ThinkVantage Access Connections

by Lenovo

A connectivity assistant for ThinkPad PCs

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Lenovo

Release: ThinkVantage Access Connections 6.26

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ThinkVantage Access Connections is a network connection program for ThinkPad who use Windows as their operating software on their Lenovo devices. ThinkVantage Access Connections allows Lenovo users to switch their network and Internet settings by selecting a location. Profiles can be set up for the users' network devices that may be needed later in the future. You can now access a network from different locations without having to adjust the settings of your device after moving. Changing location profiles enables ThinkVantage Access Connections to connect regardless of where your device is located. Users of ThinkVantage Access Connections create new profiles for the authentication purposes so that their information or those they work for remains secure. By selecting the exact access point the user wishes to connect, ThinkVantage Access Connections is easy to use and intuitive. Connect with ThinkVantage Access Connections automatically so that you are connected to the "optimal" connection. Users are able to connect the ThinkVantage Access Connection to a location to maintain an uninterrupted connection when they are at home, at work, or at home with other people. Whenever one travels quite frequently or has lots of distance, it can prove extremely useful. There are probably more seasoned computer operators who would benefit from ThinkVantage Access Connections. Everyday people may already be carrying out more than they have to when using ThinkVantage Access Connections.


  • It operates automatically as soon as the computer is started.- This means that users do not have to stop doing what they are doing so they can connect to others online.
  • Sets IPs for one connection
  • Automatically change default printer settings which can be useful for people moving locations
  • Change your homepage settings

In conclusion, ThinkVantage Access Connections may not be a program for everyone. The most beneficial benefit is only offered to people who work in a variety of locations often. As a result of this, ThinkVantage Access Connections becomes a valuable tool and way to stay on top of work.

Users can select a location profile when selecting a location when they access ThinkPad for the first time.
Derek Parker
There are a lot of products on the market today that can serve you needs when it comes to virtual machines. I like that this can be paired with Lenovo computers and tablets, which aren't too bad considering that these come from trusted brands. It does work once your PC begins up,
Logan Barbosa
Got internet? If you have any questions about configuring a network, use this. Make Internet and LAN connection more straightforward, so simple and easy that I can explain the concept for the first time to anybody. Now there are no hoops to jump through, as you can see how it configures your connections.
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