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Update to Version 4

Sisulizer version 4 is a paid update recommended for all Sisulizer customers.

Update to Sisulizer 4

Still using Sisulizer 3 or Sisulizer 1.x/2008/2010?

Time to update to version 4 now and profit from all new features in version 4.

Software Localization News

Version 4 Build 374 released


The new build comes with many new features. [...]



Tutorials updated [...]

.NET Support updated


New in May 2018: [...]

Sisulizer 4 Build 366


Build 366 - support for Visual Studio 2017 [...]

10 Years Sisulizer


Celebrate and save Big. [...]

Our customers use Sisulizer...

to reach international customers with software in their language

to localize their in-house software in the international subsidiaries

to build multilingual custom software for their clients' enterprises

as Localization Service Providers because it is the localization tool of their customers

to localize software at Government Agencies

To teach software localization at Universities

for software localization on Electronic Devices

To translate software for Biomedical Hardware

to localize software in the Mining Industry

to create multilingual software for Mechanical Engineering


Version History

The following table contains the version history of Sisulizer. Each row contains the new features, improved features and bug fixes of a build.

Build New features Improved features Bug fixes
4.0 build 374
December 1, 2018
  • Support for Delphi 10.3 Rio and C++Builder 10.3 Rio added.
4.0 build 373
September 9, 2018
  • If project was exchanged the exchange hidden falgs were removed when the project was first saved.
  • WPF: Some binding value caused Sisulizer to write invalid XAML.
  • RC: If any control contained "L" text the generated localized RC file was invalid.
4.0 build 372
May 23, 2018
  • Support for .NET 4.7.2 added.
  • If .NET 4.7.2 was installed Sisulizer did not detect .NET 4.5 or later.
4.0 build 371
May 12, 2018
  • Android: Sisulizer reads the translatable attribute.
  • .NET: When excluding certain properties by using the Excluded properties in the source's properties the properties vere excluded but the localized .resx file contained the orginal properties. Now they are removed.
  • Source that contained a wild card such as *.resx sometimes took very long tome to open if the path pointed to a directory that has huge amount of files (e.g. Windows system directory)
  • XAML compilation did not work on 32-bit Windows and .NET 4.6x or later.
4.0 build 370
January 4, 2018
  • Support for .NET 4.7.1 added.
  • Support for Windows Embedded Compact .NET 3.9
  • Microsoft Translator. Sisulizer now automatically renews the access token. Previously the token expired after 10 minutes so if you translated a long project the translation failed after 10 minutes.
  • Android: Sisulizer correctly decodes new line (\n).
  • Import. When importing from a file and then deleting the file and imprting again Sisulizer hanged.
  • .NET: Scanning a form containing DevExpress.XtraEditors.Controls.LookUpColumnInfo sometimes caused EXE parsing to fail with "Could not scan the code of ScanError.XtraForm1 item. Form may show incorrectly on visual editor."
  • WPF: SlMake did not export rows that had TXamlRow class.
4.0 build 369
October 7, 2017
  • Support for .NET Core and .NET Standard.
  • SlMake. When building Sisulizer project having .NET assembly source and Sisulizer's .NET extension were not properly installed Sisulizer always used either .NET 2.0 or 4.0 tool but not any other.
  • CHM: Index files using Keyword parameter instead of Name parameter are now scanned too,
  • Delphi: Sisulizer warn if DRC file does not exist or user tries to change the resource string context method.
  • Import. If "Import import status" was set to "Set to status" and the import file actually contained status data (e.g. some XLIFF files) the status data of the import file was used instead of the value of "Set to status".
  • Import. Importing from other but .slp or localized files did not always import strings lists.
  • LaTranslator.pas caused an warning on DX 10.2: "W1000 Symbol 'GetUnicodeStrProp' is deprecated: 'use GetStrProp'"
  • Text source: use byte order mark did not have any affect if the original file did not have a BOM.
  • .NET: Sisulizer did not locate the right MsBuild.exe for projects made in Visual Studio 2017.
  • Text source: If you added defect id/status/comment field an exception occured.
  • ReportBuilder: An exception occured when opening a project containing ReportBuider source.
4.0 build 368
April 27, 2017
  • Support for Delphi 10.2 Tokyo and C++Builder 10.2 Tokyo added.
  • Support for .NET 4.7 added.
  • Support for Visual Studio's Shared projects added.
  • Support for the new Microsoft Translator added.
  • SlMake: set status option added to import task.
  • Java: Unicode escape encoding output was turned off in builds 364-366. Now it is on.
4.0 build 366
March 1, 2017
  • Support for Visual Studio 2017 added.
  • Sisulizer no longer imports exchange hidden rows.
  • WPF: Binding was not parsed correctly it there was a sub item without parameters.
  • .mpr import removed leading and trailing spaces from translations.
  • Source code localization scanning was broken in build 365. Now fixed and works in the same way as before 365.
4.0 build 365
December 23, 2016
  • Windows RC: Sisulizer can now localize AFX_TARG definition.
  • When creating a new project Sisulizer can find existing localized files from multiple localization and not only the from Sisulizer's default output directory.
  • When importing translation from Multilizer project Sisulizer can better import duplicate strings.
  • XML: localize attribute now works with elements that are not selected.
  • You can set multiple rows as HTML in the same time.
  • .NET: Sisulizer can now use both standalone MsBuild (installed by Visual Studio) and MsBuild of .NET framework. Standalone is used if it exists. If not then .NET MsBuild.
  • Support for Burmese added.
  • Export filter ignored translation marked flag.
4.0 build 364
October 10, 2016
  • You can now drag a file from Explorer to Sisulizer to open the file.
  • .NET: Sisulizer starts using MsBuild of the tool version instead of .NET framework. This makes sure that same MsBuild is used as with Visual Studio.
  • .NET: When localizing .NET assemblies using the binary localization Sisulizer now read the correct .NET framework from the original assembly.
  • Sisulizer checks if the size of application file to be localized is 0 and gives a property error message instead of exception.
  • You can now enter 3 character ISO language codes into the system language dialog when you add a custom language.
  • Android: Trying to run an Android application on a machine that did not have any Android devices installed caused Sisulizer to crash. Now Sisulizer shows a correct error message.
  • Firebird: Support for UTF-8 encoding added.
  • Database: When creating a new project you can specify the original encoding in the project wizard.
  • XLIFF: Sisulizer now support mrk element and segmented translations.
  • You can now turn off usage of the checked language ids when building localized files.
  • Delphi: When Vietnamese support is turned on Sisulizer writes Unicode property values as Ansi using Vietnamese code page.
  • .NET: If sorting of string items was turned off they were still sorted if the project was saved without scanning. For example translator never scans and .slp file edited by them contained always sorted strings data.
  • HTML Help: When scanning some .chm file Sisulizer hanged.
  • JavaScript: If a string was immediately followed by a single line comment Sisulizer scanned JavaScript file incorrectly and created invalid output JavaScript file.
  • WPF: If binding expression contained and empty parameter ({}) the binding value in the localized XAML was incorrect.
  • When project was exchanged the exchangehidden flags were cleared after translator saved the project for first time.
4.0 build 363
July 26, 2016
  • .NET: Sisulizer can now handle better projects that contains both WPF and Windows Forms.
  • Delphi: When scanning 64-bit EXE Sisulizer sometimes wrote "Unused inherited forms..." Hint even there was no such case.
  • .NET: The default output directory was wrong if .slp was saved in a different directory than .csproj.
4.0 build 362
July 21, 2016
  • Sisulizer did not uses the correct assembly directory when finding required assemblies. This caused XAML compilation to fail when a XAML using a custom control was compiled.
  • Namespace of some custom .resx resources was not read correctly.
4.0 build 361
July 1, 2016
  • Support for .NET 4.6.2 added.
  • .NET: File version is now updated in satellites if customized in the project.
  • Importing can now handle multiline strings that use different new line combinations.
  • Merging did not work correctly unless the source and target project had the same amount of languages in the same order.
  • .NET 4.6.1: Sisulizer did not use SDK tools from <sdk>\Bin\NETFX 4.6.1 but <sdk>\Bin\NETFX 4.6.
  • Project reports incorrectly counted exchange hidden rows.
4.0 build 360
April 18, 2016
  • Support for Delphi 10.1 Berlin and C++Builder 10.1 Berlin added.
  • Support for Android values files (.e.g strings.xml) added.
  • File | Merge feature added. Merges another Sisulizer project into the current project.
  • Excel and text import: Importing of translation comments implemented.
  • Pseudo translation: Max translation method added. Gets the longest value among the original and the translations.
  • Pseudo translation: Add an unique id feature added.
  • PO: When compiling to MO files the empty translation are skipped. There is an option that you can use to make Sisulizer to include empty translations.
  • PO: Support for msgctxt (context) added.
  • Delphi: Vientamese support added for Ansi applications (pre 2009).
  • Spell checking: Sisulizer can now import OXT files that uses the new format.
  • Defect id, defect status and defect comment fields added to translation.
  • Export: Hidden rows (e.g. Version number) are no longer exported.
  • Translation Memory now works better to use the same character case as the value in the translation memory. Also special characters such as commas are handled better.
  • Sisulizer's editor renders Thai correctly.
  • .NET: Sisulizer reads assembly references also from import files that VS projects file imports.
  • Project Wizard and Import Wizard improved to have a file edit and to accept drops from Windows Explorer.
  • Show file in explorer menu added to source's popup menu in thef project tree to quickly view the original file.
  • .NET: Languages sheet added to .NET resource source dialog.
  • Microsoft Translator and Google Translate: string length check added.
  • Delphi: When creating multilingual Delphi file Sisulizer can now set the language of the original language neutral resource to match the original language.
  • Translation memory: Sisulizer removed traling and leading brackets even if they were not matching. For example in [...} [ and } were removed.
  • SlMake: Crashed of "Clipped text" validation was checked in the named validation list.
  • .NET: If Version number check box in Version type of Resource sheet was not checked and Sisulizer could not read the version from AssemblyInfo.cs the default version ( was used.
  • .NET: Building of WPF project that uses .NET 3.5 and ToolsVersion 14.0 failed.
  • PO: Default language was ignored.
  • MySQL: Sisulizer always used the default port 3306 even if you specified a custom port.
  • HTML: If segmentation was on and you selected a node in the project tree Sisulizer sometimes introduced a changed row.
  • Sisulizer did not detect the installed .NET 4.6 framework version correctly on Windows 8.1 or earlier. This caused XAML compilation to fail if .NET 4.5.* or 4.6 was used.
4.0 build 359
December 22, 2015
  • Support for .NET 4.6.1 added.
  • Delphi: Support for TRzCheckTree, TRzTreeView and TRzListView added.
  • Sisulizer can now correctly convert a Multilizer 6.x project file.
  • .NET: Visual Basic project without namespace can be localized.
  • HTML Help: Index and content files can now be in UTF-8.
  • XML: Option added to force encoding of predefined characters (<, >, &, " and ').
  • Sisulizer setup did not update the sample files if you installed a new version using "Update the existing installation" option.
  • .NET: If a resource files was in a sub folder containing spaces in the folder name (e.g. "My files") the resource name in the satellite assemblies was incorrect and those localized resources were not used.
  • Find dialog's Accept regular expressions did not work.
  • Windows: If the EXE or DLL contained the same icon with several different resolution the order of these were different in the localize files making the file to use different icon when viewed in Explorer.
  • .NET: If .resx project had a default language set to other than original and Items that localized files contain had set to all the output localized files contained sometimes wrong translations.
  • SlMake.exe: When using add command and relative path to a source different to SLP files SlMake did not correctly add the source.
4.0 build 358
October 14, 2015
  • Support for Delphi 10 Seattle and C++Builder 10 Seattle added.
  • Build automation server setup option added to Sisulizer's setup.
  • Tested with final version of Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 4.6.
  • SlMake finds license data even if it is run one different Windows account as was used to install Sisulizer. This is usually the situation for example on build server.
  • Write log and Use smart options added for translate duplicates feature.
  • Source code: support for JavaScript's RegExp modifiers added.
  • Delphi: Support for TGridPanel and TFlowPanel.
  • Windows Forms: ToolTipText properties of DataGridView's column are now scanned.
  • PO: Language attribute in PO-header is updated in the localized PO files.
  • Sisulizer did not store the custom text definitions added when importing.
  • .NET. Select language dialog incorrectly included language into the language list if there existed an empty satellite directory.
  • XML: When adding a multilingual XML into Sisulizer the original language was always set to the first language of XML file.
  • VCL: Loop error in EnumResourceNamesProc fixed.
  • JSON: Building failed if *.json file name was added.
4.0 build 357
July 1, 2015
  • Source code: Comment tags can now be before the string and not only after the string as in the previous versions.
  • .NET and Silverlight: Digital signature and delay signing options added.
  • Validation: Some false alarms removed from hotkey validation.
  • Windows: When creating resource DLL and Copy all files are unchecked Sisulizer now always include the resource item if the resource type is checked and resource item is not excluded.
  • Silverlight: If a resource dictionary node was excluded but contained some translations the Strings elements were missing in the localized files.
  • Delphi: The output encoding of defined text was always Ansi even the original resource used UTF-8.
  • Importing. If a row was hidden Sisulizer incorrectly imported a value into that.
4.0 build 356
April 28, 2015
  • Support for Windows 10 added.
  • Support for Delphi XE8 and C++Builder XE8 added.
  • Sisulizer can export row and translations from Sisulizer project to .resx files and import them back.
  • Android: Support running application on devices added. Previously Sisulizer supported only the emulator.
  • Android: Sisulizer now find zipalign.exe from its new location in the SDK directory.
  • .NET: Version property added to .resx options sheet.
  • .NET: Localized resx files no longer contain original comment but a translation comment if existed.
  • .NET: If Version number check box was not checked in Resources sheet Sisulizer read the version number from AssemblyInfo.cs and not from original assembly file. Now Sisulizer reads always from original assembly file and only if not found from AssemblyInfo.cs.
  • Machine translation: Sisulizer no longer translates hidden row when using machine translator.
  • XAML: Run, Span and text elements inside TextBlock can now be scanned either individually (default) or grouped.
  • Pseudo translation is not done for strings that contain XML data.
  • .NET: DevExpress.XtraEditors.Controls.LookUpColumnInfo parser hanged on some cases.
  • XLIFF: Filtering did not work with projects that contained XLIFF files.
  • XAML: If original binding value did not contain single quote but the translated value contained then localized XAML created by Sisulizer was invalid.
  • Android: Sisulizer sometimes wrote invalid string data into localized .apk file.
  • WPF: Sometimes Sisulizer raised out of index exception when creating localized XAML files.
4.0 build 355
March 11, 2015
  • File dialog filter validation added.
  • .NET: Now you can turn of the feature that disables those projects of solutions that do not contain any resources to be localized.
  • Project | Import Translations from Localized Files | Import by value, do not change existing translations added. This lets you to import translations from old existing files where context is not necessary same any more because of code and UI changes.
  • Version resource localization improved (it is possible to ignore file names and version numbers).
  • .resx parsing improved.
  • .NET: Improved parsing for DevExpress.XtraEditors.Controls.LookUpColumnInfo implemented.
  • If output directory is specified to a none default and the source has platform files then localized platform files are also written to the output directory.
  • Default language did not have any effect with database source.
  • XAML: If TextBlock contained Run element that had a Text attribute and empty element value Sisulizer created invalid localized file.
  • .NET: Sisulizer failed to compile .resx file that contained localized DevExpress SuperTip data.
4.0 build 354
January 13, 2015
  • Support for Visual Studio 2015 added.
  • Support for .NET 4.6 added.
  • Improved XAML parsing.
  • WPF: DevEx's Label and Caption properties added into the default scan properties.
  • When applying Machine translation status of translation is now set to best guess instead of auto translated.
  • .NET: Sisulizer can read the SatelliteContractVersionAttribute (if any) from the original assembly and matches the satellite assembly version with that version.
  • Sisulizer can now remove machine translations from the project (if they were added using this version or later).
  • iOS: If .strings file contained an empty string value it broke the scanning of the rest of the .strings file.
  • Windows Forms: DevExpress SuperToolTips data is now scanned correctly.
  • Microsoft changed protocol of Microsoft Translator and that broke Sisulizer's Microsoft Translator feature. This has now been fixed to apply the new protocol.
  • Android: Sisulizer could not read some .apk files but caused an error when reading the file.
4.0 build 353
September 23, 2014
  • iOS: Sisulizer now finds all existing translations.
  • Delphi: LaTranslator.pas did not compile with Delphi XE7.
4.0 build 352
September 16, 2014
  • Support for Delphi XE7 and C++Builder XE7 added.
  • JSON: Sisulizer can now read JSON files where the root object is an array.
  • Java: Localized properties file no longer escape single and double quotes in the values.
  • If a project contained custom country depend variant (e.g. sv-SE-My) column and country neutral (e.g. sv) column Sisulizer did not use translations of country neutral column if there were no translation in the custom country depend variant column.
4.0 build 351
July 21, 2014
  • PO: Sisulizer now keeps the original order of the strings.
  • TMX: Sisulizer reads the existing languages from the original TMX file.
  • TMX: Sisulizer can handle language id with underline (_) as separator instead of hyphen (-).
  • Windows RC: Localized files can now be written as Unicode (UTF-16).
  • iOS: Sisulizer can now handle language id with script part such ad zh-Hans and zh-Hant.
  • Translation memory dialog: The Search function in the Search sheet did not always work if the language did not use Western code page and the search word contained diacritical characters.
  • XLIFF: When using SlMake to exchange projects containing XLIFF all the rows were marked exchange hidden so they did not show visible on the grid.
  • .NET: If the sign key file if the project file (.csproj or .vbproj) contained variable (e.g. $(SharedDir) Sisulizer did not find the key file and could not sign the localized assemblies.
4.0 build 350
May 20, 2014
  • Support for Delphi XE6 and C++Builder XE6 added.
  • Support for TypeScript added.
  • Support for iOS and OS X strings files added.
  • Support for Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 added.
  • Support for .NET 4.5.2 added.
  • SlMake: uilangs option added to exchange task.
  • Server translation memory: The Delete button of Multiple Translations Found dialog was not updated to a database server until connection was closed.
  • Java: If .properties file contained an empty resource and Items that localized files should contain
    was set to All, Sisulizer did not write the empty item.


