Task Coach

by Frank Niessink

Using the Windows laptop attention check program.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Frank Niessink

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The Task Coach has been designed to help you with your tasks. As a result of users' frustration with existing task managers, such as Outlook and Lotus Notes, which are not able to create complex tasks, the program will be launched. Whenever a task or serious case requires several actions, these are taken in steps. Task Coach is able to create complex tasks.

- Subtasks, folders, and tasks can be created by editing, deleting, editing and deleting.

- As well as subject matter and descriptions, priority, end date, execution date and an optional reminder, there are other parameters that control all tasks. Those daily, weekly, and monthly tasks can be repeated; ;

- Trees are tasks in their own right.

- Each task can be arranged by attributes, items, budget, remaining budget, the execution date, etc.;

- A filter may be used to hide completed tasks, or merely view the only tasks necessary to accomplish the task in the present moment.

- The task manager is an easy way to create tasks, thanks to both Outlook and Thunderbird dragging their emails there.

- Add applications to tasks, notes, and categories by dragging files to a task or category, emails sent from Outlook or Thunderbird, or URLs to such a task, notes, or categories.

- Subtasks are used to determine the status of the task. As an example, to mark the last outstanding subtask as completed you can simply mark it as completed on the primary subtask; on another page?

- It is possible for users to define the categorization of tasks and notes";

- Fixed > automatically saved settings apply. During the Task Coach, the last file that has been opened will automatically be reloaded; ;

- The amount of time it takes for tasks to be completed. In addition to budgeting for tasks, budgeting can also be practiced. can be looked at by period, day, week, or month";

- It should be noted that Task Coach files are (*).tsk) XML;

- It is easy to export tasks, notes, attempts, and categories (. CSV file or HTML).separated format). As well as exporting attempt records to iCalendar andICS formats, you'll also be able to export any additional information.

- Several activities are also possible to print, including tasks, notes, and other instructions. Similarly, Task Coach prints the data at rest that is available on the screen at view in a filter.

- Coach can be managed with removable files:);

- Sites, such as ScheduleWorld, that integrate Funambol's synchronization feature have the capability of integrating tasks and notes.

Task Coach 0.71.5 (7.53 MB)
Task Coach 0.74.0 (8.74 MB)
Task Coach 1.2.27 (9.83 MB)
I was fortunate to learn of this product since someone like me is always shifting between thousands of different directions at the same time. allows me to see how many hours I must spend each day doing exactly what I need to, and then may help me prioritize everything better.
can be used to generate complex tasks or to make subtasks. The program gives you better organization and is faster than other programs of its kind. In addition to its filtering capability, there are also ways to sort tasks by their variables based on the filters available.
Using Task Coach, you can create, edit, filter, organize, and display the work history you've created, edited, filtered, organized, and tagged for time-sensitive, complicated, and complex tasks.Having a good do list can take some time, while Task Coach allows for better organization beyond simply receiving an Outlook pop-up reminder to do it.
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