by Foundstone

Detect security vulnerabilities in computer systems

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Foundstone

Release: SuperScan 4.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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SuperScan is a nice little program that will help you detect security vulnerabilities in computer systems. SuperScan is a search tool that will find any open TCP and UDP ports on a computer that you point it at.

There are lots of reasons you might want to search these ports. A good example would be to look up what is available online in order to gain an understanding of what other systems function. It can also help you build stronger, more secure applications on your own.

When you find these open ports, you can download files on the computer hosted there as well. You can also use this feature to file your document. If you wanted a better chance of using computers, you need to understand how they work. You might be able to absorb that information with minimal training, but that's not too complex.

The SuperScan tool runs this service in the event it finds no results, taking as examples whois, traceroute, and hostname lookups. I find this information highly relevant since it enables us to see how far we have travelled around the globe. As a result, you can log this information so that it can be reviewed in the future.

SuperScan has been upgraded to include Windows functionality and is now compatible with the latest version. The computer you've discovered provides you with an idea of what Windows is. NetBIOS and a host of other account information can be included with this information.

Windows must be used to run SuperScan free of charge. If you're an interested user of computers or if just became aware of its complexity, it will provide hours of enjoyment. If you like it, it has a really unique and efficient tool that is worth checking out either way.

It is possible to determine whether a system is protected by SuperScan by using every level of experience.
SuperScan 3.0 (0.24 MB)
SuperScan 4.0 (0.24 MB)
Using SuperScan, one can learn much about computer security from a fairly comprehensive perspective. In addition to the importance of ensuring that one’s computer is completely secure, the fact that one can see both TCP/UDP and TCP ports open on a particular computer (and make available download files stored on it) is intriguing.
My personal security is always top-notch when it comes to technology, which is why my computer recently had some sort of issue. This tool helps me fix it perfectly.
Oliver Clifton
It works great! I had never setup anything like it before but it actually detects all of my ports and works really well. It is up to the creators of SuperScan to applaud them.
For managing and controlling my network and domain issues, as a network administrator, I need the latest version of "SuperScan." One of my friends suggested "Scan" for Windows. The process that I describe is performed using this utility, allowing me to effectively resolve all the host name issues. This application also scans TCP ports very fast, and saves me a lot of time as well. I'm very pleased with the way it developed. I am incredibly thankful to the developers who made it possible.
Windows users can use SuperScan to remove TCP/UDP port scanning from their computer. Ping, traceroute, HTTP HEAD, and whois are all network tools included in it for free. The program can find computer TCP and UDP ports and enable services to run on them. Systems administrators and crackers looking to assess a computer's security should use this tool.
SuperScan provides a simple way to ensure that all of my connections and ports remain connected and working properly with Windows. For a great price at an advantage over the market, I recommend this tool. In fact, I find the scanning speed its very rapid, which is impressive in comparison to most competitors.
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