Build New features Improved features Bug fixes
3.0 build 344
April 3, 2014
  • PO: Rows are not sorted any more but kept in the original order.
  • Excluded source will not be scanned.
  • Windows resource compiler: Less than original font sized will be changed.
  • .NET: Sisulizer can use the new Chinese resource names (zh-Hans and zh-Hant) with .NET 2.0 and .NET 3.x.
  • Sisulizer can now use memory up to 4 Gbytes when run on 64-bit Windows.
  • WPF: If TextBlock contained styles or resources then localized XAML files did not contain those elements.
3.0 build 343
March 12, 2014
  • FireMonkey: Support for multires bitmaps added.
  • Sisulizer supports WPF applications created in Visual Basic.
  • Silverlight: Sisulizer can now localize Silverlight libraries.
  • XAML: Sisulizer now parses Paragraph element correctly.
  • VCL: Sisulizer localizes TImageList even if the localized image has different mask than the original image.
  • VCL: Support for DevExpress's TcxTreeList.Data added.
  • Sisulizer supports Visual Studio project file that uses environmental variables.
  • WPF: XAML compilation improved such way that all assembly dependencies are now found.
  • Interbase/Firebird: Other encodings but UTF-8 can be used on localized fields and rows.
  • JSON: Unicode escape output encoding added.
  • WPF: If the HintPath attributes of assembly references in the Visual Studio project file contained an environment variable such as $(MyDir) Sisulizer failed to compile localized XAML files.
  • WPF: If your Visual Studio project contained linked XAML files (Add as link) and the files were outside the project directory Sisulizer failed to find compiled XAML files.
  • Exchange Wizard ignored the Invalidated status if specified in the exchange filter.
  • Access: Sisulizer sometimes raised an exception when scanning an Access table using row localization.
  • Delphi: Some MAD resources was incorrectly detected as HTML data.
  • Sisulizer could not import data if alternative original language was set in the project.
  • Delphi: If TAction.ShortCut translation was disabled in component rules and the shortcut had an existing translation Sisulizer used it.
3.0 build 342
January 2, 2014
  • Support for Windows 8.1 added.
  • Support for Visual Studio 2013 added.
  • Support for .NET 4.5.1 added.
  • Windows Forms: Support for DevExpress InformationTips format added.
  • XAML: Binding values that are inside Setter are scanned.
  • Delphi: LaResource.LoadNewResourceFile return type changed to HMODULE. It used to be Integer that caused sometimes a crash because of a data overflow.
  • .NET: Sisulizer sometimes failed to compile XAML files when target .NET framework 4.5 or 4.5.1 was used.
  • Segmentation: Sisulizer did not save segmentation rules that were imported using segmentation sheets's Import button.
3.0 build 341
November 4, 2013

  • LaResource.pas did not compile with Delphi XE5.
  • .NET: If the solution file was not in the parent directory of a project file the compilation localized assembly file sometimes failed.
  • Delphi: Language switch did not work correctly if runtime packages were used.
3.0 build 340
September 9, 2013
  • Support for Delphi XE5 and C++Builder XE5 added.
  • HTML: "xml:lang"-attribute in body tag can be localized. Byt default it is off. You have to turn it on. Right click html-source in the tree. Choose Properties... menu. From Attributes sheet check "BODY xml:lang" check box. Rescan youd project and new row will be found.
  • VCL: If Font.Size was negative (typically it is positive) Sisulizer changed the value to positive in the localized form.
  • Importing. Sisulizer can now correctly imported segmented text after you have changed sources segmentation method.
  • XML: Segmention works also in the case when the selected element has sub elements.
  • .NET: You can exclude any indivicual resource item.
  • .NET: Sisulizer scan comments from localized .resx file into the translation comment column.
  • If desktop file is invalid a warning message is given.
  • XLIFF: If you created a project and selected "Localized all similar files in a directory" option in Project Wizard Sisulizer crashed.
  • Export: Sisulizer did not exports items of list view, tree view, status bar, grid header and header control components.
  • XAML: If a resource dictionary contained string value and an item was not translated or translation was same as original the item was not included into the localized XAML file.
  • .NET: If a file in a Visual Studio project contained brackets Sisulizer could not scan the file but reported an error.
  • SlMake: -escape parameter did not have any affect when importing data from Excel file.
  • When importing from XLIFF Sisulizer incorrectly imported status even XLIFF file did not contain any status value.
  • Delphi: if TImageList has 32-bit bitmaps with transparency (8-bit Alpha channel) in some cases transparensies were lost.
3.0 build 339
April 24, 2013
  • Support for Delphi XE4 and C++Builder XE4 added.
  • Support for FireMonkey 2 added.
  • Windows Forms: If Language property of a form was set to other than Default and Options sheet was configured to write all items to localized files the localized files contained the original Language property. This made it impossible to edit the localized resx in Visual Studio.
  • Windows Forms: Support for DevExpress SuperToolTips format added.
  • Windows Forms: System.Windows.Forms.DataGridViewTextBoxColumn.Width property is automatically scanned without a need to add a custom component rule.
  • WPF: Title.StringFormat added into default scan property rules.
  • PO: If you set Items that localized file contains value in Project Wizard it was not set but kept as default.
  • Delphi: If a font name or size row had a value and then the row or data typed was excluded Sisulizer still used the entered value when building.
  • Delphi: TListView data scanning when "" strings exists.
3.0 build 338
February 20, 2013
  • Support for Windows Runtime's .resw files added.
  • Support for TMS Control Pack (VCL) added.
  • Sisulizer can now properly import data from an import source when orignal language is not specified.
  • Database: Can handle GUID types as resource ids.
  • Database: Possibility to analyze and localize only one table from the database.
  • Database: Progress bar and possibility to cancel database analyzing.
  • .NET: Sisulizer sometimes could not read a correct .NET version from Visual Studio project file.
  • Sisulizer setup automatically adds Sisulizer's VCL directory to Delphi XE2 and XE3's library search paths.
  • Android: When building multilingual AKP files and the default language is specified then Sisulizer uses it if there is no translation given.
  • XML: Visual editor sometimes did not show the last character if that was very narrow such as a standalone diacritic character.
  • .NET: If you opened source dialog of a source that contained exclude properties they were cleared once OK was clicked if you did not select Excluded Properties sheet.
3.0 build 337
January 12, 2013

  • Windows RC: New options (Use caption in menu context). By default Sisulizer uses an index for menuobjects without ID (Popup menus for example). This causes on problem when inserting a new popup menu between olds. Using this options the caption on popup meni is used instead of index.
  • If a Sisulizer project contained several Delphi sources opening of the project file took very long.
  • PO: Now it is possible to scan PO files such way that the msgstr specifies the original value instead of msgid.
  • Sisulizer's editor can now correctly handle Hindi script.
3.0 build 336
November 12, 2012

  • Sisulizer can import translation from localized DFM files.
  • User can choose the scope of pseudo translation.
  • .NET: If you had .NET solution source and you had checked Delete localized .resx files after the build process Sisulizer did not remove the localized .resx files.
  • Sisulizer setup: If you entered a custom personal directory Sisulizer did not install samples there but to the default personal directory.
  • WPF: When using binary localization Sisulizer could not correctly read some XAML resources.
  • WPF: Sisulizer did not parse correctly some extension items "{..}". This caused localized XAML files to contain invalid extension data.
  • SlMake: Using -output option with Sisulizer project containing Visual Studion solution sources caused an exception.
  • .NET: Sometimes Sisulizer wrote invalid localized resources resource and Items that localized resource files contain was set to All.
3.0 build 335
September 24, 2012
  • Localization of separate Delphi form files (.dfm) added.
  • .NET: Some 3rd party components uses property Name to store the caption of title data. Previouse Sisulizer builds did not scan this because .Name was reserved as component name that must not be localized. Now Sisulizer can safely detect that is reald Name property and what is Caption/Title like name property and scan the later properties.
  • Tools | General -> Excluded Strings -> Edit raised an exeption if the list did not contain any items.
  • Clicking Test button of Google Translate or Microsoft Translator always shown translator working properly even when it did not.
  • .NET Windows Forms: Sisulizer failed to read some resources that contained certain type of serialized string arrays.
  • XLIFF: Sisulizer encoded entities incorrectly adding one extra ; character.
3.0 build 334
September 3, 2012
  • Support for Delphi XE3 and C++Builder XE3 added. Sisulizer can localize VCL, FireMonkey and Metropolis applications.
  • Support for Windows 8 added. Sisulizer now works on Windows 8.
  • Support for Microsoft Translator improved to support client id/secret.
  • SlMake: config option added to create task.
  • XLIFF: Run original and run translated implement.
    Embedded XML element editor added.
  • Spell checking: Newest Hunspell library taken in use.
  • HtmlHelp: Changing an encoding from HTML node's settings did not have any affect. The encoding of the CHM source was used.
  • Silverlight: The manifest file of multilingual XAP file did not contain all the satellite assembly files.
  • SlMake could not process SLPs containing Android or JSON sources.
  • Source code: Sisulizer did not import translation from localized files if the context method was set to String value.
  • SQLite: Sisulizer did not write localized fields as Unicode but using Ansi strings.
  • XLIFF: Sisulizer did not correctly decode XML entities inside source elements.
3.0 build 333
July 2, 2012

  • XAML: Sisulizer incorrectly scanned x:Code elements.
  • Android: Sisulizer uses the same compression methods as in the original file.
  • Android: Sisulizer did not correctly sign localized apk files if JSDK 1.7 was used.
  • .NET: Sisulizer could not correctly read .NET 4.5 assemblies that had been compiled with Any CPU and Prefer 32-bit options.
  • SlMake: New output option of add task replaced the previous output option of create task. The new option was renamed to outitem.
  • Java: Sisulizer did not write a translations to a resource bundle if the translation value was same as original and Items that localized resource files contains was Translated.
  • Visual C++: Sisulizer did not import text of popup menu items from localized files.
3.0 build 332
June 11, 2012
  • Two new validations added: Length in characters and Length in pixels.
  • Support for Salesforce translation files added.
  • Support for Visual Studio 2012 RC. Windows 8 specific stuff does not yet work.
  • Support for .NET 4.5
  • Setup: Sisulizer setup does not create a new personal directory every time you update the project but keeps the exiting one.
  • SlMake: When importing SlMake can now map language smarter if there is not exact match. A sub language maps to main language (pt-PT -> pt) and vice versa.
  • SlMake: When you add a new source the initial properties will be same as when using Sisulizer.exe.
  • SlMake: origlang and outitem options added to add task.
  • HTML Help: If the original CHM contain binary index then Sisulizer by default does not create binary index into localized CHM file if the code page of the CHM does not match the current system code page of your OS.
  • WPF: Sisulizer can now localize icon resources.
  • If XML file (XML, XAML, etc) contained empty lines before the XML header or root element (in the case there is no header) Sisulizer raised an error.
  • Tools | General -> Output Messages -> Unknown components did not have any affect.
  • WPF: If a binding item did not contain any parameter Sisulizer created invalid localized XAML file.
  • XML: On some XML files scanning interrupts without any error leaving project in incomplete state.
  • WPF: If WPF project contained images and image localization was turned on and Visual Studio solution file (.sln) was added into Sisulizer project instead of project file (.csproj or .vbproj) Sisulizer could not compile satellite assembly files.
  • When importing translations from Sisulizer project fiel that contained HTML file Sisulizer did not prompt for overwrite even if Confirm overwrite check box was checked in Import Wizard.
  • When importing translations from Sisulizer project fiel that contained HTML file Sisulizer did not import some popup text if the popup exister both in header and body sections.
  • XAML: Sisulizer incorrectly change FlowDirection property from RightToLeft to LeftToRight even when the target language was not right to left.
  • HTML: Rows made inside <head> tag shall have "head" as start of their context.
  • Delphi: If added 64-bit platform file Sisulizer did not use the DRC of the 64-bit file but the original DRC. This sometimes caused strings to be messed up.
3.0 build 331
April 23, 2012
  • Support for TBX added. You can import translations from a TBX file into translation memory or project.
  • Each rows have now two new properties: Created and changed times. Created time shows the date/time when row has been created. Changed date show the date when its original valuan has been changed. You can filter rows also by there new parameters.
  • Delphi: Sisulizer automatically detects the Unicode mode of XE2 application.
  • .NET: Sisulizer can now import exisiting localized file into source that is a Visual Studio solution file.
  • .NET: Import wizard tries to import .resx data by default to the node that is selected in the project tree. If can not then the node is searched using the normal method.
  • TMX localization. Context method added. Now context can either be string value or tuid value.
  • Importing to translation memory sometimes caused and exception.
  • Sisulizer could not install all OpenOffice dictionaries but raised an exeption.
  • If you had a menu node selected and then you selected another node in the Project Tree Sisulizer sometimes raised an error.
  • Unchecking Tools | General | Translations -> Translate new rows automatically after scanning did not have any affect.
  • Visual C++ and Delphi: If source contained platform files building of a localized platform file failed sometimes.
  • If TextBlock XAML element contained commens Sisulizer incorrectly included them into strings value.
  • .NET Windows Forms: When using binary localization Sisulizer sometimes failed to read serializer data correctly and raised an exception.
  • Sisulizer could not import MLD file but raised an invalid file format exception.
3.0 build 330
March 12, 2012
  • Support for NexusDB added.
  • PO: Sisulizer can handle multiple equal msgids.
  • PO: You can now contol if msgstr of localized PO file contain empty or original value in the case when there is no translation.
  • XML: Sisulizer keeps existing translations better if you change your original XML.
  • XML: You can turn off visual editor.
  • XML: 2000 characters restriction turned off by default.
  • Java: Sisulizer now parses correctly .properties file where keys use escape character (\) or : is used as separator instead of =.
  • HTML: title attribute of span tag will be scanned eg. <span
  • XAML: Sub items of ListBoxItem were not scanned.
  • .NET: If a Visual Studio solution file (.sln) contained a Visual C++ project, Sisulizer incorrectly handled it as C# project.
  • Pasting multiple lines of text where single line length was one character didn't work.
  • HTML: In some situations got an application error.
  • Project | Import Translations from Localized Files did not work on every file.
  • HTML: Temporary files of browser were not deleted in some situations.
  • XML: Sisulizer did not write localized attributes to into multilingual assemblies if the element that contained attributes was a single tag selement (e.g. <sample ... />).
  • .NET: If directory part of a .resx file contained dots (.) Sisulizer did not scan the .resx file.
  • If you set the spell checker of original language other than default Sisulizer did not remember the settings.
3.0 build 329
February 5, 2012

  • .NET: The properties of a component property containing XML data can be edited.
  • Delphi: TLaTranslator can now translate nested frames.
  • Windows: If Manifest resource was selected to be localized then Sisulizer created invalid manifest resource that prevented localized application to start.
  • .NET: Settings of Languages sheet of Visual Studio Solution file or .NET assembly filesource dialog did not have any affect: Sisulizer created assemblies using default language names.
  • Delphi: Localized resources were sometimes invalid.
3.0 build 328
January 15, 2012

  • Support for Screen saver file (.scr) added.
  • WinForms: Sisulizer scans comment from form resource file (.resx).
  • XML: Sisulizer can correctly localized unvalid XML fiels that use unknown entities not defined in DTD.
  • When importing an old project that contain node that no longer exist in the current project Sisulizer now show the full context of the unknown node.
  • If WinForms had a component that Visible property was set to False Sisulizer' visual editor did not show the component.
  • XAML: Extension parsing improved to accept nested extensions.
  • Machine translators did not correctly translate strings that contained HTML tags.
3.0 build 327
December 7, 2011
  • Old HTML Editor view added. By default it is not visible. To turn it on choose Tools | Editor | HTML Editor... and check Use check box.
  • Windows RC: linked translated images will be written with right path.
  • XAML: Sisulizer now scans the Binding data of a Setter property.

  • VB.NET: Sisulizer did not import existing resource strings.
  • SlMake did not use segmentation (if enabled) when building.
  • Java: Sisulizer incorrectly scanner keys or .properties files in case insensitive way.
  • .NET: Sisulizer did not read the assembly file of referenced projetc correctly if other configuration than default was selected.
  • XAML: If StringFormat item in Bindings started with { Sisulizer created invalid localized data.
  • XLIFF files that had menu items caused an exception during scannning.
  • If original language and a target languages were the same and a custom spell checker word was added to either of column then the other column did not used the new word.
  • If original string contained a colon and space (e.g. "Sample: ") translate duplicates or translate using translation engine did not add the colon into the translated string.
  • If label Caption property is null string, the width of the label will not set to 0.
3.0 build 326
November 9, 2011
  • Initial 3.0 release
  • HTML source code view
  • Support for Google Translate 2.0 added.
  • HTML preview
  • Delphi: Scannng Single data type properties failed
3.0 build 325
October 31, 2011
Beta 2 release
  • Tested with Android 4.0
  • Run feature added to Android support
  • Android support ready
  • Delphi: Sisulizer did not correctly scan all items of collection list.
3.0 build 324
October 17, 2011
Beta 1 release
  • Support for OSX resource files (.dylib) added.
  • Support for Delphi Prism added.
  • XLIFF export: resname and datetype attributes implemented.
  • .NET: Sisulizer now supports delaysigning and PFX keys in addition of SNK keys.
  • SlMake: subdirs option added to add command.
  • Delphi: Sisulizer raised an exception if a platform file did not exist.
3.0 build 323
August 27, 2011
Delphi XE2 Partner
DVD release
  • Can import localized database files.
  • Support for FireMonkey OSX files added.
  • Support for Delphi XE2 and C++Builder XE2 added.
  • Support for 64-bit Delphi and C++Builder applications added.
  • Support for FireMonkey (Delphi XE2) added.
  • Support for Android added.
  • File | Open Sample added.
  • Open Sample button added to recent list control on the main page.
  • HTML preview implemented.
  • Translation memory editor.
  • Delphi: Sisulizer supports ISO based resource DLL extension of VCL/FMX (e.g. DEU vs. de-DE).
  • VCL: Support for Virtual Treeview's runtime switch.

