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Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Tongbu Assistant

Release: Tongbu Assistant

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Tongbu Assistant is a powerful app capable of managing all the content on your mobile device. Android or IOS are compatible with this software. The app gives you access to games and apps that don't come from the play or IOS apps stores. Through this application, you can download specific firmware updates as well as perform software upgrades. Additionally, a lot of people find it useful for instantly transferring documents to a portable disc, another great feature if you need to switch cellphones;. By using this tool, you can edit or transfer your contacts. In addition to that, you'll be able to choose which parts of the system you want to optimize and clean. You can also download free apps and games from the unofficial store.


  • You can access and control your operating system completely with this mobile application.
  • Use multiple platforms to transfer files on your mobile device in quick time.
  • You can download updates to any particular firmware version or software in the app at any time.
  • Your operating system should be cleaned of any unnecessary files.

a powerful tool for managing file and system data on mobile phones. It has a number of powerful tools that will enable you to manage a number of different aspects of your mobile device.

It is very well suited to functions other apps are unable to offer, such as script deletion and app cache termination.
edmar de jesus
Is able to track the storage on a phone. If your phone's prior operating software has failed then it can be restored to action. When this happens, the Smart Assistant becomes available on the user's PC, they can go to Flash, and restore their device from its root zone Identifies ROM upgrades that can track battery consumption and charge levels Identifies connection paths Identifies battery levels and charge levels of the deviceFi or USB cables (from the PC) if this is more comfortable If it is necessary, update the system software to coincide with the most recent computer configuration with no additional hardware needed. By using the Lenovo Smart Assistant for PC, you can take photos, send SMS, music, send texts, and even contact people online with ease, which means there is no hassle of updating firmware manually. Using this tool allows the user to take advantage of a "tips" section that provides useful advice on accomplishing several tasks. If the user is not able to figure out what to do using "tips," it also means that they can search the Lenovo forums for questions and answers. On the official Lenovo Facebook page, users can also inquire about troubleshooting issues.
Considering its low level of security, Tongbu Assistant can be useful in applications for which no App Store or Play permits encryption. I applaud the creator if this is really a third-party desktop with mobile capability. It is ascetically appealing to use the software's user interface. In no way negative has been said, I am not sure.
My first instinct was to believe that Tongbu assistant for Windows is a tool for managing the contents of my phone since I saw the description. I was not able to explain how this would work on the app. It states "access games and apps you cannot download", with no explanation as to why this would be. Its other functions are quite obvious and it seems to be excellent, providing the ability to manage mobile content, retrieve lost data, transfer over data.
Overall, this program is pretty cool. There are a number of things you can't download from the Play or iOS stores but can via it. Moreover, this software allows you to transfer and edit contacts as well as update the app.
Each Tongbu Assistant can be mixed with other items.The mobile app works by letting you get rapid and easy access to your mobile content, transfer it, and download precise updates for your device all at the same time. You have the option of transferring new files and deleting files through this app.
James Muyar
In this app, you can manage your content on mobile apps such as iOS and Android. The app allows users to access the contents of their phone with their computers or laptops through a secure server. iOS users don't necessarily need to own official devices to get access. Also, iOS Jailbreak devices, like jailbroken Apple iPhones and iPads which only have minimal security built in, can be used to access iOS' operating system and local storage to access the latest features. With the use of your computer, you can easily control every app on your phone, install and remove apps that aren't necessary, listen to music and view pictures, all without needing to install a third party app. With Tongbu Assistant, you can clean up junk files on your mobile phone, clear up browsing history, and remove the passwords on particular websites. As Tongbu assistant operates through some jailbroken devices it boasts some of its features. IOS approval has not yet been granted all of them as, at times, apps are not IOS approved and there are no ones with access to them.Malware can harm your smartphones, some of which is friendly. We need to remain safety be safe than sorry! With Tongbu assistant, we have the ability to look out.Your designs will be caught easily and efficiently with It, you'll find that it's both easy and efficient to use! You can use your mouse to reach all of the tools available in this app to learn more about these topics. App can be downloaded to your phone and connect to the app will display the basics of how your phone works, such as its basic information and the status of your connection. Moreover, here you will find one of the most powerful tools in the application.- This includes both a backup and a restore. With this. ABLE TO USE IS ON A MIXON OF EVERYTHING YOU USE.
I have never seen anything as useful as Tongbu Assistant for Windows. The app was installed on my computer and is used to manage my android smartphone and laptop. Using this program, I can transfer data from my phone to my computer. Additionally, I use it as a backup for data. So convenient.
The Tongbu assistant is a simple and intuitive software, only available for Android and Windows.Easy to use and understandable, it is a good solution.Free to download and manage, it offers the ability to play unlimited quantities of games.This means all kinds of data on mobiles as well as computers can be transferred.In addition, it can back up Android mobile and computer data. Make sure you don't push any ads and don't lag much.There is no problem with the program running smoothly.
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