by Jan Wielemaker

A software providing executable logic programming language for artificial intelligence and/or computational linguistics

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Jan Wielemaker

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

Report misleading

SWI-Prolog is an open environment for Prolog programming language development. Application of this language are used for creating Semantic Web projects more often than any other. Utilizing special debugging tools, Code Tracing functions and debugging instructions are included in this program. Using its own virtual machine, the program can make compilation faster and reduce the load on the system.

One of the most important advantages of SWI-Prolog is the ability to work with the C / C++ code. There are many applications as well as variables in the environment as a result of it. Analyze static and dynamic code with any argument you would use with any other language. SWI-Prolog includes: cross-Other tools like the reference setup tool, export tool, dependency setup tool, server library, HTML, and vocabularies, as well as a SMS text editor are available here. is an exact copy of the editor which appears in Prolog for Mac.

Although SWI-Using Prolog with the platform is very common. There is a wide variety of intuitive settings.independent GUI-tulkit XPCE. A broad range of GUI widgets and sliders can be used under this framework. As a whole, XPCE is very easy to use and simplifies the SWI system.I added prolog environment to improve the functionality.

free and has open source code available. It is managed by the author/developers very actively.

- A platform that allows Prolog language development for free.

- Advanced debugging tools are included; ;

- Code can be traced by:);

- Instruction sets on virtual machines can be used in this manner.

- most often used ctioned "in conjunction" with the GUI Tulkit XPCE;

- Completing it is handled by a PceEmacs clone text editor (emacs iskeyed in the PceEmacs text editor (Emacs clone).

In Microsoft windows security and manageability settings, the SWI log is quite well maintained.The key finding of the report is a very significant prominant of its type, whereas it's a typical user's experience. Other features, such as automatic updates, are automatically programmed. Time saved is a benefit. In the event of a problem, it is automatically addressed. The software has a lot of stability and development capabilities.
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