  • Recent news did not show text until the first link.


Build New features Improved features Bug fixes
2010 build 322
September 16, 2011

  • SlMake could not import files if the language codes in the import file used difrerent format as in Sisulizer project files (e.g. zh vs. zh-CN and zh.tra vs. zh-TW).
  • .NET: If the .csproj contained assembly references that has SpecificVersion set Sisulizer could not alway compile the localized XAML files.
  • .NET: Building a .NET 1.x project to Arabic or Hebrew failed.
  • .NET: Sisulizer could not compile some .resx file that had reference to 3rd party assemblies.
  • WPF: Sometimes Sisulizer created invalid string into the StringFormat part of Binding. This caused XAML compilation to fail.
  • XAML: Sisulizer did not scan a style in the resource dictionary if the style did not have a name or key.
  • If a HTML resource contained incorrectly encoded HTML file Sisulizer scanning was interrupted leaving project in incompleted state.
  • Silverlight: If the original XAP file contained satellite assembly files they were not copied on the localized XAP file.
  • Visual C++: If PE file contained vry short RCDATA resources having text data Sisulizer sometimes raised an error.
2010 build 321
August 12, 2011

  • If SlMake's parameters were incorrect or SlMake was run without any parameters SlMake corrupted the Command Prompt where it was run.
2010 build 320
August 11, 2011

  • Sisulizer can automatically detect encoding of Java resource files.
  • Sisulizer can import existing Java source files also in the case when a source is a directory and not a single .properties files.
  • If a project contained both Simplified and Traditional Chinese only the first Chinese was shown on Export Wizard's XLIFF sheet's Target language list.
  • When exporting data to XLIFF Chinese language code were always "zh" when it should have been either "zh-CN" or "zh-TW".
2010 build 319
August 9, 2011

  • .NET: If you had added .NET 4.0 assembly into Sisulizer project and target language was Chinese, Sisulizer created satellite assembly with wrong name (zh-CHS/zh-CHT instead zh-Hans/zh-Hant).
  • XML: Sisulizer sometimes raised an error when scanning XML file that has a context attribute.
  • Exchange Wizard. If you exchanged more that one packages in the same run and you had duplicates set to first only the packages all but first were invalid.
  • Silverlight: If the original XAP file contained assemblies that were excluded in Sisulizer project, then Sisulizer created invalid output XAP files.
  • HTML and HTML Help: If a HTML file contained two content type meta tags Sisulizer used the later one when the first one should have been used.
2010 build 318
July 25, 2011
  • Persian translations added.
  • HTML: You can choose a custom browser displaying translated HTML-files. Choose Tools | Platforms | HTML... and enter used browser name.
  • SlMake's output is now UTF-8 with BOM in the beginning.
  • HTML: Keep text format option now keeps the spaces after text. E.g. <div>Text </div>
  • WPF: If you used pseudo translation the default enclose characters were { and }. This caused an invalid XAML files to be created.
  • SlMake did not return an error code if a language specified in the parameter did not exist in the project.
  • .NET: Sometimes Sisulizer used wrong version of .NET tools causing the localized filed using different .NET runtime as the original assembly.
  • Text definition: The user interface contained a definition wide escape setting. This was not used anywhere but the rule depend escape settings are used. The deprecated UI removed.
  • Tex rule tester did not show the result correctly.
  • XML: If element contains context attribute and element was changed Sisulizer sometimes removed the old row and created a new one.
2010 build 317
June 24, 2011

  • Windows Forms: Sisulizer.WindowsForms.Translator improved to translate ListView and ToolTip text.
  • XML: If you have marked an XML element to be localized with inline (e.g. nested) XML elements and those elements contained attributes the localized files created by Sisulizer did not contain them.
  • Sisulizer hide some some row when translate only mode was turned on.
  • XML: Changing context type caused Sisulizer to crash sometimes during the first scan after the context change.
  • Firebird support was dropped out in build 316.
  • HTML, XML: The trailing slash '/' for example in <freg /> will be added in a template when text including that kind of tag will start translating.
  • XAML: Sisulizer sometimes created invalid localized {Binding ...} data.
  • XML: Removeing unused items caused sometimes Sisulizer to crash.
  • XML: If XML file uses original-translation element pairs and translation did not have any initial value Sisulizer did not scan any values.
2010 build 316
June 2, 2011
  • Support for SQLite and SQL Server Compact added. Sisulizer can now localize those databases and import data from them.
  • Support for Guiliani files added.
  • When exporting into TMX or XLIFF the user can now spacify if and how the translation values are written.
  • Database: If Sisulizer can not open a database table it will show the error message on the database item tree.
  • .NET: Support for Krypton components improved. Sisulizer's form editor shows the Text property.
  • SlMake import task enchanged such way that also all localized files can be imported.
  • XAML: Sisulizer can now localize all attributes of Binding element.
  • "Set to Empty" actions affects now for all selected rows. It has been moved underneath the "Translation"-context sub menu.
  • Access: Sisulizer could not open Access tables whose name was as a reserved word in Access.
  • .NET: If "Items that localized file contains" was set to All and resx file contained refered image files Sisulizer created invalud resx file that could not be compiled.
  • When importing SLP that cotains embedded XML resources Sisulizer did not import XML items.
  • XAML: Sisulizer scanned InputGestureText property as menu shot cut and not as plain text.
2010 build 315
May 5, 2011
  • New optional buttons to set row status on the top of sheet. To show right click tool bar and choose "Customize...".

  • Sisulizer can import existing localized XAP into a Silverlight source.
  • HTML-files with extent different than HTM and HTML can also be scanned.
  • New options "Update by primary language only" in Windows RC. If you have different sublangauges in resources, you can check this option in order to force to update all languages fields of different sublanguages in the localized file. Otherwise only the main sublanguages field are updated.
  • If you typed the serial number instead of pasting it in the welcome window Sisulizer raised an error.
  • XAML: If the ToolTip contained strutured data instead of plain string Sisulizer did not scan it.
  • Sisulizer crashed when trying to open a custom spell dictionary that did not exits.
  • HTML: if you had selected "Localize all similar files" Sisulizer did not scan custom HTML files even if they were correctly mapped.
  • .NET: If you had added a Visual Studio solution file (.sln) and turned on the WIN32 resource localization Sisulizer could not create localized file but reported an invalid typecast error.
2010 build 314
April 12, 2011

  • VCL: Sisulizer's VCL units are now better Delphi XE compatible.
  • VCL: LaDefaultLocale.pas added. It makes it possible to easily load the resource DLLs matching the default locale.
  • WPF: If compilation of XAML file failed Sisulizer could not create a correct support package.
  • XML: Sisulizer incorrectly read and build processing instructions (<?...?>) that were inside an element.
  • If there was existing .NET resource files for same culture but using different case in culture part then the Project Wizard added the culture twice that caused an error.
  • SlMake caused sometimes an error when performing validate task.
  • Delphi XE: Sisulizer could not correctly scan TListView.ItemData but caused an error.
2010 build 313
March 14, 2011
  • Support for JSON files added.
  • XAML: Sisulizer now localizes App.xaml file too.
  • XAML: Sisulizer now localizes StringFormat part from a Binding.
  • Silverlight: Sisulizer deleted the intermediate files after build process.
  • You can choose whatever validate only visible row filtered byt filter or all. See Tools | General... | Settings ans "Use filter on validation" check box.
  • XML: Sisulizer did not populate all elements into XML tree in the project wizard if the XML container several elements with same name but different sub elements.
  • When importing SLP with context method "By context first then by value" Sisulizer always used Never as overwrite method.
  • Resx: Items using CDATA were not localized.
  • When there is a HTML-attribute without "-characters SL couldn't draw the tag rightly. Eg. name=Test vs name="Test". Now both are OK.
  • Changing a row by clicking a new item on WYSIWYG-form, open editing will be commited.
  • VB: Sisulizer caused an error if a FRM file contained comments between properties.
  • .resx: If item used metadata instread of data Sisulizer did not write the localized item into localized .resx file.
2010 build 312
January 26, 2011
  • Translation and rows status filter buttons are now also found on the sheet toolbar. By default they are hidden. You can show then clicking Properties button and checking "Show translation status filter buttons" or "Show row status filter buttons".
  • New context sensitive popup menu "Stretch Controls with Text" for forms. If the text of a control is too wide to fit the control will be strected.
  • You can include or exclude all items of selected node in Project Wizard.
  • Free Edition lets you change the properties of the visual editors.
  • Context sensitive menus and sheet toolbar buttons are enabled is the same phase.
  • When Project Wizard imports existing translations it can now import also those strings that equal to the original strings.
  • If .NET assembly contained XML data and XML folder was excluded Sisulizer could not save the project file after scanning.
  • Opening a project file sometimes failed if the project contains XML resource and one or more XML elements were removed.
  • HTML: Script inside attrubues can be shown correctly on the editing grid. Eg. <a href="<%=TrialActivateUrl%>">Click here</a>.
  • XAML: Sisulizer did not scan DataTemplate parts of resource dictionaries.
  • XAML: If a Run block containend Text attribute Sisulizer created invalid localized XAML file(s).
  • WPF: Compilation of localized XAML files sometimes failed if the project contained references into 3rd party design assemblies.
  • If output directory was set to a custom one and SLP was opened in a computer that did not contain the source file the output directory in the SLP changed.
  • resx: If data item contained CDATA element it was not scanned.
  • XAML: If a resource dictionary contained some other element name but String or system:String Sisulizer did not scan the item.
2010 build 311
December 17, 2010

  • XML: When localizaing XML files containing language pairs Sisulizer imports the translated value.
  • .NET: Sisulizer scans resource items that contain only white spaces.
  • Tools | Platforms | XML dialog mixed localize and language attributes.
  • XML: CDATA element was not localized even if it was celected to be localized
  • .NET: If a Label contained LinkArea but no Text property building caused an error.
  • .NET 4.0: Sisulizer uses correct language codes for Chinese, Serbian, Azeri and Uzbek.
  • .NET: If assembly infor contained line feed character or other special characters Sisulizer could not compile the satellite assembly file.
2010 build 310
November 18, 2010

  • XAML: Sisulizer reads data from Localization.Attributes and Localization.Comments attributes.
  • XML: Sisulizer can now optinally localize only those elements that have localize attribute set to true, yes or 1.
  • XML element can contain original and translation element pair where original contains the original value and translation contains the translated value.
  • input and rootoutput options added into SlMake.exe.
  • Importing: if the import file and current file have different node names Sisulizer prompts user to choose the right destination node.
  • .NET: Build process of localized .NET files is now faster.
  • .NET: Version and icons files are scanned when using project or solution file localization.
  • .NET: Assembly version info gets updated in localized satelite assembly files.
  • Silverlight: Manifest file of multilingual XAP file did not contains all satellite assemblies.
  • Sisulizer detected some Python strings that contained % but were not actually message patterns incorrectly as message strings.
  • Text: If you seleced a text file to be a plain text file in Project Wizard Sisulizer did not remember the choice.
  • Hunspell spell checker: Sisulizer read incorrectly some dictionaries that did not use UTF-8 or ISO 8859-1 encoding.
  • HTML: &#183; and &#184; are written as coded.
  • Delphi: TEdit.PasswordChar = #0 caused an error
  • When you have editing a cell in the sheet and you click a new row on the validation pane, the cell editor got to a wrong cell.
  • Visual C++ binary: Inserting new popup menus keeps the old contexts valid.
2010 build 309
September 8, 2010

  • Databases: Sisulizer can localize field that contains the primary key.
  • Access: You can pass optional connection string parameters.
  • When exporting into XLIFF Sisulizer adds custom namespace if sl:xxx tags are used.
  • HTML Help: Sisulizer scan localized standalone script files (e.g. .js) that are inside .chm files.
  • Databases: Sisulizer sometimes caused an error if the string in database started with <.
  • Access: When you typed password for an Access database Sisulizer showed an error message after each key press.
  • HTML: Trailing slashes of translations were missing in some cases.
  • Format string validation sometimes failed when applyed for Python string.
  • HTML: "Copy original to translation" menu comman keeps the text format is it has been set on.
2010 build 308
August 18, 2010
  • Support for Delphi and C++Builder XE added.
  • An option added to HTML segmentation that forces Sisulizer to use segmentation even on cases when there is formatting tags.
  • Sisulizer support UTF-8 encoded Hunspell dictionaries.
  • VB: Sisulizer skips strings in the header of class files.
  • Neutral Norwegian language code (no) added in addition of nn and nb.
  • PO: Sisulizer compiled invalid MO files when the PO file contained plural_id items and in some other rare cases.
  • WPF: Sisulizer failed to compile some XAML file that used .NET 4.0.
  • Databases: Sisulizer sometimes read primary key incorrectly. This causes some of the rows be ignored during scanning.
  • WPF: If you used project localization and the active configuration of the project was not Any CPU Sisulizer failed to compile localized XAML files.
  • Sisulizer exported row even if it was excluded.
  • VCL.NET: Sisulizer could not scan assembly files created with Delphi 2007.
  • SlMake: Sisulizer ignored escape option when importing data.
2010 build 307
July 26, 2010

  • Source code and VB: Sisulizer does not add evaluation stamp on source code string that do not contain translation.
  • Windows RC: The localized Vietnamese RC-file will always be written in UFT-16LE (Unicode little endian).
  • HTML: comments inside tag attributes do not break the code.
  • Sisulizer can localize Visual Studio project files that contains a Silverlight application.
  • Sisulizer can localized plural forms of PO files.
  • SlMake. -name option added to validate task.
  • Database: If localized field were not consecutive in the table Sisulizer could not always detect the localized fields.
  • Exporting to TMX or XLIFF using SlMake caused exported file contains string in C/C++ encoded form and in as unencoded form. This prevented successful importing of those strings that contained multiple lines.
  • .NET 4.0: When Sisulizer created localized satellite assembly files is incorrectly set the target runtime to .NET 2.0.
  • Sisulizer did not recognize Microsoft SDK 7.1 as .NET 4.0 SDK but .NET 2.0 SDK.
  • Pressing F3 (Search again) while editing a cell left the editor open.
  • PO: Sisulizer did not scan correctly PO source that had wild cards (e.g. *.po).
  • PO: Depending on the data in the PO file Sisulizer did not always create localized PO files.
  • When importing data into project Sisulizer sometimes overwrote the existing row comments.
  • Delphi: Wide string useage will not be set on if it has been excplicity set off.
2010 build 306
June 4, 2010

  • SlMake: invalid and marked options added to export and exchange tasks.
  • CHM: When reading CHM Sisulizer sometimes raised a List out of index error and aborted scanning.
  • Export and exchange: Setting duplicates value in the filter did not have any effect.
  • PO: If the PO file header contained an empty name and email Sisulizer scanned the empty values and when entering a value in translation sheet an error occurred.
  • VCL: The language dialog of Sisulizer's VCL component did not show the initial language correctly on application compiled with Delphi 2010.
2010 build 305
May 9, 2010

  • WinForms: Sisulizer can scan the Group data of ListView component.
  • Setup can automatically upgrade existing Sisulizer 2008 installation into 2010 installation.
  • Text: Sisulizer's UI let the user add string length and string count fields that are not used in text definitions.
2010 build 304
May 8, 2010
  • There is a new context label on edit translation dialogs. You can copy that value to the cipbaord.
  • If DRC is not used Sisulizer can scan strings using value as context.
  • There is a timestamp if report file names. Statistics.html => Statistics_YYYYMMDD_hhmmss.html. This is optional.
  • Entering Hebrew translations some original values were rendered incorrectly. Like F (%) as F )%(.
  • Tools | General | Translations "Translate new rows" check box had no effect.
  • WPF: Sisulizer did not scan Style -elements that were embedded inside a form.
  • Text: Sisulizer scanned context values as case insensitive way. This prevented to have two items that differed only by case of the context value.


