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Copies and moves large number of files faster

Operating system: Windows

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In Windows, copying and moving files take a long time. TeraCopy Portable (for Windows) helps the process become much easier, and faster. file transfer and/or copy function at a much better rate compared to regular copy files. A lot of people find TeraCopy useful because it does not require software installation to run. You can easily access it on a USB memory stick or another computer. The TeraCopy Portable is so simple to use. After launching the program, users can drag and drop files onto the window of the program in several ways: ar file they want to move or copy onto the window of the program. When you first glance at the interface, it may not seem intuitive. For all TeraCopy Portable users, locating its menus and options will require some skill. While the interface can be an advantage for speed and accuracy, it does not directly result in lower efficiency when copying and moving data.

Licenses of the software are free. Its OS is Windows Vista, so it's easy to run. has already generated over 130 thousand downloads for TerCopy Portable. TeraCopy Portable is available in Beta 3 2 in the language of its user, English.2. There is no longer than a few seconds for downloading 351K.


easy to use
  • Faster copy and/or movement of files
  • No installation requires
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used on multiple computers

In conclusion, the TeraCopy Portable is an incredibly easy way to move and/or copy large amounts of files on Windows quickly and efficiently. In spite of taking a little getting used to, the interface can be used with ease by reducing back and forth movement and the ability to copying files easily. The book is widely known and has been used for hundreds of thousands of times.

Reid Cassidy
All of my data files are now being effectively transferred to and from my TeraCopy Portable account. If you do not have access to an Internet connection, you can use this. It was awesome to see this product, and truly that it fit a niche that stands out. In order to recognize TeraCopy's success, it is highly recommended.
File and copy can be moved very quickly this way. Utilizing it is a great way to keep track of a great many files and ensures that everything is set up as it should be. As I mentioned, I like this product highly and hope they give it more recognition. Having been personally involved with the product, I would likely use it myself if I could, but not currently own a Windows computer.
Benjamin Mazur
It has been a blessing for me to be able to copy files using this method. Thanks to easier and faster file transfers, businesses have also reduced administrative requirements. There were no issues with the download and it was highly recommended especially if you have a lot of files in a folder or your computer is full of files, especially if you are upgrading your computers.
You'll use Tera copy to keep records on portables like Android tablets, and as a Windows program, to make folders safe and secure for data on Android devices.
Duplicate copies of the files between directories do not have to be canceled, allowing it to copy a considerable amount of data. My desktop is integrated to the entire file transfer manager via the tool. Furthermore, there is a way to use it on anywhere regardless of the computer's location, since I can store it on a portable storage device and put it where I am most comfortable.
Cute software if you mostly move files ly move files around! It allows the transfer of files at the top speed possible with TeraCopy Portable for Windows. In my experience, every time I move, edit, or copy a file, one of the files will malfunction. One TeraCopy Portable file can be ignored when it has retry and skip; that eliminates the possibility for single files affecting the whole program. This is an app for anyone who does a lot of file handling or moves much data.
There's nothing like taking a quick glance through your documents in order to help you out with your daily struggles if you're always surfing the internet using your computer. We sometimes use more than one location to store files. As opposed to other file copying software, TeraCopy Portable takes care of it better. Files are copied more quickly and moved quicker than any other, and that's why I am obsessed with it.
It is one of the best writing software products. It simply copies and moves files from the computers you use. The user interface is incredibly complicated; however, copying files is remarkably effortless and straightforward due to its simplicity. If you are copying a video, you may be able to do it in seconds, with little effort on your part. The program is simple, yet it provides great results.
Whenever you need to copy large files or videos on a big screen, TeraCopy makes the process very quick and easy. It is not uncommon for me to experience some lag while copying from my hard drive to my solid state drive. The app is still good but there is a slight issue.
A fantastic tool for copying files that comes from scratch. Using this at work has helped me reduce my time spent copying and editing files significantly. This is just really simple- I've never used technology before.Despite his skill set, he was able to get things going quickly. There's something really useful about the drag-and-drop feature.Having a folder on every file in any file across regardless of how large it is. All people who are trying to manage a large volume of files can benefit from it.
If you're unsure of where to submit your files, do it.. LIFE SAVIOR TERACOPY SOFTWARE WITH TRANSFER FOR EASY CLEANING AND TO A SAFE RATING FOR LOWER THE SHIPPING COST. While the software attempts to locate errors, it cannot erase the files or attempt to recreate the lost file unless they are able to be traced. Eventually, the software will shut down and continue to process non-compressing files without terminating transfer. Your file may take longer to recover once you reconnect after it is taken away from the network. The automatically secured centralized filing system ensures that your data can be transferred instantly. The license keeps the contact information and location of recent resigning directors as well as the location in explorer.
Simple file organization. All day, I recommend Tera Copy Portable. Organizing, organizing, dragging, and dropping things faster and more efficiently than ever is possible. Similar versions are called Fast Copy and Teracopy, but Teracopy runs far more smoothly and is more accessible and user friendly. USB storage is possible as well as use of Vist. Yes, I said USB. That is unreal. I guarantee that you will enjoy my software, perhaps even more than I did. Using the simple procedure everyday, I organize my file systems into a simple format and I also use it locally for my personal devices. There is no question as to how much I love the product.
A tiny program like TeraCopy is not very large, so it usually has no effect on your file system. Having space allows one to move quicker and is easier than having nothing. It has several features that make it very simple, yet easy-to-use.to-A program to be used with a user.Whether it's a few large files or a few smaller ones, it's fast for you to move them. This program is very impressive and I highly recommend it.
Documents can be copied and moved with Teracopy Portable software. In a quick and efficient way, it does exactly that. advantages are that it doesn't require installation, so we can use it on all kinds of computers. Additionally, the memory can be synced to a USB flash drive to make it accessible anywhere. While not intuitive, the interface is not part of Windows Explorer and the tool doesn't serve any role in it. Often, the application won't work properly all of the time, causing us to wonder what we should do next. The advantages and disadvantages of this product cannot be summarized in the same way.
With this application, you can remove the difficulty of copying and moving files. It comes with a simple installation and running process, and it allows you to automatically generate a copy as if previous versions did not work correctly. It also has a system that informs you of problems and enables you to make the copy again after changing it if it did not work properly before. There are additional functions that you can use in the Pro version. Only Windows
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