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Established ingoing and outgoing connections on Windows devices

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: TeamViewer GmbH

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TeamViewer is a popular program designed for remote computer management. Administrators often run this tool, but even ordinary users often use it for their own needs. TeamViewer allows you to see the desktop of a remote computer on your screen. cursor, entered text using your keyboard, and copied files as shown in "Drag & Drop".

Neither computer can communicate with another without being connected to TimViewer. A remote computer user must start the session and enter his ID and password for the partner. Each session's password is different and an ID does not need to change with each session. Following the setup of the connection, the remote computer will become black, showing if a session has begun. Connecting computers means that there has been a physical physical change in Internet speed as well as power supply. Change of screen can be delayed if the Internet is slow (the picture might freeze). With the application, you can control a remote computer from your smartphone, for example, because it is available for many platforms. This requires installing a mobile version of the program on your smartphone.

- The ability to troubleshoot problems quickly and assist clients with program setup; d up programs and help less experienced users;

- A remote control that allows you to sit right in front of it, as though you were manipulating it with an intuitive gesture.

- Credibility and accessibility; for all users; lling and accessibility for any user;

- It can be used when the portable version is available.

- Russian interface;

- A recording session is recorded the possibility of recording a session;

- Creation of multi-conference format (needs to be pre-approved) )registration);

Computer and mobile devices can be remotely accessed by using TeamViewer. It allows your IT team to remotely do business with the staff or can give them a break by having your IT team remotely manage employee's computers. This can aid the disabled and help them live independently.
Connected people, places, and things can be done via Teamviewer through remote connectivity. With the plan, you can monitor, manage, and support computers, mobile devices, and network machines (or users can utilize it privately).
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