by St├ęphane Madrau

Dictate how your screen works on your computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: St├ęphane Madrau

Release: SwitchResX 4.8.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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SwitchResX allows you to dictate how you use your screen and coloration and resolution without having your computer dictate it for you. SwitchResX allows you to match your resolution to whatever program you might be having to use, you can also make it match your TV screen if you're going to put your monitor onto your TV screen for big display.

Another awesome feature of this program is that you can mirror your screen. Using SwitchResX provides you with a clearer image, and making you experience less strain and pain through your eyes because they are no longer in constant motion, as well as more pleasurable viewing.

It also gives you the option of putting your screen upside down with SwitchResX, so if an upside-down image needs to be viewed, you could do it. The way you change colors with it makes it easier for your eyes to see better without having to spend endless minutes trying to figure out what. With your screen resolution customization, there is no desktop application dictation. It's also possible to accomplish 1220x1440. no one's gonna tell you what to do anymore with your resolution with SwitchResX

Fixes resolutions for screens

  • Custom resolutions
  • Custom colors
  • hassle free

Conclusion about SwitchResX is that it's easy to use, and will help you if you need a custom resolution for viewing pleasures, you don't need to worry with SwitchResX because they have you covered with that, if you need custom colors or resolution they can do that for you, it's easy to use and you don't have to worry about stupid gimmicks with SwitchResX. It's amazing product!

SwitchEesX offers a variety of features and is a great program regardless of the reason for your switch. An artist who makes clothing or creates things would appreciate being able to adjust screen resolution without needing to worry about compatibility. With a single screen connected to a computer, all of them can be synced so that the picture looks clear. Software such as this is a great addition to the arsenal.
My monitor can be used to change its color, brightness, resolution, and monitor resolution using SwitchResX. During video games and movies, I often highlight certain dark or bright aspects while playing to highlight the different resolutions for different high quality or low quality games or videos; video games with different resolutions can be in varying degrees of high quality or low quality.
It's not just because SwitchResX provides so much functionality that it's great. My computer can now switch between colors, resolutions, and brightness. Unlike my previous experiences with this software, I feel good about playing video games, but for those more interested in visual design and fashion, I think it could be a good solution.
Hamish Marlin
The SwitchResX application will only be compatible with Macintosh computers. You will find it provides you with many control over the settings for your screen, brightness, and monitor; however you will find it to be of the er with your screen resolution, brightness, and monitor values. If you thought this would do that for Windows you will be sorely disappointed, An okay program, however not terrible. Unless you are running a farm and are a casual computer user, this program does not need to be installed.
To modify my computer's resolution, SwitchResX now has a built-in editing tool. The original purpose of SwitchResX was to prevent all my desktop icons from moving into new positions; having all of my icons and documents relocated across the screen could have made locating/ identifying files problematic. This prevents me from having to worry about these items leaving their homes because SwitchResX "freezes" them.
Really neat, I think, this software is. The screen can be automatically switched between seamlessly thanks to this feature. By default it matches a given resolution with an applicable tv whenever it has been connected. Mirrors provide more intense viewing of the pictures. This is really exciting because you get to try it completely for free. Having gotten one out of ten, it was very good.If you decide to purchase this product, a day-to-day free trial will allow you plenty of time to get accustomed to it. Let's face it, I'm pretty sure they are all entitled to a free trip to Los Angeles.
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