Switch Off

by Airytec

Software that can do planned shutdowns and restarts of your computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Airytec

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Switch Off is a simple utility that allows you to automatically perform frequently used operations: shutting down or restarting the computer, breaking the modem or VPN connection, blocking the system, etc.

Quick access to these lists can be carried out both with the help of the icon in the system tray, and through the built-in web-interface - Computers and mobile phones can be remotely accessed. By using an intuitive interface with professional features, Switch Off can be successfully used by advanced users and beginners alike.

It is possible to connect user scripts, which can greatly expand the built-in command set. Plan tasks a day, every week, and all at a specific interval with the program's features. It also allows you to work with the computer while it's running.

The switch off executable is small, doesn't require system resources, and doesn't require a library to be plugged into. Fully supports 64-bit operating systems.

- Friendly intuitive interface:

- There is a new theme available for Vista and Windows 7.

- UAC support;

- One click process for planning tion of operations in one click;

- Multi-language support;

- A halt task screen appears.

- Types of events:

- Countdown of time;

- Daily launch;

- Weekly schedule;

- Single launch;

- Processor inaction.

- Types of tasks:

- Shutdown/restart your computer;

- A session must be terminated with the user's consent;

- System lockdown;

- It is important that modem/VPN connections be terminated; ejection of the modem or VPN connection;

- User commands (scripts).

- Remote access:

- Internet access is provided by an interface that is password protected.

Besides that, there are quite a few other options.

It appears as though Switch Off automates the automatic process of handling frequently used tasks, according to what I have reviewed. You will be able to disable Switch Off without having to perform the task by yourself. Considering these tasks are scheduled in the usual way like alarm checks, I might assume they fall under that category.
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