by Tampermonkey

Popular userscript manager for Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Tampermonkey

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Tampermonkey is a free extension for popular browsers, which is the manager of custom scripts. scripts that you'll be able to compile "from the outside" at a convenient time. Many web services of various kinds offer their own scripts for Tampermonkey, which help to change the appearance of pages, download video/music, automate various tasks and so on. There is, of course, a very active community throughout the expansion. Those involved access more useful scripts immediately upon entering the link provided by the official website. As a general rule, those who do not have the capability to create their own scripts will also be able to utilize available ready-made scripts.made solutions. Exactly what you need is the most important factor.

In addition to creating scripts, Tampermonkey allows you to manage them too. The extension automatically monitors scripts added from external sources or published websites for updates if they have been specified in the extension. Multiple scripts can also be sorted by category, assign hotkeys to each execution, and edit them all.

It has a special pop-up on it.The display of the scripts in the middle panel. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Safari are among the popular browsers that have the extension installed. Developer also develops beta versions of its Dolphin and UC Browser mobile browsers.

- It supports all popular browsers;

- easy-to-use code editor that functions as a basic file editor, etc.

- Providing links to websites with ready-to-use resources.made scripts;

- The script update process does not need to be manually checked in; automates review of the files.

- Almost all ready-In order to install and learn how to create the Tampermonkey solutions without paying more than you needed, you can download and learn for free;

- As an extension's users, however, the developers are not seeking funding for it.

You can set up TamperMonkey to run JavaScript scripts by using a remote JavaScript command that can be used to change the functions of websites. As an extremely popular extension that can be found in all major browsers, TamperMonkey has over 400,000 scripts on file and more than 10 million users in total.
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