T4 Editor for Visual Studio 2012

by Devart

A Visual Studio add-in for editing T4 templates

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Devart

Release: T4 Editor for Visual Studio 2012 2012

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The visual studio add-in by AVID works incredibly well. My line of work often uses visual studio, and I am delighted with its flexibility. These are exactly what Visual Studio needed for a long time, and you won't have to worry about any massive headaches or have to spend too much time working on the Visual Studio software when using these add-ins.

In addition to correcting the syntax of your code, a quick look at it lets you spot errors. With this add-in, you are able to make more efficient and more frequent searches for mistakes in large volumes of code. I am an intermediate code writer and computer programmer, which means that I can still make many mistakes when coding. This program helped me with a code problem I was having. Error couldn't be located; I checked again later and again did not receive any answer. The headaches were severe and frustrating. In my quest to find mistakes, I lost around four hours during which I found many; so, even though I searched until I found several and still wasn't able to make the code work. It took me some time to look for software solutions online, then I found out that Devart T4 for Visual Studio can help me. Try this add-in for myself, and I was very pleased with what happened. was able to locate the mistake, and I want to get to thinking how much time I wasted trying to figure it out. The IntelliSense is my all-time favorite tool since it is one of the core components and it lets you organize the many C# classes tion the IntelliSense tool over the rest because this tool is one of the main components and allows you to list all available C# classes and members I think this can be helpful.

Its interface is not that well thought out, there are some serious shortcomings, as well as its unappealing aspect. However, it must be used with some coding knowledge for it to take effect. is suitable for people with plenty of knowledge within this domain. I have been impressed with the performance of this software, its usefulness, as well as the amount of time the program has saved me. When it comes to taking shortcuts and making the task easier, this program can be the perfect choice. The Visual Studio add-in included with this software won’t let you down, and the program is truly different after installing it.


  • Intelligence
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Go to function for easy search
  • Supports multilevel template
  • Convenient and fast coding folding function
For anyone trying to edit T4 templates, please don't do it. There is enough of something to do with the UI in it at its best; at its worst, it can have a full maze of nonsense at its core. The same task can be executed using different addons for each other. In the long run, you may be glad to spend the extra money for a headache-free trial. They have no affiliation with any marketing firms.
The visual studio can benefit from adding this very easy and effective add-on. Using this feature allows me to get the syntax of my code corrected, which makes the whole process easier to detect errors in the end. It saves you a lot of time. In order to use this add effectively, you will need to learn programming a bit. Eventually you will have a T4 editor in your pocket. Would totally recommend
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