GameLoop logo
A high-Android emulator for diverse apps and games.
In the field ofPSP games, there's a software we know of for Windows computers.
FocusWriter logo
The screen edges are locked during the lock screen edges) Boosts productivity by locking screen edges.
Ghostwriter logo
A free open-source markdown editor
Typora logo
I had a simple way to do a markdown editor and a regular readers.
ProjectLibre logo
Project management software that provides the ability to organize and complete work simultaneously.
Free Print to PDF logo
Microsoft Word, Access, and Internet Explorer support PDF writing.
PopStation GUI logo
PSP compatible PS1 games can be uploaded into this program.
Hakchi2 logo
An upgrade is performed to a new ROM on the Super Nintendo Mini.
MirrorGo logo
Mobile games can be played on your PC at any time.
Razer Comms logo
Video games players were able to play multiplayer games using the VOIP service.
Wondershare MirrorGo logo
Your TV or PC screen can show all Android games, so you can play them right there.
MAME (64-bit) logo
Software that emulation in the 1970s with 5000 games.
NullDC logo
Originally written for Sega Dreamcast and NAOMI, it runs as an Open Source platform.
Cemu - Wii U emulator logo
Cemu - Applications from Nintendo can be run on a PC platform using the Wii U Emulator. You are not limited to games from a physical Nintendo game machine, but Wii U emulator from a computer system with high quality.
eSobi logo
An all-in-It contains tools for managing news and podcast content.
PunkBuster logo
A simple and efficient way to expel cheaters from your server without having any problems.
Microsoft SideWinder Precision Pro logo
Windows controller compatible with universal controllers.
MotioninJoy logo
Your Playstation 3 is attached to a PC so it can be used with a console.
Gopher360 logo
You can transform your XBOX or Playstation controller into a basic keyboard when you play them with your hands.
Hearthstone Deck Tracker logo
Making stats and game cards available to you while playing may be helpful to you both.
WizMouse logo
For use when the other available functionality isn't available.
MultiMC logo
Manage multiple Minecraft titles at the same time for free.
XOutput logo
For old and new game controllers to work, convert DirectInput APIs to Xinput.
AntiMicro logo
Keys can be manipulated in the form of patterns that allow you to control your game.
Generic Mod Enabler (jsgme) logo
The ability to create mod libraries with ease and have easy-to-understand modes available.
Voobly logo
Choose multiplayer games from the PC's game collection to play with friends.
YoloMouse logo
In any game, choose a new cursor for the game that you'd like to play.
DxWnd logo
Install games that used to be on windows.
GlovePIE logo
–°ross compatable comparisons of keyboard-to-joystick/controler commands –°ross compatible comparisons of keyboard-to-joystick/controller commands
Wii U USB Helper logo
Download Nintendo games and play them on your phone or computer
Steam Achievement Manager logo
Used it to unlock and reset achievements; it works
Guitar Pro Free logo
Learn or improve your guitar skills with Guitar Pro Free
Ultimate SAMP KeyBinder logo
Helps users remap their GTA keys to specific actions.
multiMAN logo
Backup management of older video games on a Playstation gaming console
Speakonia logo
Text-to-Speech software, to read aloud a given text file
ISO2GoD logo
Convert the Xbox 360 ISO images straight to GOD containers
MSI Dragon Gaming Center logo
A program designed by MSI to give you the upmost control over your gaming set up
Canon Quick Menu logo
Access manuals, applications and other Canon tools
UMDGen logo
Edit ISO files so that they are compatible with the PlayStation Portable platform
SteamTool Library Manager logo
Download Steam games on different hard drives
D3DGear logo
Record videos of your game play in any game and save it in a video format
PPJoy logo
A joystick emulator designed for Windows, including ways to use existing gamepads directly from your computer
Cheat Engine logo
A popular software which gives tricks and cheats for all of the most popular video games
Trinus VR Server logo
An upscale, high-quality VR experience that's out of this world
DS4Windows logo
Emulates a PS4 controller, allowing you to use DualShock 4 on your PC
Modio logo
Modify Xbox 360 games on PC, using any other kind of storage
Razer Synapse logo
Cloud-based configuration tool that allows you to rebind controls or assign macros to any of your Razer peripherals
NeonDS logo
A NintendoDS emulator that allows you to play commercial games
iCEnhancer logo
A tool to enhance graphics for Grand Theft Auto IV
Pinnacle Game Profiler logo
Simulates a Keyboard and Mouse with a Video Game Controller
GameSave Manager logo
Easily backup, restore and transfer your game saves between multiples computers
PS4 Remote Play logo
An easy and effective way to stream PlayStation 4 games to your Mac or Windows PC
Xbox Backup Creator logo
Make backup copies of Xbox 360 games you own on your home computer.
reWASD logo
Re-map controllers to enhance game play enjoyment
LDPlayer logo
LDPlayer is an up-to-date Android emulating software, available for free download