TeamViewer Portable

by TeamViewer GmbH

Allows you to take remote control of a computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: TeamViewer GmbH

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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TeamViewer Portable is a program for providing a simple and clear way to access the desktop of a remote computer. While firewall filtering and NAT proxies can be bypassed, the IP address does not need to be known.The address of the remote computer should be the same as its root address. You just have to open TeamViewer on both computers and, shortly after, the program establishes a connection for you. In addition to remote assistance, you will be able to control or set up your partner's computer. It would be better to put a presentation on his desk. You can also easily transfer files, chat, etc.

TeamViewer includes many options, allowing you to customize everything exactly as you would like it to be. Installation is not required on the portable version. When all machines are running, simply run the program.

- An easy, direct way to assemble modules that have many features on top.

- a list of professionals who may or may not be available immediately. Connect immediately with one click.

- Using TeamViewer, it is possible to access the list of your partners from any PC with TeamViewer installed.

- The ability to transfer and copy files with no limitations on size. All data is compressed during transmission at the maximum possible speed to reduce transmission time.

- It is possible to specify priorities, such as a low baud rate, or a high view resolution;.

- Providing remote server administration;

- A system service allows for reboots and reconnections while the service is installed.

- Using key exchange and an encrypted session key with256 bits per memory;

- To achieve maximum display quality and data transfer rate at different distances based on the type of network connection.

While you know your IP address, this software will still let you access the desktop of your device and even perform tasks for meetings or to teach others so you'll be able to deal with tech support much more smoothly.
By using it, you can control another coomputer remotely and it works with faster hardware. You'll find many other software that are more fast and easier with less usage of my ROM memory. It took me a little longer to complete a rating but I like anydesk better.
The TeamViewer Portable app can be used for a desktop computer to connect and view different types of files. Users' devices can be accessed while they are away, using them while they are home. Additionally, this version of the larger program fulfilled the principal function of allowing them to store and retrieve their personal effects when they go away. It allows one to view information about all of these devices directly via the USB flash drive with this Portable version. Having normalized this problem is a great solution to the problem in question with this program.
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