Test Tone Generator

by Timo Esser

Sound generator provided for windows processing system

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Timo Esser

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Test Tone Generator is a program for generating sound of a certain frequency. With the Test Tone Generator, you can customize speakers and various audio systems, create audio effects and generate sounds of different frequency ranges. There is no set frequency at which to generate signals. There is a full range of parameters ound to be fully configurable - The Test Tone Generator is an essential tool for generating sounds between mono and stereo mode in order to customize waveforms, to control parameters such as amplitude, modulation, etc. Samples taken from the program can be recorded using WAV files. A variety of preset settings can be used for white and pink noise.

- A frequency sound must be produced; no more.

- During the generation of this noise, there are white and pink tones.

Could your otney kids bark at a frequency that causes your to swell in onhout to make sounds of a certain frequency which cause you head to swell and make you eardrums bleed? So do i... If it helps to annoy them in that way (and improve upon them) please download this tool. Whenever they are ready (e.g., late at night).(c) Never wear earphones or ear protectors.
Basically, the Test Tone Generator is a very handy program. With it, you can adjust the volume and timbre of your sounds, and you can easily customize any one. You can have a number of different sound effects with the app, and the speakers and audio systems you have work with it as well.
Using this test tone generator, you can create sounds based on a selected frequency and customize speakers, sonic effects and the frequency of various audio systems. You can set a number of possible modes, and then set the waveform, the frequency, the amplitude, the modulation, among others.
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