Build New features Improved features Bug fixes
2008 build 303
April 27, 2010
  • SlMake: optput and al options added to create task.
  • Sisulizer supports Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0.
  • You can now control if translation memory accept country variants or neutral languages during the translation process.
  • .NET: Sisulizer can now import existing translations from localization .resources files.
  • There is a timestamp if report file names. Statistics.html => Statistics_YYYYMMDD_hhmmss.html. This is optional.
  • SlMake: More checking added in the case of invalid parameters.
  • XML: Sometimes Sisulizer crashed after editing XML tags in the XML properties dialog.
  • Several small bugs in file mappings and segmentation fixed.
  • Entering Arabic or Hebrew translations some original values were rendered incorrectly. Like F (%) as F )%(.
  • Expot: When using current view settings Sisulizer did not use the current filter but filter specified in the Export Wizard.
  • WinForms: If TableLayoutPanel contained conflicting values in ColumnCount and LayoutSettings Sisulizer sometimes could not scan the form.
2008 build 302
April 5, 2010
  • Ini: Sisulizer can also scan comments from original Ini file.
  • Microsoft Translator: Sisulizer now keeps exisitng format tag of string to be translated.
  • Importing from TMX, text and Excel files improved.
  • Binary .NET localization: Sisulizer noew create satellite assembly files even if there was not translation given.
  • Ini and XML: The treeview of the selected keys did not show the checked mark on the selected sections or keys.
2008 build 301
March 29, 2010
  • Database: Sisulizer detects the field names that have lanugage or locale code appened to the field name (Sample9 is English Sample field).
  • WPF: Sisulizer scan resource dictionary items that contains complex properties.
  • WPF: Sisulizer can localize resource files that are not stored as EmbeddeResource but Resource.
  • After inserting a new source it's duplicates rows will be translated automatically is translate duplicates is on.
  • .NET: You can now localized satellite assembly files too.
  • PO: Sisulizer can also scan comments from original PO/POT file.
  • Database. The database item view could not drag and drop items if you had scrolled the view.
  • .NET: When using binary localization (EXE/DLL) Sisulizer did not correctly read hierarchy of ToolStripContriner.
  • SlMake: Sisulizer did not read validation settings from .sds file.
  • Imporing translated HTML-files works correctly.
  • SlMake: Sisulizer ignored xlfitems option.
  • Sisulizer somtimes added some extra characters when translating with Google or Bing strings that contain message patterns.
  • .NET: When using project localization Sisulizer sometimes read the name of the resource file incorrectly. This caused localized satellite assembly file to contain incorrect resource name.
2008 build 300
March 1, 2010
  • You can save set of validations by name.
  • Exporting translation memory can be aborted.
  • .NET: RadioButton control showed text sometimes incorrectly on the visual editor.
  • Translation memory could not use translations if the original language in the translation memory was country independent (e.g. en) and the original language of the source was country depend (e.g. en-US).
2008 build 299
February 13, 2010
  • HTML: Fixed the bug in build 297.
2008 build 298
February 11, 2010
  • HTML: In build 297 the context of HTML elements was little bit different in some cases. That caused unnecessary new rows to be created after scanning.
  • Undo paste multiple cells didn't work for comment texts
  • Paste multiple cells raised on error if cells included both translation text and other texts like comments
2008 build 297
February 10, 2010
  • Exchange Wizard can create several language versions of the same package on single Exchange Wizard run.
  • Properties dialog. Shows properties (Align, Alignment, WordWrap...) of controls.
  • Importing from TMX and XLIFF imports now also row status, read only flag, marked flag and invalidated flag if TMX/XLIFF file contains it.
  • Windows Forms: Sisulizer's Translator class can now translate also Columns of DataViewGrid.
  • When localizing a Visual Studio .NET project file you can choose what configuration Sisulizer uses to read project properties.
  • HTML: Text braked by sentences will refound better when the original file has been edited.
  • SlMake: If you had added a custom language or variant Sisulizer used incorrect Windows code in output pattern contains <win>. When language was country neutral a three latter code was used instead of two letter code.
  • Project Wizard did not correctly added a directory source in the case where the directory did not contains any files but only sub directories.
  • Translation Memory: When importing data to translation memory Sisulizer did not remove some special characters. This caused that when using translation memory Sisulizer could not use some translation. This build correctly imports data and can also use incorrectly imported existing data.
  • .NET: When scanning an assembly file containing WinForms dialogs Sisulizer sometimes scanned the control part incorrectly. This caused the visual editor to show dialog incorrectly.
  • .NET (WinForms): Sisulizer created invalid localized ImageList data.
  • Sisulizer sometimes raised on exception when you closed Sisulizer having a project open.
  • After translating a word Sisulizer launched a translate duplicates dialog if duplicates exits. The mouse selection got on after closing the dialog.
  • Silverlight: The multilingual output file (.xap) did contain only one language version in the AppManifest.xaml
2008 build 296
January 20, 2010
  • Sisulizer can import text, TXM or Excel file using different relative context.
  • Default text file encoding for both export ad import is C/C++ encoding.
  • SlMake: include and exclude options added to scan task.
  • SlMake: If import method was set to both (-method:2) when importing from SLP file Sisulizer used only context sensitive method and did not use value method.
  • When importing text or Excel file that were encoded using Sisulizer or C/C++ encoding Sisulizer dropped a character after encoded character.
  • When exporting to Excel Sisulizer raised an error if a string was longer than 0x7FFF characters.
2008 build 295
December 22, 2009
  • Database localization supports extended fields.
  • Exchange Wizard can include all files used by source file. Not only the source file itself.
  • .NET: Output directory was not visible in the File sheet of source dialog.
  • .NET: Sisulizer sometimes wrote wrong binary or image data into localized .resx file.
  • Sometimes when rescanning Sisulizer shows Select Translation dialog that contains same translation several times.
2008 build 294
December 10, 2009
  • HTML: An error happened when trying to open the properties dialog of an HTML source.
  • One radio button in Exchange Wizard was partly hidden.
  • When clicking OK in the .NET project source dialog and the output directory did not exist Sisulizer showed an error message.
  • Text source dialog: When clicking OK when Format sheet was never selected the following error message was shown: "You have to add a context item and at least one text item."
2008 build 293
December 9, 2009
  • English and German Lingsoft spell checker support added.
  • .NET: Sisulizer could not import combo box and list box items from translated .resx files.
  • .NET: Sisulizer created invalidf .resx file of the .resx file contained a referenced file.
  • Selecting languages properties of a alternative original caused an error.
  • Excluded VCL forms will allways be written into localized resource files.
  • HTML: If attribute is without "-characters the localized will also be without.
  • Text: If definition was turned on there was no way to turn them off.
  • Source code: If file size was 0 bytes Sisulizer raised an error.
2008 build 292
November 24, 2009
  • How to Translate dialog is shown after creating a new project. This shows all possible ways to translate (manual, import, exchange, machine translators) and possible spell checkers.
  • Localization of plain text files added.
  • Localization of binary files added.
  • Databases: Data can now be scanned as XML, HTML, regular expression, or using binary/text definition in addition of plain string.
  • Memory management has been improved.
  • Panel buttons on startad toolbar are visible again.
  • Visual C++: meta-tags were not written into Manifest resources.
  • Project Wizard can add different file types in a single run.
  • Project Wizard can add all known files of a directory in a single run.
  • Source code: When context type was item index Sisulizer did not always kept the existing row attributes (e.g. locked) right when rescan was done after modifying source codes.
  • Databases: When writing localized data into Unicode fields Sisulizer wrote incorrect data on Access and possibly on some other databases.
  • .NET: Scanning a project that contained Visual Studio solution file failed with an error.
  • CHM: If scaning of contents, index or browser sequence was disabled Sisulizer failed to compile localized CHM files.
  • SlMake: Using -lang option with Import task caused and error.
  • CHM: Sisulizer failed to scan the binary index data of some CHM files.
  • Undo Typing when multiple languages are visible works correctry.
  • Windows RC: Translated control styles are written correctly.
  • Windows RC and C++: Update version code page option has an effect.
2008 build 291
October 2, 2009
  • New separate Replace function for items in the Find Results-pane.
  • CHM: Support for RoboHelp browse sequences added.
  • Support for EDICT dictionary files added.
  • Databases: If database or table no longer exist Sisulizer does not report an exception error but writes log that items does not exists any more and removed tables from localizable list.
  • When you select a component on the editor view that has been linked with an action the action row will be selected on the sheet and if you select an action row on the sheet the component assigned to that action will be selected on the editor.
  • Windows binary: You can set a padding for tails of resource segments
  • Sisulizer detects RGS file as source code file.
  • Source code localization: The user can choose the context method between string value or item index.
  • VCL units: Sisulizer can now performs runtime language switch of a VCL package (.bpl).
  • Windows binary: You can now add any number of platform files to a windows binary source. Platform files are identical to the source and are build at the same time as source. Platform file can be for example 64-bit version of the EXE.
  • Translate using translation engines menu in Cell's popup now contains list of available engines just like Column's and Project's popup menus.
  • VCL: Width properties of Label mapped components will not been able to update automatically.
  • Sisulizer handle strings in Excel, TMX and XLIFF files as plain, C-encoded (\n), or Sisulizer encoded (#l) when exporting or importing those files. Previously this was only in text import/export.
  • Google Translate and Microsoft Translator support improved. They can now translate text that contains HTML tags and message patterns.
  • WPF: When localizing assembly files Sisulizer ignored Items that localized items contain settings and wrote all items to the satellite assembly files.
  • WPF: Sisulizer could not compile localized resource dictionary if an assembly files was included into Sisulizer project and resource dictionary referred into a custom assembly.
  • HTML: Scripts like "<srcipt><!-- ShowMessage('Hello'); --></srcipt>" are written correctly.
  • CHM: Sometimes Sisulizer did not add some images into localized CHM file. Especially when images were used as background image.
  • PHP: Sisulizer scanned of some encoded characters (\<char>) of a string incorrectly.
  • Windows RC: The language id of VarFileInfo structure is correct.
  • Sisulizer could not open some Sisulizer 1.x file that contained Visual Basic source.
2008 build 290
September 21, 2009
  • Import and export implemented to embedded customer spell dictionaries.
  • Support for OpenOffice spell dictionary packages (.oxt) added. You can now import OXT files directly.
  • Visual C++: The widths of comboboxes can be changed.
  • Symbolic fonts (line Webdings and Wingdings) are rendered correctly.
  • Importing translated project file (.slp) Sisulizer can now import data even if the path names of the sources in imported file differ from the main project.
  • When selecting a word from spell checker suggestion list Sisulizer now can change the spelling of all other same words in the project.
  • Tab validation finds diff rent amounts of tabs
  • New option that forces Sisulizer to prompt translating duplicate rows for the first time
  • Clicking Back and Forward buttons also select the last edited row of that node
  • Translation engine translation and duplicate translation can also be performed for currently selected view.
  • Visual C++: The original encoding of embedded HTML documents can be set on a node level.
  • When importing data from Sisulizer project file Sisulizer now can import translation status even if the current translation value equals to the imported one.
  • Importing data from SLP and using import method Context first value then Sisulizer tried to import same values using context and value method. This caused unnecessary Overwrite prompt shown.
  • If embedded HTML resource in .NET assembly had a reference to embedded image resource Sisulizer caused a error.
  • If you added custom word to spell checker and did not save the project choosing Column | Edit Custom Dictionary did not show the new words.
  • If context values in the current SLP and imported SLP were differed by case Sisulizer could not import them.
  • If you have more than one language columns visible the undo of editing a cell works now fine
  • Undo after changing the sheet filters don't give an error anymore
  • Windows RC: Japanese (and other multi byte language) string tables are written correctly
  • If more than one column used same spell checker the embedded custom dictionary did not work.
  • When using Hunspell spell checker and embedded custom dictionaries Sisulizer sometimes crashed.
  • HTML: <%..%> inside a HTML-attribute made Sisulizer to hang on.
  • MFC: Sisulizer uses wrong MFC language extension with Serbian language.
  • When Sisulizer exported data to XLIFF some items did not have unique id.
  • .NET: Assembly file compilation failed sometimes if the resource files contained Asian characters.
2008 build 289
August 22, 2009

