The Hat

by Harmony Hollow Software

An application for drawing items randomly from a list

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Harmony Hollow Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The Hat - It can especially prove useful for people with a large number of children. The way you tell a person he is first or no is usually childish.Despite the fact that they want to be the first to everything, kids make it hard to talk to each other. Therefore, you now have an opportunity to level playing field for each one. The Hat will help you with that. As soon as someone enters a name, the program randomly arranges the list. A list like this can be entered manually through the clipboard, pulled from text files, or saved from a text file by simply entering it through. A list of entered names will show up randomly after you click on the big Shuffle button. Additionally, a random name pair may also be output by the program. You can also set a randomly selected contest with just one name and arrange your lotteries, drawings and prizes with the built-in random selection feature. The Hat-You can now save the generated lists as well as animated animations and sound effects from creating them. Educators as well as teachers can benefit from The Hat's use in addition to parents.

- An alphabetical list of names from random selections; budging lists of names on the basis of random selection;

- You can pick from one or more random names from the list below.

- Lists of text must be imported.

- An animation feature with funny sounds and animation.

There are a number of simple to use options on the Hat platform. The program allows you to type in lists of names or import names, create random lists based on the students' projects, raffle tickets or sweepstakes wins. Furthermore, special effects (one of its best features) such as sound and animation can be added. Creating a hat drawing takes no time at all to pick individual names.
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