Thai TV Live


ThaiTV Live is an internet entertainment application for Windows.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: APP7DEV TEAM

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Users have free access to broadcasts from Thailand and abroad by downloading ThaiTV Live. The ThaiTV Live website provides access to over 150 Thai TV channels broadcast throughout the country. You can watch Thai news, music, sports, and movies right from your home device. Most viewing applications use it as their primary application.


Watch and browse up to 150 channels airing in Thailand.
  • Works on smartphone and tablet
  • Easy access to all your favorite channels
  • Works on 3G,4G & WiFi
  • Stream more than 150 channels
  • Free to use.
  • Access channels in Thailand and abroad

There isn't much to say about how good ThaiTV Live is. Because of sports, this app helps me to stay informed. Due to the fact that I live in the United States, I am not able to watch kickboxing matches whenever I want. Until I came across this incredible application that took my breath away. My favorite fighters have kept me informed about their live broadcasts since I subscribed to ThaiTV Live a few months ago.

WiFi is just what it says. There was some skepticism as to how this app would operate on normal WiFi, but it turns out it works very well. With no stuttering or buffering, watching the program felt like I was viewing it plainer than I would a satellite program. I think if you can point out one negative, it is that it isn't clear which channel you want to watch in the program. They will be disappointed if they browse the channel without any clue and may encounter a lot of useless channels. Again. This is an excellent way for people who enjoy watching Thai sports or news to discover new information. The program is also useful on mobile devices, even though it is best suited for Windows PCs. In the summertime, most of the time, it's just too hot to leave my cell phone at home.

Android 4.0.3 and up Windows 7 and up
Thai TV Live for Windows makes watching Thailand channels like Voice TV, Thai PBS, and Thai Rath possible because all the channels deemed exclusive to Thailand TV by others are also available. You can access more than twenty channels, enabling you to enjoy more than seventy+ channels at once- you even go on full screen.It is easy to adjust the screen for better viewing.
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