Sync2 for Outlook

by 4Team Corporation

Synchronize your Outlook data with either Outlook on another PC

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: 4Team Corporation

Release: Sync2 for Outlook 2.79

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Sync2 for Outlook lets you synchronize all your calendar, contact and task data across any platform. Synchronizing the software gives you complete control over the processes that occur simultaneously, how long they take to occur, and when they occur.


  • Syncs Microsoft Outlook on multiple PCs
  • Syncs Outlook Calendar with Google Calendar
  • Syncs Outlook Contacts with Gmail Contacts
  • Syncs Outlook Tasks with Google Tasks
  • One-way or Two-way synchronization
  • Event-based synchronization (only changes transferred)
  • Sync scheduling
  • Instant sync after Microsoft Outlook changes
  • Background synchronization (even when Outlook not open)
  • Synchronizes across different Outlook versions
  • Access to 4Team FTP Sharing Service

Imagine how much easier your life will be and how much time you’ll save if your Outlook Calendar, Contacts and Tasks were identical to your Google Calendar, Contacts and Tasks. With Sync2, you don’t have to imagine.

Sync2 for Outlook comes with free access to 4Team’s secure FTP Sharing Service to make syncing your data easier.

If you are looking for a way to sync two sets of Microsoft Outlook data on two different computers, or you want to sync your Microsoft Outlook data to your Google account data (Google Calendar, Google Tasks, or Gmail Contacts), then Sync2 for Outlook is what you are looking for. Microsoft Outlook data is syncable from the Mac or Windows computer with Mac and Windows software through the Sync2 application that can be installed or accessed via USB device, shared folder or computer network. It is impossible to syncing without a secure password.All of your devices as well as data sets can be synced through Sync2, but you have the option of setting up controls over when and how to do so. There are ways to change directions or how to accomplish them all. Asyncs can be automatic or may need to be scheduled based on timing. Furthermore, background syncing capabilities and event management are available.Despite its synchronizen model, Sync2 won't place an increased drain on your computer. the software works offline as well: The changes you've made while you're disconnected will be transferred when you get online again.Sync2, Sync3 are available for all versions of Microsoft Outlook (Outlook 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019).

Jacquelyn Lewis
The software can eased some of the tension that often accompanies working. You can integrate your data from Sync2 for Outlook to other platforms like Google, or by using the sync extension on Windows. You can sync the synced calendars, contacts, and tasks from Google! There is even even a way for it to do this offline, though since it has no internet connection, it makes your data behave differently when you are back online. Besides Outlook, this software also works with other browsers. The best product to add productivity...
John Mariscal
If you live in a calendar for all of your life, then the Sync2 is probably highly recommended to you. synced with Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, and Gmail contacts in an easily customizable way. AsSync2 integrates easily with multiple PCs, it can be accessed by anyone of them, so you do not have to take the time to log in or change any other settings. It does this automatically without human interaction between 2006 and 2019, and offers compatibility with seven variations of Outlook.
You will automatically see your changes in Outlook as they sync to your devices. I recommend Synchronization software for Microsoft Outlook as the best one out there. Free Sync2 trial is available right now. You will be provided with free support and a satisfaction guarantee. Free Download. Auto Backup
When Sync2 is used today, Synchronizing Viewpoint between computers is an easy, straightforward task. Now there is an Add-In program that makes using Viewpoint even easier. Click on one organizer on top and open it. To add your own contact information, click the "Viewpoint Calendar" link.Without Microsoft Trade server, emails, assignment notes, and a OneNote diary can be sent and received between computers on different networks. Google viewpoint with Google for calendars, Gmail contacts, and errands can be adjusted. Viewpoint can be cloned and synced.A shared envelope can be used for information storage on USB drives or in FTP FTPs. Viewpoint is synchronized across 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, thus. If Viewpoint fails for an extended period of time, the synchronization will be performed on the foundation as is customary. If the foundation fails, you may even synchronize the program manually by selecting Manual Mode. Google Calendar is a great solution to sharing Viewpoint Calendar. Create Google Tasks, Docs to Viewpoint Tasks with Viewpoint Contacts. Find your contact information from Gmail in the address book. You will be able to synchronize many Calendar envelopes, as well as Google Calendars, and Gmail Contacts. Event-Modifying Viewpoint based on its position had been set as the case was.
An entirely new computer has been installed in my home. In my opinion, some software I have heard of will allow me to sync my files between two computers. You can see Sync 2 for Outlook for Windows if you do a search online. When I download it, I get access to Microsoft Outlook on almost every device I own. When I choose this one I get what I need. Having my Google Contacts and Calendars synced led to Microsoft Outlook being compatible. There was nothing complicated about it. I didn't know what to expect but it worked. duplicate files didn't have any issues with me either. The program is essential to keeping track of all my files and to helping me stay on top.
ABLE TO SYNCHRONIZE OVERSIGHT CONTROL CENTER OUTLOOK AND PRESS RELEASEs CALENDER, SATK, EMAIL, CONTACT, ANDCONTACT. Sync2 can be purchased with credit cards. The best thing about this one was that I very much enjoyed it and I feel it much er than this ONE IS REALLY GOOD AND I LOVE THIS very much.
It is very easy to sync your account.Working great, it's great setup, it turns out smoothly. I would suggest this look at the instructions carefully. When it comes down to it, the sync takes place over a smooth period of time. I agree that it is pretty much awesome.
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