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Your initial software operation will remain unaffected as you move from one disk to another.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Moba Software

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SymMover is an innovative software solution that allows the user to transfer data between different disk drives on a computer. When SymMover moves the program(s) and or folder(s) from their initial disk to another disk, it retains its location in Windows Explorer. Essentially this means that you don't have to worry about being worried about being on a particular destination drive having the files(s) and folders still present at the same time when in fact they are the destination drive itself. enables the program to function from the initial site in a clutter free way without incurring high transaction costs.

Transfer data to a different disk by generating a junction connecting the new destination to the old location

  • SymMover is specifically geared toward easing the process of transferring software, programs, and games
  • Quickly performs the tedious processes of uninstalling and reinstalling software in a new location for the user
  • Allows for Solid State Drives to maintain their speed and efficiency by storing the actual bulk of the software on another drive
  • Allows software, programs, and games to launch and operate normally from their initial location
  • Provides two ways to add a folder/program/software by either selecting from an installed programs list or by manually searching the disc in a tree-branch format
  • Shows the user the status and location along with the icon and name of the software while adjusting the destination of the rest of the extra folders
  • Function to simulate free disk space in a graphic by selecting folders and showing how much space can be freed up in the initial location
  • Automatically generates the 'junction' between the initial location and destination location after transferring the actual files
  • Allows a user who has changed their mind to transfer the chosen programs and folders back to where they came from initially and delete the 'junction' using only one click
  • Has the ability to detect when a selected destination disk is too full for the transfer and will not give the user an option to transfer to that disk

In addition to running on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10, SymMover is available in a free download mode.

Billy Dean
The product is very user-friendly. I love how easy it is to use. It is easy to transfer files using this program. You can also keep track of your activities by keeping a list. It has been awhile since I was organized. Currently I'm able to continue working across projects without being worried about moving. I would thoroughly recommend it.
Developed by Moba Software, SymMover provides Windows utility software. Users can use it to move programs and files from one disk partition to another using its main function. You can use the tool to connect a backup file with a new target file to keep your games or software running. Other users have described the advantage of having the software to easily manipulate your file locations, so if they need to free or transfer portions of SSD, solid state drive, etc., you can do this through SymMover. - This means using Windows Vista/7, or something higher than Windows XP. *** The computer must have admin access *** How to enable ouse computer ** How to use SymMover - The program should be downloaded and launched. - While the application window is empty, it will offer blank slots as well. Choosing the blue color plus sign as your means of adding files or programs will be added. - The new window will close- A new window will open.The movable software or applications list can also be found at this point. However, if you won't see your preferred file, just hover and click the next tab and it'll pop up.up. - By choosing the file/s to be moved, it will now appear in the SymMover left column. The file/s will be moved if you click the green arrow pointing to the right. - Wait until your program goes through the full shift on the other destination as you confirm the move confirmation window. Make use of SymMover if you're a musician**. Disk space can be easily saved with it. - Fast and reliable. - User-friendly interface. - If you're using small capacity drives, this service is good for you. - As well as distributing applications on parallel-running systems.boot. SymMover can be helpful in some cases as a free and simple tool. By using it, users can save disk space without affecting the quality of the program. It allows a user to maximize speed and security along with very little downtime.
Its purpose is to keep people's belongings organized by using freeware folders as a file storage application. In this software program, games are stored in various parts of a computer; it facilitates its use. People will enjoy using this software for keeping their records organized. You can download this from many websites. Data are even stored on an easy-to-use disk with a capacity higher than standard hard disk so that consumers can move larger amounts of data to other places. I think this is an excellent product that helps you organize your data.
In addition to assisting in transferring information or data among multiple hard disk drives on a PC, SymMover has other useful features. Files stored on personal computers can be accessed using this app. When a file transfers it gets initiated in this App after a thorough test of whether there is adequate free space for data traffic, a search is performed for its source location as well as its end address. transfer smoothly after that. Operating systems of most versions of the program are compatible.
A tool like this is seldom available enough people have the courage to grasp. I am glad I found SymMover so I can utilize it. Manage SSD storage issues and performance problems is how it works.
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