  • VCL: TLaTranslator can now translate images.
  • .NET: If XAML or assembly compilation fails Sisulizer creates a support package (zip file) to be sent to Sisulizer support team.
  • Visual Basic: When using source code localization Sisulizer writes encoded characters (Chr(x)) also in encoded format in the localized files.
  • Databases: schema support added.
  • HTML: dir="rtl" attribute is set during building on Arabic and Hebrew languages (optional).
  • Source code: If you had Do not translate marked rows and you modified your source code it was likely that the next scan for changed removed Do not translate marks.
  • VCL: Items in a TRadioGroup are in the right order.
  • HTML: <meta content="text/html; charset=utf-8"> updating has been fixed.
  • Sisulizer prompts before reopning a new project if current is modified.
2008 build 288
August 15, 2009
  • Support for Windows 7 added.
  • You can filter out rows in Find and Replace dialogs by row and translation statuses.
  • You can clear all translations of selected rows by a single menu command.
  • You can Copy/Paste rows with all translations by sigle menu commands.
  • Statistics pane shows separate unique and duplicate strings.
  • HTML Help: Sisulizer can relocate contents pages into first letter based sub folders.
  • You can now turn off proxy settings in Sisulizer.
  • Windows RC: Controls use ID as context.
  • Windows RC: Styles can be modified.
  • A Single line in the output log can have multiple rows.
  • Scope option has been removed from Find and replace dialogs. Now operations affects allways to the selected column.
  • Exchange package created by build 287 did not install.
  • WPF: XAML compilation improved.
  • XML: If a project contained wird card XML source Sisulizer could not save the project.
  • INI: Sisulizer can detect and localize more complex ini file that mix different comments and sections marks.
  • Delphi 2009: Runtime language switch work with application using TListView component.
  • Custom added segmentation rules did not save.
  • Windows binary: If same resource was more than once in different languages Sisulizer always set the localized data into first language variant. Now it updates the same resource as it scans.
  • Natural sorting order didn't work in certain situations.
  • VCL: If TLabel has WordWrap := True, Width property will not be modified.
  • VCL: TcxLabel Width properties will be updated correctly.
  • Silverlight: If XAP file contained an assembly that was not localized the localized XAP files contained invalid manifes that prevented running the application.
  • Windows binary: Tag settings of embedded XML resources were not saved into SLP.
2008 build 287
July 24, 2009
  • Sisulizer can now sort localized table of contents data in HTML Help files.
  • WPF: When using assembly localication Sisulizer could not always create satellite assembly files.
2008 build 286
July 21, 2009
  • Support for Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 added.
  • Support for Delphi and C++Builder 2010 added.
  • New build command has been added both to the main menu and the context sensitive menus.
  • SlMake: validate task with -w option returns 1 if there is at lest one validation error.
  • When creating resource DLLs Sisulizer does no longer add entry party to the resource DLL but creates pure resource only DLLs.
  • .NET assembly scanning improved. Sisulizer can now change the structure of the XAML tree in the localized resource assemblies.
  • .NET settings splitted to three parts: .NET, Windows Formars and WPF. New .NET settings are common for both Windows Forms and WPF.
  • .NET: If you entered new line for translation it was not added to the localized data if you used .NET binary localization.
  • .NET: Is a .Resx fiel that is not a form resource contained resource named with $ Sisulizer incorrectly hanled it as form resource.
  • Delphi: Sisulizer did not scan resource string comments from source code event if yuo turned scanning on.
  • In output pane gou got sotimes an error when you clicked a row after importing.
  • Windows binary: Version resource language is right for simplified chinese.
  • The edit cell activates also for special slovakian keybord inputs.
  • If you changed the language while editing a cell you got on excaption.
  • Text file: If file contains same context twice of more Sisulizser warns about it and ignores all but first.
2008 build 285
May 27, 2009
  • .NET: Sisulizer can now localize obfuscated assemblies.
  • Google Translate did not translate Java's message patterns correctly.
  • SlMake.exe was invalid in the 284 setup package.
2008 build 284
May 26, 2009
  • Sisulizer Enterprise supports Microsoft Translator machine translator service.
  • VCL: Sisulizer now detects Unicode VCL even if you have used runtime packages.
  • Sisulizer's Google translation feature can now translate long strings as well.
  • When importing from TMX file that contains Sisulizer's context attributes also non string values can be imported.
  • When using Google Translate Sisulizer fixes translated message patterns and filenames.
  • VCL: GetWindowsLocaleName can now return language names in currently active language in addition of English and native name.
  • After fresh setup all translation engines were disabled. You had to enabled them manually using Tools | Translation Engines menu.
  • VCL: TLaTranslator did not translate collection item that contains period (.) in the middle of the property name in the DFM file.
2008 build 283
May 11, 2009
  • HTML Help: If and old project contained CHM index having same key as different case variants (e.g. One vs. one) Sisulizer could not open the SLP.
  • Sisulizer setup did not change the user interface language even if you changed it.
2008 build 282
May 11, 2009
  • Sisulizer.exe is now fully Unicode enabled application.
  • Support for PostgreSQL database added. Sisulizer can import translations from PostgreSQL, localize PostgreSQL databases, and can store translation memory into PostgreSQL database.
  • Database samples added for Interbase, Firebird, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server in addition of Access and Paradox that were in the previous versions.
  • "Invalid amount of vertical bars"-validation. Validates that there are the same amount of '|'-characters in translations than in originals.
  • Server database access (MySQL, SQL Server, Interbase, Firebird) improved.
  • Sisulizer now saves valid translations to the translations memory even if equals to the original value. You can turn this feature off from Translation Engines dialog.
  • Translate duplicates process uses the alternative language (if set) as reference language.
  • Slow editing in a translation cell has been improved.
  • If you add or remove a new language the editing translation will be committed.
  • Can't add the same source into the project twice.
  • List views in bottom panes can now display text in multiple lines if it is too wide to fin in a single line.
  • <dir> parameter added to the output file pattern.
  • Running Java samples (JAR files included into Sisulizer project) did not work.
  • VCL: Some empty translations "" in TStringList objects caused an excaption during rescanning.
  • Excluded originals dialog.
  • Sisulizer did not use proxy settings with Google Translate. This cause Google Translate not to work when Sisulizer was used behind a firewall.
  • WPF: Sisulizer could not compile XAML files that used local user controls. This caused that Sisulizer could not also create localized satellite assembly files for those projects.
  • Databases: If you pressed Connect in the database source dialog your items settings were lost.
  • WPF: If using binary localization with pages using Resources block caused invalid BAML data written to localized satellite assemblies. This caused parse error when running the application.
  • Silverlight: Sisulizer did not scan XAML resources as user interface data but as XML data.
  • You can add space characters and use Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V combinations (as copy, cut, paste) also with armenian language.
  • HTML Help: Sometimes Sisulizer added unnecessary files to localuzed CHM file and this caused that the fiel did not work.
2008 build 281
March 16, 2009
  • VCL: You can save DFM-files separately. Both original and localized.
  • Directly menu short cuts for translation statuses [BestGuess = Ctrl+F9, Translated = Ctrl+F10, ForReview = Ctrl+F11, Complete=Ctrl+F12]
  • Arabic samples added for Delphi, WinForms and WPF.
  • Google Translate can smarted translate strings containing hotkey characters (&).
  • .NET and VCL: Sisulizer components has better support for BiDi languages.
  • .NET and VCL: Sisulizer correctly set reading order properties (RightToLeft* and BiDiMode) when creating bi-directional (Arabic, Hebrew or Persian) WinForms, WPF and VCL files.
  • It is possible to choose what translation engine to use if there are more than one engines installed.
  • SlMake: -engine option added to translate task.
  • Empty translations can now give only by a context menu (right click the cell and choose "Set to empty").
  • VCL: Sisulizer's TLaTreeViewModule crashed sometimes when translating tree view data.
  • XML: Sisulizer could not import translations from localized XML files.
  • .NET: Sisulizer could not open project files made with Sisulizer 1.6 and containing .NET source and font data.
  • SlMake could not add new sources if the project already contained source with same name but on the main directory.
  • WPF: Sisulizer could not localize forms if the form resource (*.g.resources) contained icon data.
  • Java: Sometimes Sisulizer did not encode line feeds and other special characters when writing localized .properties files.
  • Windows RC: ICON controls filenames will be builded rightly.
  • The line heights of editing mode cells were higher than non-editing mode cells.
  • If you removed all spell checkers Sisulizer added the deault checkers next time you started Sisulizer.
2008 build 280
February 24, 2009
  • Hungarian translations added.
  • Sisulizer Enterprise supports Google Translate machine translator service. This makes it possible to automatically translate any text to more than 30 languages.
  • Empty Translation validation. Report if a translation is an empty string.
  • All Spaces Translation validation. Report if a translation includes only spaces.
  • Empty Original validation. Report if an original is an empty string.
  • All Spaces Translation validation. Report if an original includes only spaces.
  • You can filter rows by empty originals also.
  • XML: Sisulizer detects ISM format as XML file and will automatically check the XML elements that contains string data.
  • When you select a pane on the bottom SL the selected row on the pane will be also selected on the main sheet.
  • XAML: Sisulizer can now localize FlowDirection and when localizing to bidirectional language Sisulizer can add FlowDirection attribute to top level element if it does not contain it.
  • WPF: Sisulizer supports XBAP applications.
  • Java: Sisulizer can localized .properties files using any encoding (UTF-8, UTF-16, Ansi, ISO, etc).
  • VCL: When performing a runtime language switch from Asian language to other language in the case where menu contained automatic hot key Sisulizer could not translate that item.
  • VCL: Sisulizer units worked on different way in XP and Vista when handling .CH resource DLL. XP handled it as Chinese Trad. but Vista handled it as Chinese Simp. Now both handle it as Chinese Simp.
  • .NET: If form contained Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Tools.ToolStripTabItem controls Sisulizer could not scan the form but crashed.
  • Importing from text file that uses escapes (e.g \n). If the files contained non standard escapes Sisulizer reported an error and could not import the file.
  • When exporting data from Windows binary source to Ansi text file the original column was encdoded incorrectly.
  • Excluding original values works also for XML and HTML data types.
  • Windows C++ Binary: Strings that include control characters (\0x00, \0x01, ...) can be scanned well. No extra '0' characters will be added after each scanning process.
2008 build 279
January 18, 2009
  • Sisulizer can now better import Multilizer project files.
  • Windows RC: Unicode resource files can also be scanned
  • Windows RC: Scanning large resource files including huge stringtables have been speeded up.
  • SlMake: Importing country depend language (e.g. en-US) failed if imported from Excel or Text file.
  • .NET: When using binary localization and if string resource contained XML or binary data Sisulizer could not scan string data as string but as binary data.
  • .NET: If C# or VB source code contained a color value as RGB and the color value was splitted in two or more lines Sisulizer could not correctly read it. In addition Sisulizer could not save such a project but reported "Name can not be null" error.
  • WIN32: When localizatin an XML resource and creating localized resource DLLs instead of localized EXEs Sisulizer created incorrect localized XML data.
2008 build 278
December 19, 2008
  • Visual Qt localization. In addition of .ts files Sisulizer can localize .ui and .pro files visually.
  • Support for .baml files added.
  • Duplicate menu short cut validation added
  • Psudo translations are highlighted by a green color. It can be turned off on sheet dialog options. Right click sheet and choose "Properties..."
  • Qt localization improved. Sisulizer can now automatically import translations existing file. Also you can select one of the localized .ts file (e.g. sample_de.ts) instead of neutral (e.g. sample.ts).
  • XML: When Sisulizer write localized XML file it uses teh same encoding (e.g. > or >) than in the original items in the original file.
  • If alternative original is given for a project Sisulizer can use it instead of actual original when exporting data.
  • Windows: Custom resource localization improved. Supports now text, binary, image, XML and HTML data.
  • MaxPixels effects to the visual target font, not the sheet font.
  • PO: Sisulizer scans also plural forms.
  • PO: Sisulizer maintains the original formatting (e.g. white spaces)
  • SlMake: If you used -status option with export task SlMake crashed.
  • Importing from .mpr (5.x) or .mld file did not work if the were TMemo items or languages witha country (e.g. pt-PT).
  • Importing from TMX fiel did not work if items contained trailing or leading white spaces.
  • Missing char validation reports character only once even if multiple hits found.
  • WPF: Sisulizer could not scan some BAML data but caused an error.
2008 build 277
December 1, 2008
  • XLIFF import and export implemented.
  • Support for TMX 2.0 added.
  • String resources in .resx can now be treated also as structured string, XML or HTML instead of plain string.
  • VCL: Sisulizer scans TListView and TTreeView data of Delphi 2009.
  • If your project used more than one custom assembly files (e.g. 3rd party library) Sisulizer could not compile .resx to .resources but reported the following error: Caught a PathTooLongException saying "The specified path, file name, or both are too long. The fully qualified file name must be less than 260 characters, and the directory name must be less than 248 characters.".
  • VB: if a list box contained no list items Sisulizer created incorrect loalized FRX data that caused localized project sometimes not to compile.
  • Qt: If context element of .ts file contained sub elements Sisulizer could not scan the file.
  • Clipped text validation works also for check boxes and radiobutton.
  • CTRL + Z (Undo) works for resized controls in Visual Editor even when the translation sheet is inactive.
  • If you selected the last visible line on the validation list, the right line was not selected but line after that.
2008 build 276
November 25, 2008
  • Sisulizer encodes control characters (0-#x1F, not 9, 10, 13) before writing them to SLP files. For example 0x8 becomes to #08. When writing other XML files such as TMX Sisulizer does not write the above control characters. This makes sure that SLP and other XML based files are always valid XML.
  • String resources in .NET and Windows can now be treated also as structured string, XML or HTML instead of plain string.
  • .NET: When using binary localization Sisulizer did not write localized enum data to satellite assembly files.
  • When Sisulizer created the exchanged project file (.slp). The translation status filtering was always done based on the current language and not the language that was actually being written.
  • Spell checking: If Hunspell spell checker was used Sisulizer could not check correctly those word that contained non-ASCII characters (e.g. ä).
  • Overlapped controls validations were fired for no reason.
  • Windows C++ binary: Japanese custom format ansi string were written incorrectly.
2008 build 275
November 21, 2008
  • Silverlight support added. Sisulizer can localize Silverlight applications on Visual Studio project level, on assembly level and on XAP file level.
  • .NET: Sisulizer can now localize Width and Height of the columns and rows in grid and table panels.
  • .NET: Support for Enum properties added.
  • WPF: Sisulizer failed to scan Width or Height attributes that contained parameters (e.g. {...})
  • Opening Excluded rows dialog (Project | Excluded Rows...) made Sisulizer sometimes to hang.
  • CHM: If the HHC file name contained spaces (e.g. This a sample.hhc) Sisulizer did not add TOC to the localized CHM files.
  • Hiding a seconrary language while editing another cauded an error.
  • Replacing texts while editing a cell caused an error.
  • XML: Sometimes Project Wizard raised an error when you tried to add an XML file.
2008 build 274
October 31, 2008
  • Windows binary: FileVersion and ProductVersion fields in a version resource header will be updated
  • XML and HTML: Sisulizer accepts encoding attribute that is not 100% same with the official encoding value. For example all following are recogniced as Shift-JIS: shift_jis, shift-jis, shift jis and shiftjis
  • Validation result columns can be sorted
  • Translator Edition did not have Build Item and Build All Items menus visible.
  • XML: Sometimes Sisulizer wrote empty value to XML's encoding attribute.
  • Sisulizer wrote control characters (0-#x1F, not 9, 10, 13) without encoding to XML files making them unreadable by other XML tools.
  • WPF: Sisulizer failed to create a valid satellite assembly for assemblies containing custom Page or Window items.
  • Visual C++ binary: Dialog units are fixed
  • Multiline texts on validation rows will be show in a single row
2008 build 273
October 20, 2008
  • Janus Tab control mapped.
  • Windows binary: XML resources can be edited.
  • .NET: Support for ComponentOne's C1.Win.C1FlexGrid.C1FlexGrid added.
  • Sisulizer can now read and write UTF-8 files that contains extended Unicode characters (e.g. those above basic Multilingual Plane).
  • WPF: Sisulizer scans Text attribute of TextBlock.
  • On component mappings you can choose whatever scan sting lists as as single sting or each lines separately
  • Spansh (Spain) splitted to two different locales: Spanish (Spain, Traditional Sort) and Spanish (Spain, International Sort).
  • CHM: By default Sisulizer assumed that original encoding is UTF-8. You have to set the original encodung manually to match you encoding (right click the CHM file and choose Encodings and set Original encoding).
  • VCL: If Tabs property in a TTabControl compoment has been changed SL gave in some cases an AV during saving project.
2008 build 272
October 3, 2008
  • Delphi: Sisulizer can scan tagged resource strings to find out the comments and maximum lenght values.
  • Requires string validation added.
  • SlMake can now export also Excel files.
  • User can edit custom dictionary data Sisulizer.
  • Java: Leading and traling white spaces of key string and leading white space of value string are now removed when scanning.
  • Java: Sisulizer now detect C/C++ kind of message patterns as message strings.
  • CHM: Sisulizer can now create HTML files of CHM in all encoding (UTF-8, Windows, ISO, ...).
  • SlMake exports only string rows.
  • If pseudo translation has been set the statuses of translations are marked as complete.
  • Edit | Find... operation tried to find text from binary rows in some cases. It made Sisulizer to slow down or even hang.
  • WPF: Sisulizer could not translate TextBlock that contained plain text. For example <TextBlock>Plain text</TextBlock> did not translate.
  • If project file is read only translation you can't edit translations trough the edit dialog.
2008 build 271
September 11, 2008
  • VCL: Some ribbon components of Delphi 2009 have been added and mapped (Ribbon, Ribbon page and Ribbon group).
  • Sisulizer can now import Excel sheets that contains empty lines between data lines.
  • Windows 2000: GdiPlus.dll is not required any more.
  • Windows binary: Translation memory can localize better resource string that contain hotkeys and other special characters.
  • WPF: Sisulizer localizes UserControl items as well.
  • Nodes on the project tree are also sorted by natural order (1, 2, 11, 200) not (1, 11, 2, 200).
  • VCL: TLaTranslator can translate properties that have parent object and parent's parent.
    For example BottomAxis.Title.Caption
  • .NET: Some assembly files contained data that Sisulizer could not read. This caused an AV during scaning.
  • Text: If original text file contained non-ASCII sometimes some of the items were scanned as null string.
2008 build 270
September 4, 2008
  • VCL: Delphi 2009 and C++Builder 2009 supported.
  • Support for 64 bits Windows EXE and DLL files.
  • Qt: Comments are also scanned.
  • HTML Help: Building of localized index (.hhk) or content (.hhc) files that were large was very very slow. Now it is fast.
  • Column are soted by natural order (str1, str2, str11, str200) not (str1, str11, str2, str200).
  • XLIFF: Sisulizer can now localize XLIFF file that does not have original attribute in the file element even this attribute is required by XLIFF specification.
  • Qt: Duplicate strings caused only one scanned.
  • In the Short cuts dialog if you clicked Edit without first selecting a line you got an AV.
  • Windows binary: Some version resources were scanned wrongly.
  • VCL.NET: Sisulizer could not disable scanning of binary and picture data. Also exisiting binary or picture rows could not be removed.
  • Windows: Sisulizer could not export embedded HTML data.
  • HTML: If <td>...</td> was introduced without <tr>...</tr> Sisulizer gave an AV.
2008 build 269
August 7, 2008
  • Sheet and range options added to SlMake's import command to make it possible Excel files select sheet and range where to import from.
  • Support for Spanish inverted punctuation marks (¿ and ¡) in TM and duplicate translation added.
  • Sisulizer now supports merged CHM files.
  • Shortcuts can be customized. Choose Tools | Shortcuts... menu.
  • .NET: Sisulizer now support .NET 1.x text rendering. This old text rendering can also be used in .NET 2.0 and later if UseCompatibleTextRendering was set to true.
  • TAdvOfficePager componet has been premapped.
  • XML: If an element contained both comment and value Sisulizer created localized XML files incorrectly.
  • Installing: When upgrading Sisulizer the setup created a new desktop icon.
  • SlMake could not import data from Excel files.
  • If you sorted the validation pane by its columns, selecting a row row didn't mact to the right one on the sheet.
  • Priorites of nodes take effect on sheet filter.
  • If far east sopport hasn't been installe on windows sorting japanese columns caused an excaption.
2008 build 268
July 9, 2008

  • If you have specified custom properties, you gont "Class TStringLink for found" error when opening Silsulizer 1.6 project file.
2008 build 267
July 9, 2008

  • Help | Check for Update caused an error.
  • WPF: Sometimes .xaml compilation into .baml failed.
  • Java: When localization .jar file a rescan marked all string as unused.
  • VCL.NET: After rescan resource strings were marked as unused.
2008 build 266
July 7, 2008
  • Initial Sisulizer 2008 release
  • Excluded data types will be grayed on filter panel.
  • Translation memory: Sisulizer could not use translation of Sisulizr 1.6 translation memory if they contained ! or - characters.
  • If you choosed View | Prev or Next Untranslated Row menu command and sheet was not visible you got an error.
2008 build 265
July 6, 2008
  • Interactive spell checking.
  • Sisulizer can now show WPF form that belong to an assembly or project by clicking Run original or Run localized button on the form editor's tool bar. This helps you to check the exact visual appearance of the localized WPF form.
  • You can save different kind of filrets and seledt them later.
  • Each filter will be saved to history and you can go back and forward of it.
  • Windows Forms: Layout panels do layout more precisely
  • Windows Forms: Scanning on assembly file using serializedc generic array raised an exception and Sisulizer could not scan that form data.
  • Taking a custom dictinary file in use that did not exist made Sisulizer to raise an exception.
2008 build 264
July 3, 2008
  • .NET: If a form's resx file contained plain resource strings Sisulizer could not properly scan them.
  • WPF: Sisulizer raised an exception when building XAML file containing custom fonts.
  • VCL: Validator did not track single % as an error in Format message.
2008 build 263
July 1, 2008
  • Italian translations added.
  • Invalid script validation added.
  • Help topics added to every validation. If you press F1 on validation error list Sisulizer shows the help topic of the validation.
  • Spell checking: Checking off spell checking options did not turn off real time spell/grammar checker.
  • Spell checking: Pressing Test button on Spell Checker dialog caused an access violation if Polar spell checker was used.
  • XML: Context ids were case insensitive. Now they are case sensitive.
2008 build 262
June 27, 2008
  • Realtime grammar checking feature added.
  • WPF: Visual editor improved.
  • Visual C++: Encoding of localized HTML resources can be choosen between UTF-8 and compatible one.
  • HTML: When Keep format option was turned on and text contain escaped text like &ouml; (ö). In that case Sisulizer entered wrong text to translation memory.
  • Windows binaries: Version resources were sometimes corrupted.
  • WPF: Font size was read incorrectly.
  • INI: Sisulizer could not localized INI files that used some other separator character but '='.
2008 build 261
June 14, 2008
  • Sisulizer's VCL units are now Delphi/C++Builder 2008 compatible
  • .NET: Scanning .NET resource data containg PNG image without alpha transparency raised an exception that hanged Sisulizer.
2008 build 260
June 13, 2008
  • Supports installation to a removable drive and DVD/CD drive.
  • Sometimes Sisulizer crashed when unused items were removed. Project | Remove unused items.
  • PO: Scanning was readdy slow on big files. Now it is fast.
  • Custom language ids: When building localized file Sisulizer did not use given Windows code of the custom languages but the default one.
  • Choosing Tools | General raised an exception if live spell checking was enabled and there was a project opened.
2008 build 259
June 6, 2008
  • Support for Hunspell and Lingsoft spell checkers added.
  • Realtime spell checking feature added.
  • .NET: If a .NET project contained no resource files Sisulizer wrote and error to log when building. No error actually occured. The output file could just not be written because there is reason to write it.
  • .NET: Localization of LinkLabel.LinkArea added.
  • When importing data SQL Server or MySQL translation memories and the data contains two similar items that differ only with case an index violation errors was raised.
  • Unnecessary duplicate menu hotkeys validation violations will not generated.
  • VCL and NET: Validation works correctly also in inherited forms.
2008 build 258
May 21, 2008
  • PO: Sisulizer can compile localized .po files to .mo files.
  • .NET: Support for WPF.
  • .NET: Support for .NET 3.0 and .NET 3.5.
  • .NET: Support for Visual Studio 2008.
  • Support for WebHelp.
  • Imporved PO localization including MO compilation.
  • CHM: If the index file (.hhk) contained a null index Sisulizer raised an error.
  • Visual C++: Sisulizer could not create embedded ouput file.


Build New features Improved features Bug fixes
May 16, 2008
  • VCL: FastReport 4.0 components have been mapped
  • Support for proxy server added.
  • HTML: You can edit the attributes of embedded tags. There is a '+' mark inside of a box. Click it to open a dialog.
  • Windows RC: #include directives can be scanned.
  • Excluded string properties are visible on form editor.
  • .NET: Support for System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripContainer control added.
  • VCL: LaMenu.pas unit added that makes short cuts multilingual.

