by LennarDigital

A virtual analog VSTi synthesizer with high quality and excellent performance

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: LennarDigital

Release: Sylenth1 3.041

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The software is very powerful. Compared to hardware peripherals, it is regarded as one of the pioneers. Though the sound is the same, it's cheaper. While the program was designed from the ground up, the system can run smoothly at any hardware level, with no interruptions to the full resource of the system.


  • Up to 512 voices can be played at the same time. No matter how much the frequency of the voice changes, you will still hear good sound. As with all sounds that are produced with this program, they will sound clear and sharp in the finished product.
  • 2 filters with 4 sections each. Despite sounding very similar to real filters, they produce an amazingly warm sound that they sound like.
  • 7 high-This includes several quality sound effects that also sound great, such as an Arpeggiator, Distortion Mode, Phaser, an Equalizer, a Delay setting, a Reverb setting, and an amplifier. Additionally, there's a Chorus and a Flanger. The Arpeggiator comes in 10 different types of modes that can affect how fast and how low you hold.
  • is highly optimized, and its resources will not be excessive while delivering outstanding performance. In addition, it has a setting that automatically turns off certain features when they aren't being used.

If you are looking for a program that can create Synth sounds, this one is a great choice. The cost is reasonable and it runs smoothly on even modest setups. If you try this software out, you will see why it has been one of the most popular programs in its category for quite some time.

The program uses minimal system resources
  • Works with any CPU that supports SSE
  • 128 MB or more RAM
  • Works with Windows 2000 or higher
  • Host software must be VSTi, AU, or AAX compatible
Angela Rogers
An analog synth of this quality took my eyes off of the poor job they were doing. The sound is really fantastic and you can really enjoy it. I would recommend purchasing this synthesizer if you're on a budget. This program has numerous options, so it can be tailored to your needs.
Its tonality and output are unmatched, and its texture is remarkable as well. It is the closest real synthesizer that I have ever found. Music producers with some experience like mine report being very satisfied with it. You can use it without any difficulty. As the equalizer allows you to fine-tune bass, treble, and other characteristics without having to manually touch them.
Samuel Chowdhury
(High quality audio comes with Sylenth1). It is a digital analog synthesizer for Windows that acts as a virtual analogizer. Creating music or adding existing songs to existing music using this tool is possible. LennarDigital made the application for free download on their website.
Music composer LennarDigital releases Sylenth1, a digital synthesizer meant to allow musicians and composers to achieve sound effects. It's possible to sample some of the synthetic music on their website. In addition, the e evaluation version is available.On its website, the company makes one of its software downloads: 067 Sylenth1. It can also be run on a Mac. This version comes with extensive capabilities like free updates, thousands of preset designs, and all kinds of synthetic functionalities. It costs 139 Euros.
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