The "ROOT" method involves connecting your Android phone to your computer via the USB port on your Windows PC.

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SuperOneClick (by Xda Developers) allows you to “root” (get administrative control over) your Android device in a few easy-to-Steps will be based on how to use your Windows PC. Root devices come with features such as removing factory-installed bloatware, installing third-party applications or custom ROMs, blocking advertisements, and backing up data. With SuperOneClick, you can fully root your Android device, partially root it, or "unroot" it. There are many Android phones that SuperOneClick can run on.


  • Full or partial rooting of most Android phones
  • Reversible rooting of devices
  • Simple PC-based process
  • Allows installation of third-party applications
  • Remove pre-installed applications (bloatware)
  • Ad-blocking
  • Device backup
  • Install custom ROMs
  • Flash a Custom Kernel
  • Boost speed and extend battery life
  • Works with Windows (XP, Vista, 7) and Linux
  • Works for almost all Android devices (Nexus, Droid, etc.)

Are you tired of pre-How much space do you need bloatware to sware taking up needed space on your phone? Is it getting harder to get push ads n Ads from apps? When would you like e when you want to, and how you want to? Is it possible to run a cool, third-party App running cool third-party app not found in the Google store? Having access to administrative tools for Android phones has never been easier. SuperOneClick provides them.

SuperOneClick is an Android rooting tool that transforms an arcane computer into a smartphone.Using the Geek process is a simple and easy endeavor that virtually anyone can accomplish. Your phone should be backed up up to one file per day. (1) Windows PC users can install SuperOneClick by downloading it. Please enable USB debugging on your phone in order to debug it. A USB cable should be used to connect your phone to your PC. (5) Launch SuperOneClick. Click the "Root" button in addition to "Action".

Most Android devices can be run using SuperOneClick since it is simple to use, reversible and available at any price.

Microsoft Windows computers can only use SuperClickPlus.NET Framework 2.In Mono v1, 1 or n, Mono v1 or Mono v4.2.6+.

rooting a device removes manufacturer constraints, it takes effect on an entirely unofficial scale and voids the warranties on both software and hardware. A device that has been rooted may become unusable (bricked) in some cases. It is at your own risk to root your device if you follow the instructions carefully.

The SuperOneClick program must be run using Microsoft.NET Framework 2.In Mono v1, 1 or n, Mono v1 or Mono v4.2.6+. In some rare cases, rooters can render your device useless because they void the warranty on its software and hardware. It is at your own risk to root your device if you follow the instructions carefully.

it's easy to use for Windows! Operating systems for most Android handset models run this application. Put your Android device into USB debugging mode, then load up the plugins? It is recommended that Pry first remove your SD card. You can install apps normally, then customize the game ROM to best maximize what your phone can offer.
You can now root your Android smartphone simply by using SuperOneClick for Windows, a free program that essentially allows the user to access any Android subsystem (virtual root access), even if there is a root password. Using SuperOneClick to debugging mode, plug your Android phone into the USB port. You can install normal apps on your Android phone once the software has rooted it, as well as custom ROMs for gaming and other uses to make the most of it.
This program is very well organized and offers a number of benefits. Great tool to locate large files. There is no better way to integrate into the Windows or computer program than this. If you need any support with a product, I highly recommend it.
Using Super One Click is an incredible device-related software program to connect and root your android device. It enables you to do it without much difficulty connecting your computer to a computer. Changing custom rom is possible, as well as reinstalling the device root and unroot by root. Devices can be rooted reversiblely with it.
You can manage your windows devices and android devices from a single location with Super One Click for Windows. it's simple to move roms, so I find that helpful. Besides downloading an app for scanning SDK, you can also do Android's captures without the SDK. Besides high compatibility, it has the following features. Almost all android devices and Windows devices will work with Super One Click, according to reports. Manmaging is available on certain terminals for increased battery life, when the battery needs to be recharged. If one is an Android or Windows smartphone user, the app would be recommended.
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