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TOEFL - materials for preparing for the TOEFL exam. Here are the highlighted areas from the downloaded archive:DICTNRY

Contains the main program sammler and 3 dictionaries: TOEFL first-visited first-doggle (for TOEFL) second-visited test score.The way to use Doc third.doc is: sammler < the name of the dictionary > Help - call sammler without parameters Other exe & com files - One version of each of the 5 TOEFL test sections includes both sections on an auxiliary TEST SYSTEM. Instructions - doc.txt Call: TEST.EXE <name.dat> TEXT Same texts as in TEST, only in text form (files like flv****.The answer to flv* files appears on the X.M.F.X.E.B.X.F.E.I.Answers are unfolded on txt in exeP2 format.The EXPL Dictionary short grammar guide is 9 pages long.

TOEFL exam preparations can be made with this software. Those planning on taking the TOEFL exam should read through this guide.
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