  • Import: Sisulizer did not import localized Serbian resource DLLs correctly.
  • Java: When creating a new Java project Sisulizer could not import country depend resource files (e.g. but required country neutral files (e.g.
  • .NET: If System.Windows.Forms.TableLayoutPanel contained Columns or Rows that had percent containing decimal part Sisulizer did not scan the height or width of the cells correctly.
  • HTML: Statistics are calculated rightly.
May 3, 2008
  • Reading Sisulizer project file has been speeded up.
  • Output history lines have been organized into groups.
  • Text: If the end of the file contained some data that did not match 100% the rules (e.g. comment or partial match) Sisulizer wrote an error.
  • Import: Sisulizer did not import the language item from a .csv file.
  • Ini: If a section contained two or more keys with the same id Sisulizer raised an error.
May 1, 2008
  • Auto complete added to all file and directory edits.
  • If Windows binary source contains untranslated binary resources (BITMAPS, CURSORS, ICONS, etc.) Sisulizer asks to exclude them after loding a project. This makes the project file as small as possible and much fater to open and save. On a new projects all binary resources are excluded by default.
  • Comment feature added to text file localization.
  • RC: Sisulizer failed to scan some RC file using | to combine flags.
April 25, 2008
  • Rows can be filtered with comments.
  • Rows can be marked.
  • If Filter panel was hidded you got on exception during start up.
April 15, 2008
  • SlAddRes.exe command line tool added to Sisulizer installations. Tool can be used to add embedded resources to applications.
  • Export wizard can now export select languages of the currently selected node.
  • VCL: Sisulizer detects wide string usage automatically when creating a new project or adding a new source.
  • Windows RC: Scanning has been opimized.
  • Windows RC: All STRINGTABLE rows are located on a single foder.
  • Some user interface components have been polished.
  • When creating embedded resource DLLs Sisulizer embedded the original file instead of the resource DLL.
  • XML: When importing translations from .slp file in the situation where the original XML fiel was modified after sending .slp file to translator made importing to fail or sometimes imported wrong values.
  • Vista: Sisulizer did not remember the previously used directory.
April 2, 2008
  • When adding .resx file or files to Sisulizer project the form or strings are now in the file node instead of inside a folder.
  • You can sen a minimum string width that will restrict the string to to autotranslated. For example value 3 means that all string length of 2 or less will not be autotranlated.
  • IBO Delphi components have been mapped.
  • .NET: Importing existing translations has been improved. Now you can import from existing localized resource files (.resx) and satellite assembly files (.resources.dll) to a .NET project, solution or assembly source.
  • Windows C++ binary: Text of OCX controls in DLGINIT will not be modified.
  • Sometimes during closing Sisulizer it gave an access error.
  • VB.NET: If a form had a custom namespace Sisulizer used wrong formname in the satellite assembly and .NET runtime could not find it.
  • VB: If translator enterer new line (CR+LF) in the translation it was incorrectly written to .frm file.
  • VB: If VB source code contained combined strings:
    "One" + Chr(10) + Chr(13) + "Two"
    they were not extracted as one string.
  • Importing .mld file containing Traditional Chinese encoded as Ansi failed because data was imported as Simplified Chinese.
  • HTML Help: Localized CHM files always contained binary index even if the original CHM did not.
  • HTML Help: Sisulizer did not read the second Name attribute in the index data.
March 17, 2008
  • Norwegian (Bokmål) translations added.
  • HTML: title attribute of area scan will be scanned.
  • You can backup old lines of Output pane and browse those afterwards.
  • VCL: You can choose to scan inherited forms also hierarchically as tree.
  • Windows key of keyboard will launch a popup menu (on sheet, tree...).
  • Windows binary: If RT_HTML contains an XML data Sisulizer scans it as XML.
  • If Excel sheet to imported contained some empty cells in the begining of the first column after header row importing caused an error.
  • .NET: Items inside group box were shown tool low in visual editor.
  • .NET: If assembly file name was not AssemblyFile.?? Sisulizer failed to read the correct assembly file version.
  • .NET: If Visual Studio project file contains localized Chinese resource files (e.g Form.zh-CHS.resx) Sisulizer did not ignore them but handled them as separate resource and scanned them.
  • Add component mapping generated a "an not focus hidden component".
  • Scanning and iporting from a multilingual PE-file (e.g. .exe or .dll) did not work correctly. The first language resource was always scanned or imported.
  • HTML Help: Some content files (.hhc) used /> in the end of param tag. Sisulizer failed to scan these.
  • HTML Help: Alias and map information was not correctly written to localized .chm files.
  • .NET: Sisulizer failed to scan assemblies compiled by C++.
February 15, 2008
  • Czech and Slovak translations added.
  • .NET: Better support for FlowLayoutPanel.FlowDirection property implemented.
  • .NET: Assembly linker parameters can be given in a solution source per project.
  • .NET: Output directory can be give in a solution source per source so all output files of all projects will be written in the same output file.
  • Even translations that are excatly same as originals will be taken into clipped text validation.
  • Look and feel of Vista dialogs have been improved.
  • .NET: Project Wiard did not let to localize .resx file that name eneded *.??[?].resx. For example One.Two.vv.resx or One.Two.v3.resx were not shown.
  • Ini: If a file contains two or more section with the same name Sisulizer handled them as a single section.
  • .NET: Map component dialog crashed when opened in 1.6.20.
  • Text: If one record contained more than one string Sisulizer extracted only the last one.
  • Text: Regular expressions did not always worked if they were used in before item.
  • Importing text data that contained null characters failed.
  • Case os JSP functions will not be changed.
  • VCL: Building auto sized and right justified TLabel controls.
  • VCL: Opening menu of TForm chrashed if it contains images and image type was excluded.
February 1, 2008
  • Importing data from Excel in context sensitive way did not import anything.
  • HTMLHelp: Importing from Help Help file (.chm) did not work.
  • HTMLHelp: Sisulizer did not scan the index data of CHM file that has been compiled for 1.0 compability.
  • HTML: if you had for example "Hello world <span>good day." as original and you copied it to translation using "Copy Original to Translation" command, Sisulizer copied "Hello world <span>good day.</span>". Notice the extra ending </span> tag. Now no extra tags will be added.
  • Relative paths keep as they were if you edit the project file on some other path or computer. For exmple on a translators machine.
  • VCL: A Label with AutoSize = True and Alignment = taRightJustify can be resized and moved correctly.
January 23, 2008
  • Multiselect rows in "Excluded Rows" dialog.
  • .NET: Is .NET project contained other resource file but .resx (e.g. .xafml) and a solution file (.sln) was added to Sisulizer project the building failed.
  • .NET: 1.6.18 could not build localized assembly files if you did not have either .NET SDK 3.x or Visual Studio 2008 installed.
  • JSP: white spaces will not be touched.
  • Importing data from Excel in context sensitive way did not import anything.
January 21, 2008
  • SlMake: validate command added.
  • In Project Wizard you can select a directory to be localized even the root directory does not contain any file type (only sub directories contain) that you want to localize.
  • SlMake: build command added as synonym to create.
  • PO: .po files can also be used as original file instead of .pot files.
  • If one language of the project already contains pseudo translation these settings will be used as a default value of pseudo translation for other languages in the project.
  • HTML: Scanning the style attribute of the IMG tag added.
  • Execluded Originals dialog has now multi select properties.
  • Building more that one output items (e.g. localized and resource files) used the same file name for all items.
  • JSP: If JSP file contained JSP comments (<%-- ... --%>) or a JSP tag as an attribute value Sisulizer failed to build a valid JSP file.
  • All kind of Short cuts are visible in the menu editor (including Page Up and Page Down).
  • If you hided a column from the popup menu, columns were not allways rejustified.
  • JSP: <% ... %> can be inside values of attributes
  • (Null) translations will be ignored as a candinate of automatic translation.
January 2, 2008
  • You can customize the auto translation to work with identical context only. For example you like to auto translate only the same dialogs elements somewhere else in the project. Choose "General Settings" dialogs and "Translations" tab. On the bottom exits a new radio group element to make the choose.
  • .NET: Sisulizer show correctly System.Windows.Forms.TableLayoutPanel control and its child controls.
December 18, 2007
  • Block exclude tags added to source code localization.
  • .NET: Items in the .resx can be shown sorted (default) or unsorted on the project.
  • "Whole words only" in Find, Replace and Filter dialogs.
  • SlMake: fillpseudo and removepseudo tasks added.
  • DB: Row id localization method no longer require the resource id field having foreign key.
  • HTML: title and accesskey attributes of input element will be scanned. For example: <INPUT type="button" value="Click" title="Alt + C" accesskey="C">.
  • VCL.NET:  Writing localized .resx file did not use language cascading properly (fi-FI-Savo -> fi-FI -> fi -> en).
  • Windows RC: FILEDATA items can be excluded just like all other resource types.
  • VCL: If original property (Left for example) was under 128 and the translation over 128 the was a overflow in a integer nubers. In those cases the new translated value will be written as 16-bits signend value or even as 32-bits if neccessary.
  • VB: Building VB project on language using different code page as the computer's system code page caused invalid strings to the localized forms.
  • Windows binary: Icon and cursor images scanned only after the second scanning.
November 28, 2007
  • Windows RC: FILEDATA items will be scanned and you can translate those. You can also exclude them from the builded RC-file.
  • If row will be set to "Do not translate" all it's translations will have "Complete" statuses.
  • Building of localized source code file has been optimized. Building is now a lot faster.
  • The items of .NET's resource files (not forms) can be show also in the original order instead of sorting them.
  • Ini: Each section of the ini file can be added to the project tree for faster browsing.
  • Clipped text validation works rightly in Windows dialogs.
  • HTML: space after <br> tags are removed.
  • VCL: If the DRC file was in use and some resourcestring were located in a unit that started with '_' letter the scanning failed.
  • VB: New line _ character was sometime missing in the localized file causing an invalid file to written.
  • .NET: Writing localized .resx file did not use language cascading properly (fi-FI-Savo -> fi-FI -> fi -> en).
  • HTML Help: Compiling the localized CHM file failed if the index file name was different to the CHM and custom windows are used.
November 12, 2007
  • You can remove duplicates translations from translation memory using the select translation dialog box.
  • Include and exclude tags editing added to Visual Basic source.
  • .NET: Embedded XML, HTML, images and binary resources are localized. An embedded resource is a file that is stored as raw data instead of embedding into .resources file.
  • Wild card (e.g. *.resx) sources no longer contain sub directories that contain no matching files.
  • Find and Filter Text: New "Accept wild chars" options. If checked '*' and '?' characters are handled as wild chars.
  • "Shift+Del" short cut for excluding rows.
  • Short cuts are visible also on popup menus.
  • Grid settings in form editor will be saved.
  • .NET: Importing existing translations to a .NET source containing wild card file name (.e.g *.resx) did not work.
  • Excluded string were ignored when "Duplicate translation" validation was processed.
  • Windows binary: Scanning version resources sometings hangged.
  • Windows binary: If project file (.SLP) will be edited in a different file path, the file names of optional header (.H) and resource (.RC) will keep valid.
  • .NET. Binary scanning or building sometims caused an error.
  • Translations in excluded nodes will be ignored during the building process.
  • VCL: If TLabel control had taRightJurity as Alignment it couldn't be moved horizontally.
October 5, 2007
  • Support for nRes's resource file format added.
  • Transparent images.
  • BorderWidth property works in forms.
  • Databases: When using row localization and if the language field was not right after the id field Sisulizer could not update localized rows.
  • VCL: Values were shown as items in TDBRadioGroup.
  • Windows C++: BS_LEFTTEXT takes an effect.
October 3, 2007
  • Microsotf Glossary file (.csv) containes single character ... (0x2026) instead of three dots. Sisulizer now removes those characters when importing to the translation memory.
  • Sisulizer now pseudo translates also message pattern strings.
  • "Class TCardinalData not found" error message was sometimes show when trying to open some project files.
October 2, 2007
  • Adding a new translation memory failed (this was introduced in 1.6.10).
October 2, 2007
  • Support for Seram machine translator added.
  • C++ binary: You can now translate the Style and ExStyle properties of Windows dialogs and controls. By default those properties will not be scanned. You can turn scanning on right clicking a control and choosing "Custom Scanning | Style or Extended Style".


  • Selecting OLE DB and password supports added to Access database accessing.
  • Menu command Edit | Goto go... works for translation statuses, data types and priorities too.
  • Sisulizer failed to localize .NET assemblies containing WIN32 bitmap resources with string names.
  • Duplicate rows of excluded nodes will not be translated.
  • Windows C++ binary: Version resources became invalid if some fields of them were excluded.
September 21, 2007
  • Sisulizer scan RT_HTML data of Windows binary as HTML.
  • Support for Access 2007 (.accdb) added.
  • There is a new "Refresh Filter". Pressing it makes the sheet to refresh its rows. For example if you have edited a row and its properties has become out ot filter.


  • Text was not clipped in the label controls of reports.
  • UTF-8 header was not written in ini and text file even if it was checked on.
  • When a new project was created the translation column was hidden by default (this occured only in 1.6.8).
September 19, 2007
  • If you right click the form editor you find a new menu "Browse Components...". It shows all components and their properties in a single dialog.
  • Visual report localization support added for Ace Reporter and ReportBuilder.
  • If you toggle sort order of a column Sisulizer doesn't loose previos selection.
  • Visual C++ binary: You can specify multiple header files (*.h) and resource files (*.rc).
  • Even if you unchecked install language or dictionary the setup installed the file any way.
  • Sometimes Sisulizer detected string to a message string pattern and the validation process reported an unnecessary inconsistent message string validation error.
  • You could not drag and drop localized database table undernearth the original database table.
September 13, 2007
  • When the sheet had been resized, some texts wrapped incorrectry
  • C++: POPUP menus sometimes were not ended correctly.
September 12, 2007
  • Combined string support added to database localization.
  • You can now choose the updation method of Windows resources. Possoble value are: Auto, Windows, Custom. Auto works like it has been. If the generated EXE of DLL are invalid, you can try Windows or Custom.
  • If you have sepecified an alternative original language it is used instead of original in filtering.
  • "Exclude the whole component and its properties" options in component mappings works property.
  • Japanese resource file (Sisulizer.JP) was invalid in 1.6.5. Sisulizer crashed if started in Japanese.
  • If TMX file cotained context data and it was imported by value (e.g. not by context) nothing got imported.
  • If there was a SQL Server translation memory added to Sisulizer it raised an error when starting.
August 30, 2007
  • Support for Firebird database added. Sisulizer can import data from Firebird, localize Firebird tables and store translation memory on a Firebird database.
  • You can select an alternative original language (=any language in the project). The selected language will be used instead of the original on the sheet and WYSIWYG editors. That will help to translate from any other than original language. Choose Project | Options... and select an alternative original.
  • Visual Basic: Visual support implemented for MSComctlLib.TabStrip and TabDlg.SSTab controls.
  • .NET: Resource data can be handled as combined strings, XML or HTML in addition of plain text, image and binary data.
  • Importing data from large Excel files caused an error.
  • .NET: If .NET runtime directory (e.g. C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework) contained two directories for the same .NET version (e.g. beta and release) Sisulizer used the first one (beta) and that caused creating the localized satellite assembly files failing.
  • .NET binary localization: If you excluded a node in the project Sisulizer could not create localized satellite assembly file.
August 22, 2007
  • HTML: This kind of code <THEAD>Some text here</THEAD> doesn't raise an exception.
  • Visual Basic: List index out of bound error happened sometimes hen scanning VB forms.
  • .NET: Run original was enabled event if the drive did not contain Visual Studio project file.
August 21, 2007
  • Localization of TMX files implemented.
  • Importing by context from text and Excel files implemented.
  • You can now specify a project file together with a DRC file to make sure that the unit and resource string names are right if you use '_' characters in those names.
  • TCoolBar component has a right mapping.
  • Form editor properties dialogs works again.
August 15, 2007
  • Import and Export buttons of text definition did not do anything.
  • Importing from text and Excel file imported string sometimes incorrectly if the system code page of OS did not match the imported data.
August 13, 2007
  • Validation and DBISAM translation memories added to Translation Edition and Personal Edition.
  • INI: Sisulizer supports quoted and escaped strings.
  • Activating IME and keyboards automatically then a translation column is selected has been saved also into a general settings. When you create a new project, those setting will be remembered.
  • Visual C++ sources: By default texts of spin controls are ignored during the scanning process. There if however an option that can be set on to enable scanning.
  • JSP: Better support for JSP implemented and JSP samples added.
  • Text import did not save the text definitions.
  • Text import could not import all languages but only one language.
  • HTML Help: Sometimes Sisulizer raised an error when scanning index data from .chm file.
  • HTML Help: Index context was case insensitive when it should have been case sensitive. This caused some items to appear as single row.
  • Visual C++ sources: Checking "Single string table" options made the project file into unreadable state.
August 8, 2007
  • .NET: Tested and mapped with DotNetBar components.
  • .NET: Safe localization of LayoutString property of Janus controls implemented.
  • VCL: Tested and mapped with ElevateDB and JEDI components.
  • Two new column: Characters and Pixels. Characters tells the length on current translation in chars and Pixels in pixels.
  • Text file localization can now use regular expressions to define the file format.
  • VCL: You can now use '_'-characters in the unit names that contain resource string if you are using symbolic names by a DRC-file.
  • The translation toolbar bellow the standard toolbar is hidden by default. A similar toolbar is visible above the sheet. You can show the old translation toolbar choosing "View | Toolbars" menu
  • VCL: Tested and mapped with newest Raize components.
  • VCL: Tested and mapped with newest DBISAM components.
  • VCL: Tested and mapped with newest ACE Reporter components.
  • HTML: Scanning of large HTML files made faster.
  • HTML Help: Sisulizer localizes also auto generated index items.
  • HTML Help: WYSIWYG added to contents localization.
  • You can now set all selected rows by Set Max Chars and Pixels menu commands.
  • Numeric column (like max characters and pixels) are sorted by numeric (1, 2, 10) not by strings (1, 10, 2).
  • XML: Sisulizer keeps the existing translations even if you have modified the original XML file and even if you do not use context attributes.
  • VCL: TLaTranslator raised an Unknown type error when form or data module contained vaNull value.
  • .NET: When using binary localization Sisulizer sometimes wrote invalid resource data.
  • Pasting text into null cell left sometimes the translation status "Not translated".
  • Importing from the old Borland Translation Repository file (.xml) failed to decode escaped characters (e.g. \").


