discover Torrent TV for Windows, which lets them do both. With this program, you can access hundreds of channels as soon as you launch the software, with Ace Stream enabling you to live stream your favorite programs as well. In spite of Torrent TV being totally free, Ace Stream will feature advertisements, in spite of Torrent TV being a free service.
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