The Bat!


A secure desktop email client for Windows designed to protect your correspondences from third-parties

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: RITLABS

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The Bat! An important anti-infectant application.spam and anti-Using this feature, you'll be able to parse emails much easier. As interesting as it sounds, this program was the first client. With each version of The Bat! We improve the program and make it even better, convenient and productivity-increasing popularity and keeping it among people across the globe remains true today.mail clients.

Many advantages come from the fact that the program offers flexibility when configuring and is updated frequently.interfaces and supports a vast variety of interfaces and data transfer protocols in both languages. The Bat! The letter manager included in Outlook Express lets you easily filter through unimportant emails. To accompany each menu item, there is an easy to understand tooltip. As the client also develops QR codes, one has the possibility to send them to others.

Users of unofficial correspondence in Word added a huge number of smileys with their own text codes which are turned into images using the software. As a bonus, you can install the application in any form and set up several additional users for your clients to work with. The Bat! Microsoft Outlook Express, Netscape Communicator, Eudora lite, and Pegasus Mail come in addition to a list of possible mail clients.

- efficiently; : the ability to process large numbers of emails efficiently.

- Easy and user-friendly interface;

- Multi-user email client support; ;

- letters are processed by mail server - pre-processing of letters on the mail server - Using a disk-free way; no need to load them directly to the hard drive.

- It gives you the option to send and receive a message easily tional input system;

- Having a built-in address book is beneficial.

- The ability to prevent viruses from entering.

The Bat! (6.77 MB)
The Bat! 4.2.42 (6.88 MB)
The Bat! 4.2.44 (6.88 MB)
The Bat! (6.73 MB)
The Bat! 6.0.10 (8.76 MB)
The Bat! 6.0.12 (8.74 MB)
The Bat! 6.2.12 (8.85 MB)
The Bat! 6.2.14 (8.85 MB)
The Bat! 7.4.14 (32.59 MB)
The Bat! 8.8.2 (33.07 MB)
the Bat! It has been hailed as being one of the best and most secure desktop email clients for Windows. This solution promises multiple encrypt streams in addition to your stored encrypted data to protect all emails you send to clients during communication. There is a powerful filtering system and templates included, as well as PGP, GnuPG, and S/MIME support. You will find an easy way to work right you need to manage daily emails, use this interface.
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