by AbstractSpoon Software

To do list app for microsoft windows processors

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: AbstractSpoon Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ToDoList is a special tool designed for people who prefer to plan their tasks and meetings. Each individual can customize this application using a large number of different settings. Other features of the planned tasks include the option to bind time, categorize your tasks and so forth. The organization can also prioritizes each task or mark the most important ones with flags to make sure they are always represented clearly.

Changes to the program's interfaces are flexible. You can replace all of its functions at once. Depending on whether or not certain toolbars are present, these panels will appear on the buttons that contain them. Hot keys are also present, making working with it easy. This is an additional benefit as well. Upon transferring a program from one computer to another, it is possible to save all user settings into a separate file.

- Exactly what it requires; operates ; serves its mission; is self-sufficient;

- Flexible user interface that allows for er interface that can be used to modify everything down to the smallest detail;

- The purpose of groups is to group tasks along priority parameters and by other criteria.

- fine-tuning individual tasks;

- Allows you to save the same files each time you do so.

- With FTP, CSV, and VSS, synchronize with CSV.

ToDoList 6.5.10 (1.04 MB)
ToDoList 7.0.13 (2.29 MB)
ToDoList (2.48 MB)
ToDoList (2.49 MB)
ToDoList (2.38 MB)
ToDoList (2.48 MB)
ToDoList (2.51 MB)
ToDoList (2.51 MB)
ToDoList (2.99 MB)
ToDoList (2.92 MB)
ToDoList 7.2.10 (2.89 MB)
Software can be used in any way that is convenient to use. Due to its value into many file types. It was advertised that the device will come with a flexible interface, but that we will just have to see exactly what it works with. Considering the description of the software, one would see that it seems promising in the eyes of the reader.
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