Build New features Improved features Bug fixes
July 11, 2007
  • Sisulizer now remembers the last used directory.
  • Translate duplicates translates also string where case does not match (e.g One and ONE).
  • If you rename any component not only the translations but also the comments will be copied from the old rows.
  • HTML Help: Sisulizer did not correctly set language and encoding metatags. This caused output files showing mojibake text.
  • RC: Relative paths e.g "..\Res\RedBitmap.bmp" are written with '\\' as "..\\Res\\RedBitmap.bmp".
  • RC: Translated images don't have relative paths.
July 9, 2007
  • .NET: .Resx file containing embedded icons caused Sisulizer to fail scanning.
July 5, 2007
  •   Support for Trolltech's Qt translation files (.ts) added.
  • Exporting data to a text file can now be encoded using C/C++ escapes (e.g. \n) instead for Sisulizer escapes (e.g. #n).
  • For color types there is a second button on the cell. Old to drop down a list and new to open a dialog.
  • DB: Build options can be set table specific.
  • Importing .csv file to the translation memory seemed to import ok but did not import anything.
  • If you removed or added a language the translation column of sheet got hidden.
  • '&'-character draws correctly in the context column.
  • VCL: Embedded resource DLLs were sometimes invalid.
  • Database: When update mode was skip incomplete Sisulizer removed empty row from the project when building the project.
  • .NET: Sisulizer did not sign the satellite assembly files correctly.
  • Sisulizer reported and error when adding document to a Interbase translation memory.
June 28, 2007
  • Perl: Sisulizer keeps the original string delimiter (e.g. ' or ") and does not change all to ".
  • .NET: Sisulizer reads the default output dir from Visual Studio project file.
  • VCL: TLaTranslator translated a property only if the value in the resource file differs from the current value.
  • In HTML all &nbsp; entities will be removed before and after text. If you have a "&nbsp;Hello&nbsp;" it will generate only a "Hello" row.
  • VCL: The whole Quick Report area is scrollable.
  • Pseudo translation support now all scripts and languages. The original language can be other than English.
  • VCL: TLaTranslator raised "Could not convert variant of type (String) into type (Double)" when translating a Char or WideChar property. This did not happen on Delphi 2007 but earlier.
  • .NET: Some forms caused Sisulizer to raise an "Resource data contains unknown data for" error when using assembly file (.exe or .dll) localization.
  • XML: XSL files were mapped with wrong file extension (.xls instead .xsl).
  • If you filtered sheet with a long original text (e.g " Values of the localize attribute that disable localization") you got an index out of bounds error.
  • VCL: Quick Report bands are in the right order.
June 22, 2007
  • Shows zoomed Quick Reports correctly
  • VCL: Toolbar buttons with AutoSize:=True will be displayed correctly.
  • Database: Database and items are now on two different tabs to enlarge space for items. Row id localization accepts GUID type primary keys.
  • Importing existing translations: If the localized resource contains an item it is imported even if it equals to the original string.
  • File | Exchange, click Import translated project file did not import translated project file but created a translation package for translator.
  • If a TLabel in VCL had both AutoSize and WordWrap True it was not justified to several lines.
  • In HTML sometimes when you was opening a project file on a different computer that didn't have the same directory structure Sisulizer hang up and you got an "Out of memory" error.
  • Back and Forward buttons on the top of project tree were sometimes mixed after scanning.
June 18, 2007
  • VB: Support for Hexagora Unicode Controls added.
  • Support for WorldLingo machine translator added.
  • ReportBuilder: Sisulizer adds support for RB's text report format.
  • SQL Server: Row id localization implemented.
  • Report: Words in reports are calculated both by original and translation values.
  • TM: Sisulizer works with SDL Trados 2007.
  • "Path"-column has been renamed to "Context".
  • Inherited Quick Report-components can also be resized.
  • Pressing "Default filter" while editing discards the current changes instead of saving it.
  • If you was editing on the sheet and validated the project or form you got an error message.
  • "Click to map" for unknown components (pink boxes) works now in VB too.
June 14, 2007
  • When some properties of a source has been edited only the changed source will be asked to rescan, not whole project.
  • In Windows RC source the language and charset of version block will be updated.
  • File | Exchange collects now all different exchange methods in a same dialog.
  • .NET: If you unchecked Compile assembly file in a .NET project source the option came back next time you open the dialog.
  • .NET: If checking All in Items that localized resource files contain did not make Sisulizer to include all items to the localized .resx file. Now the structure of the created resource files is identical.
  • XML: Tags containing several . (e.g. <this.another.sample>) in their names were not scanned and no string was extracted.
  • Printing works correctly.
  • Some Windows RC-resources were skipped.
  • If you were editing a cell on the sheet and opened another project an error occurred.
June 12, 2007
  • XML: If you change the properties of XML source Sisulizer will prompt for rescan.
  • You can choose to skip writing excluded resources (e.g bitmaps, icons...) in localized Windows RC-files.
  • File names to images (e.g bitmap, icons) can have relative paths in localized Windows RC-files.
  • Excluded rows will not be translated in the localized file.
  • Filtered path column words are also highlighted.
  • XML: Right clicking the Tabs sheet selects the element before showing popup menu.
  • .NET: Sisulizer failed to import existing translation from resource file that were in a sub directory of the project file.
  • XML: Tags containing . (e.g. <this.sample>) in their names were not scanned and no string was extracted.
June 8, 2007
  • Language field in Windows binary version resource will be updated to the target language during building process.
  • Importing from existing localized files is now much faster.
  • Sheet filter can handle negative values of long threshold. Negative threshold value means that translation is shorter than original.
  • You can now filter sheet also by excluding the giving text. For example Original text: "OK", Translation "OK" and Excluded check box checked => all rows that do not contain text "OK" in the translation column will be shown. Great feature to check consistent use of terms.
  • Ctrl+A selects all the text when you are editing.
  • .NET: Sisulizer failed to import existing non form resource strings if the selected project was a VB project instead of C# project.
  • Edit | Find... "&Whole strings only" was not working if "Ignore &Prefix (&&) characters" was checked.
  • Sometimes if you pressed quickly green Back and Forward buttons above project tree SL crashed.
  • If you double clicked the first word on a line, the last word of the previous line was selected too.
  • There was a calculation error in project report. It occurred when project contains more then one source.
June 1, 2007
  • When editing Shift + Mouse left click select text between cursor and new clicking point
  • .NET: Validation caused an error if a string contained { and } and not an number following {.
  • .NET: For some forms Sisulizer gave a warning that Localizable property is not set true even it was set true.
  • Exporting items from translation engine when a project was opened caused an error.
  • When editing and you clicked to another cell the sheet left to a cell selecting state
  • Print Preview works again (this got broken in the build 1.5.5)
  • Edit | Replace... was not working correctly in certain situations
May 29, 2007
  • .NET: Xceed components tested and mapped.
  • .NET: Runtime language change classes added.
  • Visual C++: You can assign a resource.h file to a Visual C++ binary source to make string IDs symbolic instead of numeric.
  • Windows binary: Sisulizer can imports existing translations from a multilingual PE file.
  • The cutting of long strings in the project tree has been speeded up.
  • .NET: If a ListView or component derived from ListView has column headers and the component was not mapped to list view the project got dirty (e.g. needs to be saved) after every scan.
  • Visual C++: Sisulizer failed to create multilingual output file.
May 25, 2007
  • VCL: TLaModule classes added. These make it possible to perform runtime language change for form containing list views, tree views, combo boxes and list boxes.
  • Same auto keyboard and IME setting as in the sheet effect also in the translation dialog.
  • Secondary language columns are not read only anymore.


  • VCL: Changing language on runtime caused Sisulizer's function to crash if a form contained DevExpress components.
  • SlMake: Exchange did not include the project file to the EXE package.
  • If loading of the project file was canceled the hour glass cursor remained on the screen.
  • Updating the scroll bars of the sheet.
May 23, 2007
  • SlMake: When using add command and Sisulizer project file does not exists, Sisulizer creates a new project.
  • VCL: Sisulizer's VCL units in <sldir>\VCL do not reload each form after language change but simply translate existing forms, their components and properties. This will ensure that there is minimal impact to the current state of forms. No flickering and very fast translation.
  • VCL: Sisulizer's VCL functions are now Delphi 5 and later compatible.
  • .NET: When using assembly localization Sisulizer can now create also localized .resources file and not only the localized satellite assembly file.
  • There is a version number in the project that will be increment on each scan. Also the last date of the scan will be saved. You can see those project information choosing Project | Information... menu.
  • Report file names and other report settings will be saved to the desktop file (.SDS). Those settings will be restored when project file will be reopened.
  • .NET: Setting a node to Excluded in the project tree disables the building and compiling of the corresponding resource file.
  • Vista: Sisulizer setup installs Sisulizer samples files into users personal folder instead of the application folder. This is because by default application folder does not have modify access rights.
  • Documentation and samples about resource DLLs and multilingual PE files.
  • You can change the order of columns on the sheet.
  • Wild cards ('*' and '?') can be used in the Find and Filter dialogs. For example "*edit", that accepts all texts ending with "edit".
  • Auto translation has been improved. Only translations with status Translated or higher will be accepted as translation candidates.
  • Norwegian, bokmål language code changed from "no" to "nb".
  • Vistas new languages and locales added so they are also available for XP/2000 users.


  • .NET: Adding a file to the Excluded file list of the source did not exclude scanning or building the file.
  • .NET: When using binary localization for an assembly that contains a resource string with a length in between 64 and 128 characters caused Sisulizer to create invalid resource data that .NET runtime could not load.
  • .NET: Forms that had different parent information on .resx and source (.cs or .vb) caused Sisulizer to raise an error. Now Sisulizer ignores information from .resx if it conflicts to source.
  • VCL: When Sisulizer created a multilingual EXE it left the original neutral resources intact what caused that localized resources were never used.
  • VCL: Sisulizer's VCL functions did not compile on Delphi 5.
  • VB: If the translation of a Label component was longer than the original text Sisulizer's visual editor showed text on two lines. However there was no error in the localized file created by Sisulizer.
  • VB: Sisulizer failed to scan .ctl file having binary data in .ctx files.
  • Database: Row localization without combined primary key did not work with Paradox and dBase.
  • Vista: Sisulizer raised an exception after pressing OK in the General Settings dialog (Tools | General). Changed settings were not stored.
  • SlMake could not compile localized .NET satellite assembly files but reported an error about missing .NET runtime.
  • When importing data from existing localized files and those files contained comments Sisulizer imported the comment to the row and not to translation.
  • When another language has been selected, the view mode of the project tree will be refreshed.
May 9, 2007
  • Edit controls for both row and translation comments has been added to the Text pane. By default those are visible. You can hide them choosing "Properties...".
  • Importing from Multilizer improved such way that it keeps most of the source options such as localized items and output directories. Also Sisulizer now check if the localized files are up to date before importing them.
  • Icons will be shown on the left top corners of Forms in the visual form editor.
  • If you add a new source into the project all new row statuses will be cleared automatically.
  • Database: New variant of row localization added using id and language id fields that are not part of primary key.
  • HTML Help: Creating an exchange package made all rows hidden in the package.
  • Message Windows binary resources with IDs over 16-bit boundary can be handled.
  • Project | Edit Source... menu will be updated correctly.
  • Excel export: The header line was sometimes written incorrectly leaving some column names unwritten.
  • .NET: Importing an satellite assembly file to a .NET project source (e.g. .csproj added to .slp) did not import anything.
  • XML: Sisulizer created invalid localized XML files of the original file contained CDATA and text elements mixed in the same tree path.
May 3, 2007
  • Sisulizer opens Multilizer project files (version 6 and 2007) and converts them to Sisulizer format. You can import data from all Multilizer project files including version 5.
  • Importing from existing files now imports all kind of data include changed user interface positions and sizes, and fonts.
May 1, 2007
  • VCL: Support for binary properties (e.g. headers and items) of TElTree, TElXTree, TElShellTree, TElShellList, TElTreeStringGrid and TElXTreeStringGrid added.
  • XML: Unchecking some element items from the property dialog and then rescanning caused scanning to fail.
April 30, 2007
  • Sisulizer can now import existing translations when adding new source to the project.
  • XML: A comment tag before the root element caused Sisulizer to crash when reading the XML file.
April 30, 2007
  • Sisulizer user interface localized to Traditional Chinese.
  • VCL: ElPack controls mapped and default output string format of ElPack components set to WideString. Sisulizer now support both Unicode enabled VCL library: TNT and ElPack.
  • .NET: Support for FlowLayoutPanel and TabelLayoutPanel components added.
  • VCL: When using SetNewResourceFile functions the application form does not move to the default position any more but maintains its current position and size.
  • HTMLHelp: If .chm file had sub directory that contained other files but HTML or image files compilation of the localized .chm file failed.
  • VB: When closing Visual Basic source dialog even without changes Sisulizer project got dirty (e.g. need to be saved).


Build New features Improved features Bug fixes
April 20, 2007
  • Back and Forward buttons on the toolbar top of project tree. You can browse trough selecting history by those buttons.
  • Perl: Sisulizer now properly scan Perl strings using qq{...} and qq(...) formats.
  • Only the first one that opens the same Sisulizer's project file gets it as writable. All the other opens it as read only.
  • C#: When localizing Visual Studio project or solution files Sisulizer extracted incorrectly the resource name of string resources. This caused that .NET runtime could not use the localized strings resources.
  • VCL: When using the functions of LaResource.pas switching back to the original language failed.
  • .NET: Importing data from existing .resx file did not import all strings. For example menu items and items in the container controls were not imported.
April 13, 2007
  • SlMake: -nosave option added
  • .NET: When component mapping was changed or mapped at the first time the currently mapped  component was not properly removed and caused form shown visually incorrect.
  • .NET: When importing data from existing satellite assembly files Sisulizer did not import translations of components what belong to a container other than the form.
  • .NET: Inherited forms did not show correctly on visual editor.
April 10, 2007
  • You can open each pane into separate floating window.
  • .NET localization is now completely .NET version independent. Sisulizer works with any .NET version.
  • .NET: Sisulizer does not load .NET assembly files any more when scanning them. Because of this the assembly files will not be locked.
  • You can resize a column to fit text by double clicking the column when the resizing cursor is on.
  • Perl: Sisulizer now properly scan Perl strings using qq/.../ format.
  • .NET: Visual editor showed the check box aligned as mirrored (check box on right and text or left).
  • .NET: When building localized files Sisulizer sometimes tried to write a tempory file to D:\Output.ser and that failed if drive d: did not have write access rights.
March 20, 2007
  • Translate duplicates ignores spaces, colons and &-characters as translation memory does.
  • Saving the project doesn't clear the undo buffer anymore.
  • VCL.NET: Localized resource were invalid and .NET runtime could not use them.
  • Vista: Options file (Sisulizer.slo) and default translation memory files (TM\*.*) moved to users document directory (e.g. C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Sisulizer 1).
  • The normal windows dialogs in Delphi EXE were sometimes built with invalid width and heights.
February 26, 2007
  • Supports Delphi 2007
  • HTML: You can specify by an extension which files will be copied during building process
  • .NET: When importing .resx files to an existing project Sisulizer uses the namespace of the existing project instead of the namespace of the imported file. This makes it possible to import existing resource files even after you have changed the namespace of your application.
  • In HTML you can select different text segments separately
  • If you have set special sheet filters on there is an indicator on the filter panel
  • VCL: Sisulizer could not scan forms containing TcxProgressBar control.
  • If all rows has been filtered out and you pressed the "Next Untranslated"-button on the Text pane, you got en error
February 22, 2007
  • Sisulizer user interface localized to Simplified Chinese.
  • Sisulizer failed to start on Windows 2000. This bug existed only on build 1.1.21
February 16, 2007
  • New sheet filter. On Text panel of sheet filter dialog you find a "Translated strings that are identical to the original values" check box. Checking it will show only those string rows that have identical translation with original value.
  • New sheet column: Translation status image. You can put it visible instead of text. It saves space.
  • Sisulizer can export data from project to Microsoft Excel. It can also import data from Excel to project or translation memory. Excel does not need to be installed on the computer.
  • VB: Sisulizer scans also standard Windows resources such as strings, bitmaps and icons.
  • Export Wizard: Sisulizer remembers previous settings and output languages can be mapped.
  • When you are editing a cell on the sheet and holding Ctrl-key down left and right arrows jump to the left/right word. Previous builds stop editing and moved to the next cell.
  • Filter check boxes has images
  • You can move controls by arrows keys without holding down the Ctrl-key
  • If you created Sisulizer project file on computer having one UI language (e.g English) and opened it on a computer having different (e.g. French) the language names in the sheet were still on the language that was used to create the project.
  • .NET: Running a .NET application from Sisulizer changed Language settings in the Regional Options of Control panel.
  • Sisulizer did not properly export content of translation memory to a TMX file.
  • .NET: Sisulizer did not write custom strings to the localized .resx files
  • The input focus of sheet was sometimes losed after scanning.
  • On "Translate Duplicate Strings"-dialog the checkboxes had no visual response to the clicking.
February 6, 2007
  • Translations from localized .resx files and from satellite assembly files can be imported to .NET projects.
  • Project Wizard can import existing translations into a .NET project.
  • .NET: User can control if resource values matching the original values are written to the localized resource files.
  • HTML WYSIWYG drawing improved (for example <div>)
  • .NET: Scanning forms containing Infragistics sometimes caused an error.
  • VCL: TSpeedButton was mapped to an ordinary button in VCL. Now it is a speed button.
February 2, 2007
  • New "Locked" button on the form editor toolbar. Pressing it you can freeze all controls on the form. After that controls can not be moved or resized by mouse. That prevents to move controls accidently.
  • Highlighting for identical strings in the original language and localized language columns.
  • Sisulizer localizes also 64-bit PE files (e.g. .EXE and .DLL).
  • HTML Help support added. Sisulizer localizes .CHM files.
  • .NET: Support for Infragistics.Win.UltraWinTabControl.UltraTabControl control added.
  • Sisulizer user interface localized to Polish.
  • When you map or remap a component its rows keep the same status as old component. No new rows will be generated.
  • Localized HTML files will be generated automatically if you press Run Localized button and those don't exist or are outdated.
  • Unused items (nodes, components, rows) will be removed automatically after scanning if they have no translations.
  • You also can input empty strings ("") to translations.
  • Windows binary version resource was sometimes localized wrongly
  • .NET: Sisulizer sometimes failed to scan a form having ListView component
  • .NET: Saving project containing forms with images sometimes took really long time. Sisulizer seemed to hang.
  • .NET: Sisulizer did not show some of the images in the visual editor.
  • VB.NET: Sisuslizer did not get the visual information of all components.
  • If you pressed Ctrl+G (Edit | Next untranslated Row) while editing the selection of the new row was not updated.
January 18, 2007
  • Search results pane. There is a Find All button in the Find dialog. Pressing it, all matching rows will be collected to this new pane. You can browse those rows afterwards.
  • If control will be sized automatically it has only one white tracker on the left top corner. Not eight blacks like normally.
  • Windows 2000: Choosing Column | Language properties caused Sisulizer to raise an exception.
January 16, 2007
  • Japanese translations completed
January 13, 2007
  • ASP: Sisulizer did not scan ASP files if the source name was ...*.asp.
  • ASP: Some ASP files caused range check error when scanning the script data.
  • Importing data from a text or tmx file sometimes caused an exception.
January 11, 2007
  • The date of DRC file in Delphi projects will be checked during scanning
  • Delphi: An example that shows how to select and change the language on runtime without Sisulizer's select language dialog added.
  • Translating from Asian languages to European languages Sisulizer's translation memory did not pick up the right hotkey.
  • XML: When XML has nested elements having multiple child elements with the same name Sisulizer scanned only the first element. 
  • Sometimes Sisulizer crashed after start: Unknown data type.
  • Unused Windows accelerators were not deleted Duplicate Windows Accelerator item context generation has been fixed. Some accelerators will get a new context.
December 20, 2006
  • When saving Asian (Chinese, Korean and Japanese) translations to the translation memory Sisulizer did not properly remove Asian hotkeys.
December 19, 2006
  • Custom source code can have different string begin and end delimiters.
  • Sisulizer user interface localized to French.


