by TigerVNC Team

Improved performance of VNC implementation.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: TigerVNC Team

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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TigerVNC is a completely free program that acts as a client and server to manage a remote computer. Upon initial installation, the client/server parts can either be canceled or delay your launch of necessary applications. The connection and remote management of your PC will be easy once you have completed the installation, if it has not been canceled. To go to the section with server parameters, use the corresponding item of the context menu of the TigerVNC icon in the notification panel. The settings window includes settings such as security protocols, access permissions for clients, and restricting connections.

By utilizing TigerVNC Viewer, you can connect to the existing computer (installed on that computer) and connect to others. With the installed program, you can find the file in the directory. If possible, the server address and password will be entered on the connection attempt. Using TigerVNC images can perform quite well, owing to the relatively high bandwidth available to both the server and the client. However, high rates do make the image less satisfactory. As for the issue of high/low quality or performance ratio settings, you will not find it at all in the program; just the parameters for decoding ZRLE, Hexztile, tight and color levels will come into play there. novice user, a viewer's option window could appear confusing and difficult to navigate through.

As part of our discovery, we discovered the interesting feature in that the server will only broadcast the image taken from the remote desktop for the client to see, so any peripherals, including the mouse or keyboard, remain untouched. Depending on how often you connect to the TigerVNC server, there could be several clients simultaneously connected to the computer.

- Provides essential functions for the server and client parts in the management of computers;

- Clients may be connected simultaneously on only one server;;

- The server service is created when the installation is complete;

- does not "break" with popular antiviruses;

- The remote session can be set to be scaled based on a certain window size and color parameters.

Functionality on mobile and remote management. No matter what device I use, I can use it just like an e to operate any device just like a computer. Having the capability to carry your items on your hand while traveling is very convenient. Because of the password and encryption, it is very secure.
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