by Eckehard Fiedler

A program for windows to resize your photos digitaly

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Eckehard Fiedler

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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TinyPic is an excellent and super simple application to reduce the weight of photos. You will almost certainly get your files smaller by eight or more times if quality is not lost.

We took a few photos during our test. Size one (1) file.Since the initial cut to 30MB, it has reduced by almost eight times as much. In comparison to a standard-sized photo, an identical proportion of coefficients was obtained in a 2 ounce photo.8 Mb - Despite its size, it weighed about 350 kilograms. Different digital cameras frequently exceed standard file sizes, whereas some graphics editors even save the same graphics format in large files in some cases. In addition to Reducing an extremely dense BMP file, we tested as much as Reducing the BMP file which weighed as much as 5.5 Mb! Due to this, we had a size of 180Kb. It is just an incredibly high compression ratio in this case - There's now a 32 times smaller file!

When you get a good picture quality, you will be able to see everything, just as it looks on originals. There is no doubt in my mind that the quality will decrease, although this change is only noticeable at Full HD screen on a large diagonal, and the problem will not be found on conventional monitors. There is no difficulty in getting started with the program. Drag and drop the file into the program window.

If you select one of the following four options, the file will be transferred into the hard disk.

Save the files as the original ones, but with the change in name (default).

To save within the folder that is created.

Replace the original file;

to save the file on a clearly defined path.

By using TinyPic on a Windows platform you can make digital images lighter. The program reduces the file size of the images by as much as 8 times by using algorithms that minimise the quality loss while enhancing the image quality. Drag and drop the files into the window and you are done.
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