  • Bidirectional localization improved by implementing reading order change and mirroring. Bidirectional samples added.
  • RC: Dialog caption will be shown on the project tree if dialog id is numeric.
  • VB: Sisulizer did not detect .cls file as Visual Basic source code but custom source code.
  • VCL: Sisulizer wrote some string data incorrectly when the application was written in Delphi 5 or earlier.
  • RC: DIALOG files all styles after STYLE command weren't read.
  • XML_ Sheet filtering bug for XML data types fixed. Special filters were not working properly for XML data types.
December 11, 2006
  • You can filter strings by the length of the translation
  • Translation fallback feature implemented. If you have a sub language or language variant and it does not have a translation Sisulizer uses the translation of the main langauge (if any).
  • .NET: Tested and mapped with Infragistics's NetAdvantace components and Janus components.
  • VB: Sisulizer scans List property of VB.ListBox and VB.ComboBox components. Also binary Text and TextRTF properties are scanned.
  • HTML: Sisulizer can automatically copy image files from original directories to localized directories.
  • VCL: Tested and mapped with newest Developer Express components. Localizes also binary data of DevExpress components.
  • Sheet combobox drop down button changed to XP-style.
  • VB: MSForms compoments mapped and Picture data scanning implemented.
  • An error occured when importing localized files.
  • VCL (BDS 2006 or later): If a form contained a TListView component and it contained some items scanning of the forms failed.
  • .NET: Sisulizer did not scan correctly shortcuts having arrow keys (up, down, left and right).
  • .NET: Sometimes Sisulizer wrote the image data into the localized .resx file even if the image was not translated.
  • .NET 1.1: System.Windows.Forms.TabPage was not aligned to the client area but Location property was used in Sisulizer visual editor.
  • VB: Custom font size was scanned as zero. This caused Sisulizer to write invalid FRM files.
  • SlMake: import command did not use the -separator option.
November 27, 2006
  • System language and locales were improved to hold custom language, countries and variants.
  • You can sort some columns of list views by clicking them.
  • .NET: If localized assembly files created by Sisulizer were signed .NET runtime could not use them.
  • When importing to a column some other column that has different language code caused Sisulizer to import data to a column that has the same language code.
November 7, 2006
  • Sisulizer user interface localized to Russian
  • Old texts will be found better in HTML if you add and modify tags and texts
  • You can force edit and sheet windows to be repainted when you hold down an arrow key in the project tree. Right click project tree, choose "Tree Properties..." and check "Repaint windows when the user is holding down an arrow key"
  • VCL: ShortKey conversion from Text
  • .NET: Is .NET 3.0 was installed Sisulizer thought that .NET 2.0 applications were .NET 1.1 applications.
November 1, 2006
  • Validation list report in HTML format
  • Separate settings for original and translation validations
  • Spell checking did not work if the string contained shortkey in the middle of the string (e.g. E&nd:)
  • XML: After scanning Sisulizer sometimes crashed.
  • Excluded original validations will be saved to project file.
October 30, 2006
  • You can now validate also original values (check duplicate hotkeys for example)
  • New "Filter"-toolbar has been made. The filtering buttons of standard toolbar has been moved into it. By default it is hidden.
  • Output log will be saved to the HTML-format. It displays the log in HTML browser. Print and Copy buttons has been removed. You can do those actions from the browser.
  • Importing .slp file to the translation memory failed.
October 24, 2006
  • Multi cell paste. If you have a single line text on clipboard and you paste it to the selection that contains multiple cells, the text will be pasted into each cells
  • .NET: Inherited elements in the inherited forms are shown better in the visual editor.
  • If row is "Read Only" you can now change it's status and comment
  • .NET: Visual editor showed tabs in the visual editor in wrong order.
October 19, 2006
  • Sheet filter dialog remembers last time selected page sheet.
  • Sisulizer has Office like menus.
  • Menu editor has scrolling capabilities.
  • Some menu images added.
  • Column sorting has been optimized.
  • Separate VCL Source Options "Scan images from from data" has been removed. The same action can be found from "Excluded types" sheet.
  • Right clicking an item on the recent files area and choosing Remove all from the list showed a confirmation dialog box. It worked upside down. When you pressed Yes nothing was removed. When you pressed No all was removed.
  • A custom value in the Output files in the source dialog did not get saved.
October 17, 2006
  • Sisulizer setup and application work on Windows Vista. Currently Sisulizer requires administrator privileges. This means that the user that install and uses Sisulizer must have admin user rights. We will make Sisulizer compatible to standard users in near future.
  • You can download original HTML files from the server to Sisulizer. You can download all files or modified only.
  • You can determine where an image or text appears on a toolbar button.
  • Source toolbar. It is located above the project tree. You can find there the most common tasks of the selected source.
  • Importing from localized files is now much much faster plus Sisulizer shows the process on a progres bar.
  • Some toolbar flickering eliminated.
  • Menu drawing.
  • Sisulizer saved absolute path to the translation memory directory. This prevented Sisulizer to open the translation memory ("DBISAM access error to SLIMINFORMATION TABLE")  if installation drive mapping changed (e.g. from D: to E:).
  • When importing data to a project Sisulizer imported translations to the rows that were either excluded or marked as read only.
  • .NET: If the menu unit was something else but points Sisulizer marked font row modified and made project dirty (e.g. need to be saved).
  • VCL: Icons were scanned incorrectly on forms. This caused Sisulizer to create invalid form data for localized forms having icon data.
  • Commits editing on the text pane if another node has be selected.
October 12, 2006
  • Sisulizer adds removed translations automatically to translation memory
  • .NET: Sisulizer localizes also WIN32 resources of .NET assemblies such as version and icon resources.
  • HTML: You can upload localized files to the server directly from Sisulizer
  • You can quickly add a new language selecting from toolbar's last item "Add..."
  • .NET: Sisulizer visual editor can show referenced images. This means images that a resource file use but the actual image data is on different resource file.
  • XML, Source code and Ini: Visual editor improved to accept key strokes to scroll and move around in the document.
  • Ini: Sisulizer always selected all nodes in the ini file to be localized when editing the properties of a ini file.
  • XML: Sisulizer always selected all tags in the xml file to be localized when editing the properties of a xml file.
  • XML: If a XML file did not use context (e.g. id) attributes and a tag contained many sub tags with the same name Sisulizer did not scan them correctly.
  • VCL: If Form scaling in the source dialog was set to Scale forms Sisulizer failed to create localized files.
  • When "Show items that need to be translated" or "Show items that need to be completed" has been selected in combobox above the project tree, and the project is been saved the translations of hidden nodes were not saved to the project file
  • Source code: Visual editor did not show starting expression part of the string where an expression was used.


Build New features Improved features Bug fixes
October 5, 2006
  • VCL: Calling LaResource.SetNewResourceFile in the case when a form contains a component with empty name (TComponent.Name = '') raised "Ancestor for '' not found" exception.
October 3, 2006
  • You can validate a single form (or node) only.
  • .NET. Other resources but string are localized in the non-form based .resx files.
  • Generating the unique names has been changed. The old tail was "_n". The new is "_#n". Where n is a integer number. Rescanning the project will generate new rows and the old will be marked as unused. You can remove those unused rows choosing Project | Remove unused items from main menu and clear new statuses choosing Project | Clear new status.
  • .NET: Binary localization improved to same level as resource file and project file localization. Sisulizer scans color, BorderStyle and FormBorderStyle properties and all properties from list and tree view. Starting from this build binary .NET localization has the same features as resource file or project file localization.
  • XML: If XML file contained several elements with same name and each element contains sub elements Sisulizer scanned only the last one.
  • Hotkey validations have restricted to forms only
  • Duplicate menu hot keys validation
  • .NET: If a non-form based .resx contained other resource types but string Sisulizer failed to localize it.
September 22, 2006
  • IntraWeb components mapped and tested.
  • Visual Basic: Sometimes VB forms contain an empty icon. Sisulizer failed to localize such an form.
  • XML: Some XML files caused Sisulizer to hang when scanning the file.
  • .NET: String .resx file that have an empty string caused Sisulizer to hang.
  • Sisulizer inserted embedded resource DLLs using lower case names. This prevented Windows using them.
September 14, 2006
  • "List index out of bound" error sometimes appeared scanning Windows RC-sources.
September 12, 2006
  • XML: If a translation contained & or other entity character Sisulizer wrote the character as &amp;amp; instead of &amp;
  • XML: If include tags were used Sisulizer did not write the end tag correctly causing an invalid XML file to be created. <b>Sample</b> -> <b>Esimerkki<>.
  • .NET: The directories of .NET tools could not be changed (Tools | .NET -> Tools).
  • VCL: The value of the Update Charset property check box in the source dialog did not save.
September 12, 2006
  • Validation Fix and Fix all Undo/Redo implemented
  • Edit comment Undo/Redo implemented
  • Set Max characters and pixels Undo/Redo implemented
  • When you move cursor on the comment mark (red or blue triangle) a popup window will be opened
  • Source code, Ini and XML files can contain expressions that describe how combined data is broken to pieces.
  • Stretch the bounds of buttons, labels, radio buttons and checkbox if translated text doesn't fit in the original space
  • &nbsp; (non-breaking space) entities in HTML will not be changed to UTF-8 chars
  • Visual Basic .NET: Sisulizer set resource names incorrectly in the satellite assembly file. .NET runtime could not find the resources.
  • Sisulizer exported and exchanged excluded nodes.
  • XML: If the tag to be localized contained sub tags and the translation had the sub tags in different order the output file created by Sisulizer did not contain the correct translation.
  • .NET: Sisulizer form editor did not draw multi line button captions correctly.
  • Text: If you exported data to a text file and included context column the context data is the full context information including the file name. When importing this SL checked relative context. This caused that the data could not be imported in a context sensitive way but original only. This caused the duplicate string to be imported wrongly.
  • Text is broken to the several lines in multi line checkboxes and radio buttons
  • Spin button is always on the most top in Windows dialogs
  • .NET: When using binary localization Sisulizer set the version number of assembly always to
  • Menu editor sometimes left drop down menus hanging
  • Sheet "Select Node"-popup menu was not working
  • HTML tables ware broken when <h?> tags ware inside it
  • XML Description was scanned badly in HTML
August 18, 2006
  • Importing of new Microsoft CSV files.
  • When importing glossaries that contains several languages the user can select any language as an original language and the other as translation languages.
  • .NET: Sisulizer now extract the menu structure correctly from assembly files.
  • HTML: Images will be scanned for a single file too.
  • .NET: Sisulizer did not correctly draw main menu of .NET form. The menu was overlapping the forms components.
  • .NET: Sisulizer crashed when scanning some Visual Studio 2003 project files.
  • .NET: If a form did not contain a namespace Sisulizer created assembly files having a wrong resource name. This caused that .NET runtime could not find the localized form resource.
  • .NET 2.0: Localized .resx files sometimes missed assembly alias tag. This caused that they could not be compiled.
  • Text: When selecting a text file source dialog the following error was raised: "The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is  incorrect".
  • If "Restore desktop" from general setting was unchecked the sheet filter types was empty. This has been fixed.
August 10, 2006
  • Sisulizer can now read and write data in UTF-8 from/to database fields.
  • When importing from .mpr file Sisulizer imports also the translation status.
  • Excluded rows are visible but grayed by default
  • If you move cursor the left of a row you will get extra information how the row has been excluded and how to unexclude it.
  • When the original value has been changed the Complete translation status will drop down to For review status.
  • When creating localized .NET resource file that contained a picture or icon and image scanning was disabled Sisulizer created invalid .resx file that caused .resx file compilation to fail.
  • Sisulizer showed error message reported by .NET tools (ResGen) wrong. The log contains some Chinese text that was none sense.
August 7, 2006
  • Some triggers added. For example if user hasn't validated the project for a while a trigger will be activated during building.
  • HTML source also scans images. Images can also be translated

  • You can make a active link to a translation image file
  • Scanning of .NET 2.0 binary file (e.g. .exe) failed: "Class not registered.
  • When Sisulizer project contains more than one source, it was not possible to change source properties (right mouse click on source - menu item properties). When OK button is pressed, message box "The project already contains this source!" is shown.
  • .NET 2.0 forms that had nested split panes caused scanning error.
  • Windows RC-resources DLGINIT string ending
July 31, 2006
  • Sisulizer localizes images and icons of Classic Visual Basic project.
  • When creating localized item of Sisulizer project containing .NET solution files Sisulizer created assembly names wrongly.
  • If the Classic Visual Basic used RichText edit Sisulizer created the localized form incorrectly.
  • Project tree view scrolling during filtered view mode
  • Manifest (RT_MANIFEST) and Toolbar (RT_TOOLBAR) resource writing on Windows binaries
July 26, 2006
  • If a .NET resource file contained .xx. part in the end of its name (x is any character) Sisulizer extracted its name incorrectly without .xx part.
  • Sometimes Sisulizer detected .NET strings resource file (.resx) as a form resource. This caused TStringLink.Name cannot be null error.
  • Sisulizer setup did not install from read only drive (e.g. CD-ROM) but reported that the destination disk has 0 bytes free space.
July 25, 2006
  • Different view modes for the project tree. You can filter all the items that can be translated. Or only those that need to be translated.
  • When node is completely translated, a green check will be displayed.
  • Menu item editor. You can edit the different parts of selected menu item.
  • Sisulizer localizes ImageList component of .NET
July 20, 2006
  • When changing the edit language Sisulizer did update the active visual editor but it showed the item in previous language.
  • When importing from TMX having context values Sisulizer did not import all items of HTML or XML files.
July 17, 2006
  • Sisulizer can now import strings from localized source code files.
  • When you move cursor to the left of a row in the sheet and keep it there for a while a hint window will appear.
  • When importing localized XML or HTML files not all strings were imported.
  • The default output file of localized .jar files was wrong. Sisulizer used sub directory instead of bundle name.
  • RC-menu building on some Japanese translations.
July 12, 2006
  • Quick access to some validations (clipped text, invalid hotkey, overlapped controls) in form WYSIWYG
  • Automatic fixes during validation
  • Sisulizer localizes .NET's .resource files
  • Sisulizer detects UTF-8 and UTF-16 file formats even if they do not use byte order mark (BOM) or UTF-8 header.
  • Node comment panes displays also row comments
  • Project Wizard crashed sometimes when trying to localize a database.
  • "Clipped text"-validation works on every form-node, not just on selected one
  • Back space clears the sheet cell (acts like Del)
  • Text editor of TextPane is read only when rows has been marked "Read Only"
July 5, 2006
  • Sisulizer could not open exchange package file (.sle) but reported an error file being invalid.
  • When importing .mpr files Sisulizer did let the user to selected the import language if .mpr contained sub languages instead of main languages (e.g. English (United Stated) vs. English).
July 4, 2006
  • Sisulizer checks if the project file to be opened is created with newer Sisulizer.
  • During HTML building copies also images the the destination directory
  • Empty HTML sub folders are ignored
  • "Columns..." menu added to the column popup menu
  • Import wizard remembers the previous import method.


  • If a text file to be localized contained an empty line as the last line the localized files contained the last none empty line twice.
  • Sometimes Sisulizer hanged when creating localized text files.
June 28, 2006
  • When exchanging or exporting project it is now possible to filter data based on the data type.
  • User Controls show visual inplace on the visual editor.
  • Comma Separated Value file (.csv) localization added.
  • VB source code scanning is smarter ignoring string that should not be translated.
  • Only used data types are visible on filter panel, dialog and source properties.
  • There was a bug in Tab control and Header control. During the scanning sometimes an exception was raised.
  • If the menu or toolbar component was linked to Images component, which was declared in another form the scanning failed.
  • Source dialogs Encoding sheet did not show all possible encoding values.
  • Status bar vertical lines drawing.
  • .NET 1.0 combo box items were not scanned correctly.
  • If you tried to open a file that is not a Sisulizer project file as a project file Sisulizer crashed.
June 16, 2006
  • Edit | Replace Undo/Redo implemented.
  • Edit | Replace updates translation status.
  • Visual Basic scanning caused sometimes an error if VB project contained either status bard or tool bar components.
June 15, 2006
  • Sisulizer can import translations from localized PO files.
  • If you change slightly the string value of a tag or element in HTML or XML Sisulizer now maintains the existing translations but marks the row as changed.
  • Database source table and field tree view in the Project Wizard and Database source dialog now assists the user to set what fields to localize and and how to localize them.
  • You can now import translations from a text file based on the context value.
  • If the user had changed the user interface language of Sisulizer from the default one, Sisulizer showed the language names in the default language.
  • Extra space characters are now trimmed out between HTML-tags and texts
  • When adding a text file or importing a text file Sisulizer did not detect the file format (e.g. Ansi, UTF-8, UTF-16)
  • When opening an exchange package containing a text file Sisulizer crashed. This has been fixed.

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