Sweet Selfie HD Camera

by Fruit Candy

App allows you to take pictures of yourself and apply filters and stickers

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Fruit Candy

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The Sweet Selfie HD Camera is awesome! There are no professional photographers who use it, nor do they endorse it; however it does allow you to customize photos and has great features. This device is clearly a camera, so to speak. With this app you are supposed to snap a picture of yourself, or a selfie as its most popular mode. All the filters available in the app work seamlessly with your photos so you can select what works best for you. There are two filters I absolutely love: the makeup filter and the hair hair care filter. Considering the options, it was fun to see what your look would be like.

In addition to stickers you can upload to photos, the app also comes with built-in filters. you can stick glasses over your eyes if you want to look silly, stick hearts in the background to express love, etc.

The app seems to talk the most about its filters and stickers, but it also has a full range of standard editing tools, so you can do things such as sharpen, blur, crop, and change brightness. Using this feature, you can create a collage of multiple photographs. The idea of doing this is my favorite thing to do, especially when it comes to my friends' birthdays.

There's a claim by the app that it shoots in HD quality. Despite the images appearing okay, they don't quite exude professionalism. A picture you take on Snapchat is about as bad as an actual one - We are fine with making funny andcute pictures of things simply because we have fun. As far as I was concerned, picture quality would not be crystal clear if I downloaded the app. If you edit significantly more pictures, you'll likely notice pixels in your shots.

As for the overall recommendation, I highly recommend this app for those with a playful desire to interact with photos.

Fun to take pictures and edit them to your liking

  • Many different filters to apply to your photos
  • Standard photo-editing tools
  • Selfie timer
  • Ability to directly export photos to Facebook and other social media sites
  • Stickers you can add to your photos
In order to improve my Facebook selfies, I downloaded Sweet Selfie HD Camera on Windows. In order to be creative and professional, I need my pictures to be taken seriously and professionally. With filters and stickers, I can take better selfies. Just endless fun. Additionally, it offers effects and live picture frames. Hopefully I will capture something amazing in my selfies.
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