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Compared to using a file editor, copying your files is faster, easier, and provides increased security.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Codesector

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Teracopy is a software that Compared to using a file editor, copying your files is faster, easier, and provides increased security.. Teracopy can verify files to make sure they are identical, optionally show a confirmation dialog for every drag and drop operation, prevent you from unintentionally move folders, keep your history, show you which folders are open in other file managers.

Furthermore, Teracopy's saving feature will automatically store list of all related information in HTML or CSV files so that transfer time can be reduced. While each feature can be utilized with a Teracopy Pro license.

Through Teraphoto, you can quickly and securely transfer your files. People may wish to include some pro features, but the pro version is just not capable of doing as much as you need to. You can use Teracopy to easily transfer your files in an enjoyable and professional manner if you wish. There is an abundance of features that Teracopy offers, along with much more.

Data integerity, file transfer, and the ability to pause or resume file transfers

  • Verify files after copy
  • Preserve data timestamps
  • Copy locked files
  • Delete files securely
  • Edit file lists
Teracopy 3.26 (4.36 MB)
Windows users are encouraged to check out TeraCopy to find out how they can make it work fast to take their files to a different location. You can download and copy files quickly and easily with just a few click from your mouse, all you need to do is sit back and relax until the files are finished being copied. There is no indication that this will lead to a lengthy wait. You will even see a report that shows copying that was successful and copying that wasn't. Your results will be near-instant and will come quickly.