by Eli Fulkerson

Invokes alternate modes of communication such as standard ping.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Eli Fulkerson

Release: TCPing 2.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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TCPing sends out a synchronized signal to a destination port and waits for its return to see if the service is up.

TCPing for Windows is a great software product designed to test the reachability of a host or port on an IP network. The same kind of traffic control protocols that allow standard Ping will not let you ping as if they are blocked because of security measures like firewalls. The TCPing will instead use your local IP network to ping over a TCP connection and see how many connections your host sends to a specific port from a For remote machines, TCPing is used as part of a test to ensure open ports. TCPing is supported by the following command options uy of the command options that supported by TCPing include: For example, you can choose unlimited ping settings for IP addresses to your hostname, use custom connect timeouts, and wait for a response from it between sessions. Here are a few benefits and features of this product:

1. This is a good alternative to a standard ping that can be ignored or blocked.

It is useful over a regular ping when the ICMP packets are ignored and offers a test of the destination port in Windows

2. Windows 10 and older versions work well with this program.

3. There is no difficulty in downloading and installing this program.

4. All Windows users will appreciate it because it is an easy-to-use program.

5. IPv6 and IPv4 are IPv4 servers that utilize TCP.

When calculating TCP results, you should keep your test speeds as millisecond meters because you are measuring time. Test broadband internet connections with small speeds below 100ms generally. 30 ms is the maximum distance between connections to be the most efficient. Unlike most software tools, this free application also works with any kind of Windows computer, from PCs that were designed before the 1990s to Windows 95 and later. Spetnik, a software company, has developed TCPing software.Your computer can download the free application at

I find this program to be neat in concept. The tool seems to do some work, but I'm not sure how much it does. For now, I would never use it, but one day it will appear that IT professionals will come use it. The fact that the software is free would make me download it as an additional tool if I was involved in IT or needed its capabilities.
Definitely a lighter headache will be gained.! Technology's rapid development through the years is so exciting to me!! A less complex way of checking for open ports & allows you to ping devices/networks more random then before! must have app to work for tant have app in the IT world!!
Max Bachman
In TCPing Windows, users are able to troubleshooting their networks through the client layer. Eli Fulkerson has created the project. is a small self-contained application.This command line tool can be accessed from a command box. In addition, it provides access to firewall connectivity, ensures that servers are being hosted even when ICMP is being blocked, and reports service restarts if an event occurs. You can run it with the Windows command line.
With this software, we are able to check our ping and discover if our network ping is correct. Although it is a simple thing to do, however knowledgeable folks such as me should be able to use it efficiently and it has minimal storage requirements.
IP/TCP gives a ping port on a server to servers for the purpose of pinging. In the alternative to the software with built-in functionality, ICMP Packets are not blocked and ignored. Customizing the program can be done easily, while it performs its job well. For example, custom request numbers can be included as well as custom wait times and more.
A real bargain! It is not an easy tool to use, but one that is sure to be highly productive and useful for professionals who need it. My job is much easier now with the IP resolution for the hostname enabled at any IP address. Also, you will find a program that allows remote machines to connect to each other! Plus, this app is completely free.
You may think that these are my kind of apps, but actually these are meant for a particular group: computer guru, computer freak, to put it another way. Having access to intelligent systems since IP response are interpreted by them and all, but I actually am not good at it any more.
There are many free programs available on the Internet to help IT professionals set up TCP. By using it, IT staff can check for open ports, removing the need for firewalls and removing the need for port searches. There are rumors that it is like a submarine's underwater sonar system. This is an excellent system for smaller businesses who need to keep track of their budget on a daily basis.
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Small command-line application with some useful features for assisting without require any user interfaces.
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an SSH Client that is completely integrated.