Tone Generator

by NCH Swift Sound

You can generate either a sound wave or a white noise using Tone Generator.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: NCH Swift Sound

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Tone Generator is a small application designed to generate sounds of a certain frequency with the ability to work simultaneously with 16 channels and export to WAV format. Those who use audio equipment or can create musical instruments will find this program very useful.

The Tone Generator can create tones from a simple sinusoidal wave to a stereo tone, where the audio signals have different frequencies on different channels (binaural rhythms). Also, a wide range of noise tones may produce: white, pink, gray, etc.

According to the user's wishes, there are several ways in which to set the frequency. In the program, you have a choice of manually setting the frequency to the nearest hundredths of an a beat, selecting the ready note (8 octaves are preset in it) or marking it in a special slider on an image of the beat.triangular.

It also allows the changes in pulse length, the relative cutoff amplitudes for all tones in a list, and the volume settings to be achieved. The setup window allows the user to reassigned hot keys in order to improve control over the program.

- With a given frequency, duration and time-frame, generate audio tones of different frequencies and lengths;

- Analyzing various decibel ranges;"; a wide range of noise sources.

- Compile WAV files using the export sounds to WAV files;

- With this video, you can choose from four or 16 additional channels.

- The number of octaves you can select from.

- With the ability to create binaural rhythms.

For those who perform frequency testing and play music instruments in order to create a tone generator, which will work as an acoustic generator.I have never been happier with a product like this one. Very useful for fans of music.
Music lovers as well as musicians will find the Tone generator to be extremely useful. If your instrument needs an audio or frequency test, this program is ideal. It is of high potential that this program will be able to succeed.
Nonetheless, there is something pointless about the word generator; in fact, its description appears straightforward. My question is whether this instrument will test a sound I might put into a microphone or if it will generate sounds to specific frequencies, or whether both are possible.
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