by Microsoft

Lists all the active processes on your PC and prevents you from being hacked

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Microsoft

Release: TCPView 3.05

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The TCP program is typically used to display the different windows that are installed on the computer. It displays windows computer-related programs in the same window setting. A TCP goes a long way toward helping cut away the guesswork involved in knowing what to listen to with the computer. Active processes are visible from the screen whether a computer is listening to music, visiting the Internet, or viewing pictures, according to the program. Thanks to TCP viewer, you can view every program running, which is really important information.


  • Also shows local addresses as well as their endpoints, allowing one to figure out if someone has just crashed a computer and tried hacking it off.
  • Comes with remote access and that remote access is what you use to find the different addresses offered
  • Also known as a task manager, which is where you can view any active processes on your computer
  • Displays all your connections, so you also know what is going on on your computer, and make sure you don't get hacked, because you will have your eyes on everything that is going on, on your computers.

viewing mechanism on the computer's control panel essentially functions as a task manager and lists all connected connections to ensure no hacker can steal anything. In addition to the fact that the TCP allows for remote access, it also lets a user locate different local IP addresses that are connected to his or her computer and monitor any active processes. Your computer does not crash if you can see the local endpoints (or in this case, prevent people from crashing it).I think TCP Viewer is a Windows most significant accomplishment, and I believe it will be around for a long time if others don't come to play, and if it does.

Since you can see all of what is happening on your computer, it is less likely that you will be hacked.

Computers that are running Windows operating systems may be disabled.

This is necessary for all Windows computers, so you don't need to install it.

TCPView 2.4 (0.28 MB)
TCPView 3.05 (0.28 MB)
Will Leung
There is no substitute for this tool. Through the network, I am able to quickly detect the presence of local addresses. Using the interface is so simple you will never be able to get lost. The analytics functions and history would be better if there were more. The task manager can also be used for viewing local processes that can be found on your computer.
sam dow
Due to the fact that you will be able to see all that is going on over your computer, you are less likely to get hacked.
Having access to this software is extremely easy. You can set it up easily and use it often. The program will definitely be back up and running soon and anyone can definitely recommend the program!! Getting a lot more done with less effort has been possible thanks to this product. The download time was quite short, and the setup process was quite small too. This product has been very well received.
Oscar Womack
Identify the network of your entire organization. Server data, mail, and even virtual servers are monitored using our software. Regardless of the type of processor, memory, disk space, traffic, or uptime, this is how it should work. The PRTG consists of just one project.A method that allows for peace of mind is based upon this approach. Alarms as well as reports are included in the package.
In TCPView for Windows, detailed listings of each TDP/UDP endpoint are displayed. According to some operating systems, the program can also provide information about the endpoint owner's identity. As a subset of Windows native Netstat program, it downloads Tcpvcon, a version corresponding to Tcpvcon in command-line in that function will also be affected. The error tracking feature is the best piece of functionality in the program, but other capabilities are subpar.
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